Yummy 4

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

Frank was 68, not married, and retired. He’ dress up in women’s lingerie, strut around the house, jerk off, then ‘get normal’ almost every day.

His next door neighbor, Ted, in his late 50’s and was married, still working, k**s grown up, wife working too. He’d come home from work, change clothes and work in his garden, mow the lawn, etc. until his wife would get home and call him in for dinner. He had an excellent garden shed he’d shown Frank some time ago in the back of his property.

They saw each other frequently at the community mailbox, walking to and from their houses. One afternoon, they met and Ted glanced down and noticed Frank had not bothered to wear socks and spied his dark hosiery….

“Do you like the black hose or the taupe?” Ted murmured. “I like the taupe a bit better…”

Frank was totally shocked! “Uuuuuuhhh….”

Ted giggled, “Pantyhose, thigh highs or knee highs?”

Frank murmured, “Thigh highs…. you?”

“Ohhhh thigh highs too, I just LOVE thigh highs…. meet me tomorrow in the garden shed before my wife gets home…” Ted groaned.

“She know?” Frank murmured.

“Oh fuck no, ….. darling….. meet me…, ok?” and walked away….

Frank was aghast, first not knowing what to think, then a moment later getting the biggest fucking hardon he’d ever had! That night he donned the baby blue babydolls he loved, curling up and shivering in anticipation!

He got up the next morning and called Ted, asking ‘what time’ and ‘what to wear’. 2pm, gurly underneath regular clothes, agreed. As soon as Ted heard it was Frank, he changed his voice into ‘gurly-voice’, and so did Frank, Frank getting a semi just from talking like that out loud! Frank thought, ‘Oh fuck this is real and it is going to be fucking fun!’ Ted will leave the side gate unlocked between their back yards and be waiting out in the shed…..

Ted was excited too… fucking horny and excited! He got on a bra and matching panties, a garter belt and stockings, then a thin shirt and Levi’s, stepping into heels and carrying his regular shoes and made it to the shed 5 minutes before Frank entered the back yard, locking the gate behind him like Ted told him to do….

Frank had on a bra and panties, garter belt and stockings, and pants and shirt, plus slippers. He was sooo excited opening the garden shed door, then seeing Ted with his outer clothes off in high heels! “Hi….” Frank murmured in a gurly voice….

“Well hello darling! So glad that you could show up to cum and cum!” Ted giggled nervously. “Give me a hug, baby?” -Ted’s way of breaking the ice. “MMmmmm kiss me sweetheart!” and they locked lips, hot, horny tongues agressively in each others’ mouths, fondling each others’ hardons in their panties, gurly-grinding on each other, getting turned on.

“Ohhh fuck my wife has never open-mouthed kissed me… I’m so fucking hard, darling!” Ted gasped!

“Never married because most women don’t fuck for pleasure… I love to fuck for pleasure, and that is one way to express it, too!” Frank said between constant smooching and hot tonguing!

“Ohhhh baby…. if we only knew earlier…” Ted groaned. “I want you to feel fucking wonderful, honey….” and slowly slid down Frank’s torso, kissing and licking, sucking on both his nipples, then his belly button, then drawing out his pulsing hard cock from his panties, licking it, then sucking it for him, causing Frank to start moaning, his toes curling and his body shaking like a leaf, the blowjob was that delicious!

“Oh my…. oh my…. Oh My….. OH FUCK!” Frank groaned as Ted worked his cock, his balls, then bending him over and tonguefucking his ass! He returned to his cock and lovingly sucked it for him, eliciting groans and gasps of pure pleasure, Frank sinking down to the floor, Ted with him until Frank tensed and shot hot cum in Ted’s cocksucking mouth! Then they both got on their knees and made out, sharing and enjoying the hot cum!

Ted whispered, “Honey, can you pee for me? Pee in my mouth, baby…” and wrapped his hot lips around Frank’s spent penis. Frank grunted and suddenly felt his hot piss flowing into Ted’s gulping mouth…..

Spent, Frank worked his way down to Ted’s gurly groin, pulling him into his cocksucking mouth and sliding a finger, then two, up Ted’s asshole, who readily accepted them! Frank diddled Ted’s prostate over and over and was quickly rewarded with a hot mouthful of cum! They shared it, then Frank too went down on Ted and urged him to pee too, gulping and loving the hot piss he gave him! They made out several times until Ted said his wife would be arriving from work and they parted, but not before they made another date to meet again! Ouuuuuu….. it was so much fun!………………..


Hank was listless. He and his wife, Jean, had settled into an unromantic rhythm of nothingness – fucking once every two weeks as if she ‘had’ to fulfill her wifely duties, with no pleasure at all, she’d groan and sigh like it was just a total bother. It was ‘expected’. And, the longer it kept on, the less satisfaction Hank got from it. Last time, he could barely maintain his erection. And, he was only 42! They had 3 k**s, one graduated already. Until his oldest boy’s friend, Jack, came home to meet the f****y….

Right from the start there was an electricity between Jack and Hank. Dunno if it was his big smile or affectionate ways, but Hank could feel it! Jack was barely 21, worked with his son, Teddy, age 20, at a fruit stand. They both had a little competition going on for another worker there; her name was Karen – huge g****fruit-sized tits, a small waist, and flared, shapely hips. ‘Gotta-fuck-her’ hips……

“Hey!” Hank said, noticing Jack getting out of Teddy’s truck, a big smile on his face.

“Hi Mr. Cannon…. hope you don’t mind me coming home with your son…” Jack said, closely followed with a “Hiya Dad….” from Teddy.

“Oh hell no, always glad to see his friends! How are you, son?” he inquired of Teddy, giving him a big hug. “They work the shit right out of you today?”

“Yeah, came home to get a blast out of the new keg we got!” Teddy smiled, going into the kitchen and grabbing some mugs. “Mom home? The other two?” Teddy referring to his younger half-b*****r and half-s****r – Clark and Sue, 18 year olds. They were from Jean’s affairs with other men, resulting in pregnancies and adopted by Hank.

“No, they went shopping, of course!” Hank laughed. “Just us boys….”

“That’s great!” Jack grinned. “Got towels for the pool?”

“Certainly, nothing like a relaxing dip! Right over there in the Cabana…. go right ahead, Jack, and you too, Teddy!”

“Well, you gotta join us!” Jack smiled and Teddy shot him a sideways look as Teddy was pouring them all draft beers, handing them out…..

Teddy was still tingling from the wonderful blowjob Jack gave him in the truck on the way home! He was hoping for some alone-time to return the favor.

They chugged their mugs of beer, it tasted good on a hot day! They got in the pool in loose shorts, no underwear, of course. They passed the ball around, as well as tossing a frisbee ring back and forth. Jack wnt to retrieve it and came up underneath it, his thin shorts pulled down with the ring on his protruding erection!

“Hey, no fair!” Hank groaned.

“About what?” Jack grinned.

“C’mon… let’s play ring-toss on Jack’s hard fucking cock!” Teddy yelled.

“I thought you’d never ask, but first, let me retrieve it…..” and swam over to Jack, immediately engulfing Jack’s hard cock, slurping up and down it several times before snatching the ring off. “Who wants it… Teddy?” Hank groaned. Just as Teddy took off his shorts, his flaming hardon in the air, Hank tossed it and bullseye! A ringer! Immediately both Jack and Hank took off for it, arriving at the same time. Jack sucked Teddy’s cock in his mouth, Hank pushing him playfully, then he let go and Hank sucked his cock in his mouth too!

“Ohhhh fucckkkk….” Teddy groaned, watching Hank slurping up and down on his cock, then Jack moaned and presented his cock for Teddy to suck, which he gladly did!

“I never fucking knew…” Teddy moaned, coming up for air.

“A lot you don’t know…” Hank grinned, moaning as Jack sucked his cock voraciously.

“Everybody out of the pool… c’mon…” Hank groaned, climbing out with his shorts in his hand, as did the other two…

“Now. We are all seriously horny cocksuckers. Somebody fuck my mouth!” Hank declared, on his knees on lounge pillows. He hadn’t been this hard since he could remember! Teddy came up behind him, fondling his cock and balls, bending down and tonguefucking his ass while Jack fucked his mouth for him….


When his dad remarried, the woman he married also had an older daughter; Ginny.

Mark wasn’t ready for a ‘half-s****r’ He was always shy, usually ducking out of open discussions, afraid to speak and get laughed at or embarrassed.

But what he really wasn’t prepared for was the ‘underbelly’ of the newly-formed f****y. Not what you see, but what you don’t see. Ginny was 4 years older than Mark, with no intentions of moving out. It was cheap and convenient for her, so why bother? At 22 vs. Mark’s 18, suddenly he found a confidant, someone who he could talk to about ‘things’…. things like her big, bobbly titties that so fascinated him!

Ginny was like her mom. Easygoing, relaxed. But, she had constant turmoil, full of hot, horny, erotic fantasies. Just like when she met Mark. The first thing that came to her mind was wondering how curved his fucking hard cock got…… and it didn’t take her long to find out!

They had adjoining rooms with one locked door separating them. It didn’t stay locked for long… Mark heard her slide the bolt open the first night. Two nights later he heard her whisper, “Mark… you still awake?” and she crept into his room, standing by his bed, then bending down, kissing him. Not a s****rly kiss either, a toe-curling hot, open-mouth french kiss with a hot, probing tongue!

In the dim light he saw her unbutton her pj top, and she had no bra on, her heavy knockers grazing his chest as she bent over to kiss him. After the first kiss, she drew his hand up to softly cup one of them while she bent forward again and stuck her tongue deep in his mouth, groaning as he flicked her turgid nipple while she traced his hardon in his pj bottoms! Just touching his cock made his whole body jump with excitement!

“Uhhhh…. Ginny…. you wanna really be doing this?” Mark choked.

“I’m no virgin, if that’s what you mean, and I am on the pill too, so don’t worry, shoot your hot fucking cum deep inside me, honey!” as she pulled down the covers, his pj bottoms and climbed on top of him! “Ouuuu yeahh… that’s what I’m talking about!” as she slowly went up and down his hard cock! “Mmmmmm fuck me honey!”

Mark was in lust… pure, fucking lust. It reminded him of Steve, how he’d climb on top of him after getting him hard with a wonderful blowjob. Steve lived 2 doors down, he was in his late 40’s, married, and bi. They’d get together when he had a day off and his wife didn’t and play, dress, suck and fuck! “Ouuuu fuck… ride me, baby… you got great tits!” Mark groaned.

Ginny knew a thing or two…. other men taught her well. She reached down behind her and cupped and pinched Mark’s balls, then stuffed a finger up his ass…

“Oouuu fuck yesss!” and hung on to her as he came in several hot spurts inside her pussy, her incredibly hot, dripping pussy!

She rolled off him, then pulled his head to her dripping cunt. “Eat me!” she ordered! She guided him to her extremely sensitive spots, instructing how to ‘do’ her, making her groan and moan, then her body reacted with orgamsn after orgasm! They lay on the bed, totally satiated…….


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