Wife’s vacation fun part 2

Seeing Jane dress so provocative had really turned me on. Seeing all the men in the bar checking her out up and down as sexy meat was really hot and surprised at my own actions I found my self loving it. Jane came out of the restroom a few minutes later sat at the table and we continued to sip on a few more cocktails. It was now my turn to use the bathroom so off I went. When I returned a few of the guys from the bar were at our booth. I was slightly surprised and weirded out but Jane seemed ok so I went along with it. Clearly the guys came over to look at my wife’s blouse and extremely short skirt showing just about anything and everything a man would want. As we all sat and drank one of the regulars from the bar who had joined us “Todd” was telling us about all the wonderful sights Hawaii has to offer and offered to take us on a tour the following day. Jane and I agreed we’d meet Todd around noon and go sight seeing. We finished our glasses off and off we went home. On the way home Jane asked if one of the guys who had joined us was the guy who watched us having sex on the beach? I replied ” not really sure” plus was tired been a long day and didn’t care. After all I hadn’t complained about the guy who watched us and it actually turned me on so I changed the subject and off to bed we went.

Woke up the next day and started thinking my wife’s been acting so different but in a way I was really learning to love. Two days in a row wearing practically nothing in public and loving the attention. Thought what will today bring? Hmmmm. Jane was up now and getting ready to meet up with Todd and again she didn’t hold back on her clothing. Jane was wearing a very low V cut shirt and no bra. Her boobs would pop out every now and then or I could see all her boobs from the side barely covered by her shirt. I stared at her beau fill tits and body. Told Jane to come over and suck my dick and she did. Spit dripping from her mouth as swallowed my cum. Wow Jane really was sexy and I was lucky I thought. After the quick bj we were off to the pub once again only this time to meet with Todd and go sight seeing. Hen we arrived I had a sudden case of the stomach flu. Jane asked if we should reschedule but I insisted she goes and enjoys the day. Todd seemed nice plus had a big boat for the tour/sight seeing so I didn’t want Jane to be stuck at the hotel with me sick. So I dropped Jane off with Todd and off they went.

Got back to the hotel and I realized I just dropped my amazing sexy half naked wife to a stranger I met at the bar the night before. I texted Jane to see if she was ok. Got a quick reply
” I’m fine the boats great and we picked up some more of todds friends” my nerves calmed a few more friends would be better I suspected. I figured it was better than them being alone. What I didn’t realize is the friends Todd picked up were all his mates from pub. So here was my half naked wife drinking with a group of local men from the bar. As Jane slowly sipped her drinks and she slowly loosened up. I get a text from her I’ll be home late don’t worry about me. I replied “ok babe have fun” a few minutes go by and I get another text. Jane says ” babe I’m going to send you some pics of our trip” next thing I know she’s sending pics of her naked on todds boat and hugging/wrapping her arms around all the guys. I realize she’s the only one naked and the only lady on the boat. My heart started sinking but my dick got huge and hard. I tried to respond but pics just kept coming. First Todd sucking on her nipples, next pic her dancing and one of the guys behind her taking her skirt off. As he pulled the skirt off Jane was wearing no panties. Now standing there with only her V cut shirt looking hot as hell. Tried to reply but I got no response. A few hours went by and I got a text from Jane” meet at the bar” relieved she was ok I got ready and headed down to the bar.

When I arrived Jane was at a large booth still very much half naked and looking a little sloppy, hair was a mess and I knew she was having fun. So hear I am with Jane Todd and his 4 buddies and having a good time. I secretly text Jane at the table asking if she’s ok and if she had fun. Jane quickly replied and sent me a pic. It was a pic of Jane sucking todds dick. I was shocked and looked at her with furry. Before I could say anything I got another pic this time with her on all four naked and 3 guys standing over her naked. I was shocked! And another pic this time Todd was fucking my Jane from behind as his friend studded his cock in Janes mouth. Jane took me outside after and told me “I had a great time and I hope you enjoy the pics.” “Tonight when we leave all the guys are coming back with us to the hotel.” I tried to say no but she interrupted me and went right back in the bar sitting next to the guys and started flirting. Wtf I thought to my self and thought why am I not pissed? My beautiful wife who’s super conservative has been dressing like a slut all vacation and now fucked some local guy. Maybe I wasn’t mad because she was honest or maybe I liked her boing a little slut.

Finish our drinks and off to the hotel we went. On the way Todd and his friends were all bragging about how much fun the boat trip was and I shouldn’t have missed it. I replied I saw the fun in a grumpy voice and giving my wife a mean look. Jane just smiled and we headed up to our room. So we walk in the room and with out hesitation my wife strips what little clothes she’s wearing off and is standing in the room completely naked with me and four guys. Todd looked at her then me and said round two with a smile. Next thing I know my wife’s phone is handed to me and I’m told to film. The four men knew what to do they pulled out their dicks and sure enough Jane stared sucking cock. I was so turned on I had zero anger inside me. I just wanted to jump in and have some fun. As Todd bent Jane over his friend stuck his dick in James mouth and began to fuck it. Todd doing the same to her pussy and the other two guys were getting jacked off by Jane. What a sight and here I am recording my wife being such a dirty slut a side I’ve never seen but am loving. I started stroking my cock as the guys took turns fucking my wife. I couldn’t resist any longer I pushed todds friend out of the way and handed him the camera. Out my cock in Janes mouth and gave her a Chinese finger cuff with Todd. After a few I let one of the other guys have Janes mouth and I went behind and began to give Jane her first DP with Todd. I couldn’t believe what was happening my dick was barley fitting in her tight ass so I pulled out and we fucked Jane double vagina. Something new for me and was amazing. We fucked Jane all night every which way you could imagine. We used janes pussy until she couldn’t take anymore we had all fucked her multiple times and sucked her tits like she was a dairy cow. Then we all cummed in janes pussy 1 after 1 until it was completely topped off and filled with cum. Jane looked like she had been fucking all day which she had been and was looking like the hottest little slut wife I’ve ever seen. The guys all thanked me and left us alone. Wow I thought… I love my wife more than ever where did this side of Jane all come from…? What a rush sharing my wife I strongly suggest everyone try!
To be continued

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