Wife’s vacation fun part 1

It was a week before our vacation and my wife and I were extremely excited. We had been planning our trip for a few months now and had most everything planned out to a T. Zip lines were on the agenda along with snorkeling and lots of other beach activities. Any how as my wife and I were talking about our upcoming trip I asked her what swimsuits she was going to bringing. My wife Jane replies ” I don’t know just the usual”. Then asked if she should get something new for trip. I replied “of course babe get whatever you want”. And er then went about our day.

Finally the day has come for our trip! Jane and I were so happy we had all the bags packed and we’re off to the airport. A short flight later we were in Hawaii and getting settled in. Got the the hotel and my wife had went and taken shower cleaned up and got ready to go out for some drinks. When we were leaving I noticed my wife wasn’t wearing a bra which was unusual for her to say the least. I asked her if everything was ok and she replied “everything is great lets get some drinks! So we left off to the local beach tavern for some drinks. When we got there I couldn’t help but stare and my wife’s nipples poking through her blouse. I was in shock she was wearing no bra and to my surprise her blouse was also semi sheer. As were getting our drinks I can’t help but look around and see if anyone else notices her beautiful tits practically for everyone’s view. As I’m looking Jane asks me “is everything ok”? I replied yes and she then excused her self to the rest room. As she walked away and walked past all the locals sitting at the bar a few of guys noticed her and whispered to one another. Sure enough when Jane came out all the guys at the bar were watching as she walked past them. Her nipples hard and the outline of her tits clearly visible through her shirt made my cock rock hard. I could see the guys at the bar looking at Jane like a piece of meat and she was so hot I couldn’t blame them. After a few more drinks i could tell Jane was getting sloppy so I opted to pay the tab and head home for the night. After all it was still out first night in Hawaii

Woke up the next morning looked over to my beautiful wife Jane next to me naked sl**ping and most likely hung over. I let her sl**p in and made some breakfast and coffee for us. As we were eating I said to Jane ” last night was great babe, you looked incredible and I loved outfit. Jane replies ” thanks lets get out to the beach” and preceded to tell me about a beach she had found for us to go to and off we went. We arrived to a secluded beach and I couldn’t believe it we were the only ones here. I said ” wow Jane you picked a great beach” and before I could finish speaking I looked over and my wife was in her bikini. My eyes grew larger as Jane turned around and the bikini she was wearing covered almost nothing. I was yet again shocked. The conservative Jane was standing in front of me wearing a tiny string bikini and looking amazing. My first reaction was to want to cover her up but with no one around and aroused by the sight I said nothing and we walked down the beach. What was my wife trying to tell me I thought as we walked. First last night now this. Hmm wasn’t sure but I really liked it and it turned me on. So after a short walk we found a nice place to lay and relax so we did just that. After a few hours of sun bathing and drinking and still no one in sight I decided I needed to fuck Jane. I just couldn’t resist her in that mini string bikini. I untied her top as she was tanning then pulled her string bikini to the side and with out saying anything began to fuck her. I was kind of d***k and wasn’t really paying attention and only after a few minutes of fucking Jane I looked up and happen to see someone watching us. Took me by surprise and I thought about stopping but fucking Jane was way to good to stop. Plus I was pretty sure Jane knew he was watching and also didn’t say anything so I just kept fucking her pussy. I fucked Jane for 20 minutes with some strange guy watching and for some reason I loved every minute of it. Bent Jane over and finished in her pussy cum dripping out and all and still the stranger was watching keeping a polite distance but watching. We had cleaned up after and went back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel my wife looked at me and said” you remember seeing the guy watching us today at the bar last night”? I replied “no not really I was kind of d***k” Jane then replied back “ok well I want to go back to that bar for some drinks and food again”.i replied “ok Hun” thinking to my self man I hope she wears some thing like she did last night. I just couldn’t stop thinking of what she wore out the night before and what she wore out to the beach and the guy watching us. It was all just crazy to me.

We get to the bar walk in and sit in the same booth we had sat in the night before. This time when we came in the bar all the locals at the bar turned and smiled at us. We just smiled back as we walked past and took our seats. Jane takes off her light coat cover and sure enough no bra and another sheer shirt. This shirt even more sheer than her shirt from last night. I couldn’t believe it I could literally see everything. I quickly ask Jane if she was ok? Jane replied ” it’s ok babe I just wanted a little extra attention and after the guy watching us today I thought this would help. As Jane sat with her tits for all to see my dick was throbbing and bulging out of my pants. Jane was also wearing the shortest skirt I’d ever seen her wear in public. Her ass was hanging out and I could see her panties when she sat down. I had a lot of mixed emotions at this point and I was loving every minute of what was happening. We order our drinks and again started to get loose. Just like the night before after s few drinks Jane needed use the bathroom and off she went. This time every guy at the bar stopped drinking turning around and staring as she walked passed. Ass hanging out and tits clearly visible with slight look of being d***k. Man Jane was sexy and every guy in the bar knew it also. Continue to next story….

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