Wifes story

My husband Gene has told me since about the time we were married that he would like to see another man making love to me. I always felt a little betrayed but over the many years and 3 sons, I began to ignore it and eventually realize it was only a fantasy. This is my version of the story he wrote.
I was working at the hospital one evening and it was a bitchy night. One of the other secretaries suggested we stop for a quick drink to take off the tension, so Jamie, Kim and I went to a bar that Jamie knew of near our hospital. Jamie is a redhead and Gene says she has a great body and it is rumored that she is a “wigger”. I think that is a local expression for a white woman that sl**ps with black men. Kim, like me, is married and white, and we are often assured we are fairly attractive. Well, Jamie proved the rumor and told us about her multiple black lovers. Suddenly a black guy was standing at the table and Jamie introduced him as “Webb” and he sat down. We talked for some time and got quite comfortable with him, as he was a really nice guy. After awhile, he asked Kim to dance. When they came back she said he was a terrific dancer and he asked me.
Later Kim left while Webb and I were dancing. He told me I was a real sexy woman and I should take off my bra. I was stunned by his audacity and stormed back to the table and told Jamie I was out of there. Webb told her why and she laughed and said she agreed and together they calmed me down. Then Jamie said, “Come on, Barb, let’s both go and take them off”. I don’t know if it was the drinks or what, but I did. It was nice dancing with Webb, with my breast rubbing against him and could feel my nipples getting more erect. After a few minutes he whispered in my ear that he would love to “breed” me. I had felt his cock pressing against me, but tried to ignore it and tried to move away, but it did make me horny. It felt really big and as I thought over that comment and it dawned on me that he meant he wanted to make love to me and make me pregnant. When that sunk in alarms rang in my head and I left.
On the way home, I realized I was soaking and very horny, so when I got home, I woke Gene up and told him to make love to me and I did not want questions or discussions. I had a couple organisms and Gene finished inside of me, and I went to sl**p and forgot the whole thing. Gene never asked, but I know he never forgot and was very curious and suspicious.
One evening several days later, Jamie asked if I have ever been to bed with a black man. I told her that I have had sex only my husband, not that it was her business. She told me I should try it and Webb would really love to assist me. Finally I got angry and told her to butt out and drop it.
A few evenings later, I looked up and Webb was there. He said hi and we chatted a few minutes, then he left and later Jamie stopped by and told me he wanted to date me. Just go out have some drinks and laughs. I could drive everyplace and leave when I wanted and Webb assured that no sex was intended, she told me.
I thought about it and finally several weeks later told Gene about that night, including the multiple times he stopped to chat with me and Webb asking me out (I left out the breeding part) and admitted that I would like to go on this “date”. I noticed that he got an immediate erection and he agreed to let me. Don’t get your hopes up, I told him.
As I was getting ready that Friday evening Gene watched and approved my blue mini skirt that had a front zipper from hem to waist, a silky dark gray blouse. When I was dressed, he insisted that I remove my bra and put on a pair of sexy, crotchless panties. I finally agreed, though without too many objections and insisting this was merely a fun night out. I also lied a bit saying I thought that we were meeting others from the hospital. I then asked him if he was trying to get me fucked and he told me, “No, but you know I would love it if you did get fucked, especially by a well hung black man. (I had told Gene that Webb was black.) Besides I want you to look sexy and feel hot. I think that you have already thought that out and decided anyway.” I looked at him in shock and I wondered how much he suspected or knew.
I have to say now that I have already been out with Webb on a “secret date”. Actually we had been out at least 4 times. The first time we had dinner and a few drinks, then the next thing I knew I was on his bed completely naked and he was on top of me as I guided his big black cock to my wet pussy. Several minutes later he was completely inside me and the stretching discomfort eased. He started to move in me and I realized I was responding. My legs went wide apart and knees up to my chest, I spread and clamped my legs, thrust up my pelvis, grabbed my ankles, did anything I could think of or was told to do for that cock in me. I lost count of how often I came, but I came to my senses when I felt Webb’s rhythm change to jerky and his cock seemed to swell more. “Don’t come in me”, I cried!
I was on my back with my spread legs over his shoulders and he was driving his huge black cock into my upturned pussy and in spite of my begging, I knew it was no use. I was certain that he was going to come inside me regardless of whether I could get pregnant or not. I also realized there was nothing I could do to stop him either, then was stunned when I realized I did not want to.
Webb then drove his cock deep into me, his pubic hair mixing with mine and I could feel his sperm blasting, is the only description, way up in me. I suddenly started to come again and against my will, my legs opened wider. Webb grunted and it felt like a pint of semen was inside me. I hurriedly did some calculations and realized it was “reasonably safe”. We lay there, as I waited for him to go soft and drop out, I realized he was still hard and then he started again. I think he fucked me for 20 or 30 minutes before coming in me again. This time he got up and I went to his bathroom to clean up. I truly was amazed at the amount of sperm that ran out of me and what a mess my pussy was. When I came back he asked if I wanted to go out again.
The second time we went directly to his apartment and I stripped slowly as he watched my white body become more exposed to his gaze. I enjoyed how I made his cock got bigger and harder and spread myself on his bed ready for him to fuck me hard. He came in me twice this time also, but the third time was different.
The third time he surprised me because he had a buddy there and they stripped me naked in spite of my objections that soon faded away. Jamie fucked me first and ejaculated inside me then his friend mounted me and gave me two more loads deep inside of my hairy cunt, as they insisted I call it. After Jamie’s friend had fucked me twice, Jamie mounted me again, fucking me to more orgasms, and then I realized that one more black man had arrived. He was naked as he watched Jamie blow his nuts inside me, I was amazed how black and huge he was. Knowing it was useless to complain, I waited with my pussy drooling as he moved between my spread legs, his black cock had to be a foot long and I doubted I could wrap my hand around it. It took some work, but he was soon fucking me hard, deep and fast. I knew he was about to come when he told me that sperm tests showed he was extra potent, and then he blasted inside me.
Jamie asked if I was up to a third date and told me that we would be going to one of his favorite hangouts, actually one he owned. He said that we would have a nice dinner before and he was going to ask me to adjust my clothing so that I displayed my breast and pussy. I would not be wearing any underwear at all. It would be almost a guarantee that his friends would come to look and talk to me. It would also be very likely that they would tell me to either open my clothes more or even remove them completely. If I did that, the chances of my being gang-banged by several black men was excellent. He also told me that he would prefer I be in my fertile time as everyone would come inside me.
Back to our “first official date”, I met Webb at a restaurant where we had dinner, drinks and a real good time. The first thing he asked was “Is this our first date, or the third?” I knew exactly what he meant, thought about it a second and answered, “The third, if you want.” The next thing he asked if I was in my fertile time of the month and I acknowledged I was. He nodded and went to the men’s room and I called home to tell my husband I had not been ****d and murdered. I still wondered if he knew I had been out with Webb already. As we left the restaurant, Webb asked if I remembered his comments the last time we met and if I still agreed, as now was the only time to quit, then told me we were going to his bar. Webb told me he wanted me to remove my panties and unbutton my blouse and make sure that my pussy and tits showed. Webb told me he thought there were about 6 men at the bar intending to fuck me in the bar and mentioned their names. Seeing as I had already been fucked 5 or 6 times in one night, I decided I could take being fucked by six or seven men I slid off my panties and unbuttoned my blouse. Then I called Gene again and told him we were going to a place Webb liked. I decided then that I should start to begin to let him know that “there was a possibility that his fantasy could occur, so I told him that he would love how my clothes were arranged. I could sense the excitement in Gene’s voice when I told him that and wonder how he would react when he found that it would be all black men. I finally told him that Webb convinced me to take off my panties and unbutton my clothes, then hung up.
When we entered the bar, everyone called out greetings to Webb and he announced my name and twirled me around. Three or four men came over to say hello and talk. One of them asked Webb if this was the one and he told him yes. He turned and walked away, but was back in a few seconds with a “pendant’ which he hung around my neck. I was told it was a microphone for the video system like the one in Webb’s apartment and gestured toward one of the many televisions around the place. It surprised me that I was displayed on all the several TVs as I stood by the entrance talking to them. Webb had told me that I had been on a limited access web site both times when I was in the apartment. Then the man said to me, “Hi, they call me Duke and we have heard a little about you, but didn’t realize how pretty you are. Now, remember your last date with Webb here and the conversation you two had?”
I nodded that I did, but that apparently was not enough because Duke told me to repeat it. Everyone watching wants to hear what you expect is going to happen. I said, “Um, he told me we would go to one of his hangouts, I guess.” “What else? All of it!” he demanded. “Well, uh, he said that he would tell everyone who I am and, well, show me off. He said that people would know about me.” After an impatient look from Duke I continued, looking at the floor, “He also said that it was likely that several men would have sex with me tonight.”
“Very good, and what was said or done on the way here tonight?” I was really getting nervous and embarrassed now, but replied “Webb told me that he intended to watch me get fucked here and to remove my underwear if I agreed.” After a scowl from Duke, I continued, “ You can see my blouse is unbuttoned a bit I have no bra or panties on. One of the others said, “Well, honey, unbutton the rest of the blouse.” After a glance at Webb to reassure myself that I had some protection, I slowly reached up and undid the buttons one by one. My blouse then fell open and someone told me to do the cuffs also. I stood there with my blouse just covering my nipples wondering what next when someone behind me slid it down my arms and off. Standing in a circle of black men wearing only my skirt and thigh high stockings, I was more than a little nervous. Then Duke told me to unzip the skirt and hand it to him. Now I was naked except for the stockings when Webb took my hand and led me to the bar.
Webb and an almost naked me was sitting at the bar sipping a drink, my nipples were hard and swollen and my patch of brown straight pubic hair on display for all the black men to in the bar to see. I was thinking that I was a dummy, a white wife sitting naked in a predominately black bar and literally waiting for someone to fuck me, and being displayed on several TVs through out the bar.
Then my chair was suddenly swiveled around; Duke was standing there, looking at my naked body. Then he moved closer, between my knees forcing them apart. I suddenly noticed that he had removed his pants, his long, very black, hard cock was exposed and he was steering it directly toward my exposed vulnerable pussy. Webb pulled me back against him and grabbed my legs behind my knees and lifted them and spread them wide. I remember Webb whispering in my ear that this guy had knocked up 19 white women and I stood a good chance of being pregnant when he left his cum inside me.
My pussy was completely exposed and vulnerable now and the Duke moved closer. I said to him, “you really don’t think you can fit that monster in my pussy, do you?” That damn thing looked to be over a foot long and bigger than a soup can Then I felt his cock head rub up and down my amazing wet slit and then his cock head slid into me. He worked his cock in and out getting more and more into me and suddenly I had a huge orgasm. I realized that I had been helping him get into me by thrusting my hips upward and spreading my knees wider than Webb was. Soon I could feel him deep inside of me. About a dozen black men were crowded around watching his black cock slipping in and out of my white pussy. I came again as he started to move inside me and was certain he intended to cum inside me, wondered if I would be number 20 to be impregnated by him. I looked down at our joining, enjoying the view of his shinny black cock disappearing inside of me and his curly kinky black hair merging with my soft long straight pubic hair. He then reached up and fondled my tits. Then it seemed every hand in the place was on my tits. Very soon he was fucking me hard and I was coming often. Then I felt his movement change told him. “Oh God, PLEASE don’t cum in me. I think I am fertile, please don’t!” He looked at me and smiled and pulled back a little, then slammed deep into me. His eyes rolled back and he started to quiver and groan, then I felt huge blasts of his sperm deep inside of me. I came again and could feel my legs spreading wider. Then I felt him start to soften and pulled out of me and stepped away. I sat there suddenly realizing that I was the one holding my legs up and wide apart, wondering (and hoping) if the watching blacks would take it as an invitation. Apparently so, because another black man stepped between my legs and he easily slid into my slick sperm dripping hole and began fucking me hard. The thought ran though my mind, “Good God, I am naked in a black bar being fucked by complete strangers. Gene would love to watch this.” Then I heard Webb telling me that the guy fucking me now had a reputation for planting twins in the bellies of white wives. Two more black men deposited their seed inside me while I sat on that chair. When the fourth man had cum in me, Webb sent me to the bathroom to clean up. On the way back to my seat to get dressed, I noticed that all the TV’s were showing the bar and me walking naked across it. After I was allowed to dress, I called Gene again Webb took the phone and gave him an Internet web address and password.
Inside the apartment, Webb told me to go the computer and, “Type in and ask your husband if he is there”. The computer, showing a screen saver of various activities of me naked on his bed, came out of sl**p mode and there I was on camera. Gene was on and responded to my inquiry as did about a dozen more asking my name. I was responding to some of them when I saw someone text my husband and ask if I was his wife and then told him that he was about to see me get black fucked. The last time I was here, Webb had me sit at the computer and told me about his website and I chatted with a few of his “members” as Webb undressed me. He also told me both times we were there, the cameras were on and several people had watched us as we made love, from many angles too. Some fool messaged Gene about them that he was sure he had seen me being fucked there at least once before.
Webb gave me a martini then put on some music and we danced before I saw his response. As we did he stripped me and then backed me to the bed. Suddenly I was on my back, legs spread and Webb was between them. I reached down and guided his now raging hard cock to my still sperm slicked pussy lips and he slid inside of me in two strokes. I saw a computer monitor on the ceiling of all places and realized that I was on the Internet again getting fucked and one of the many people watching was my husband. I had yet another orgasm. Webb fucked me gently at first then harder and harder. I loudly implored him not to come in me, for my husband’s sake, but spread wide when I felt him pumping his sperm deeper inside me.
As Webb started to get up, I was suddenly aware that we were not alone. Two other black men were in the room, naked with long hard cocks. As Webb got off me I got a glimpse of my open pussy on the ceiling screen and sperm was drooling out of me. I discovered there were several cameras focused on me. Then one of the others mounted me. After both men had fucked and cum in me, Webb did me once more.
He sent me into the shower to clean up and when I came out; there was another black man in the group. I lay down on the bed for him to mount me and pump his baby juice into me also.
The guys walked me to the door and handed my folded clothes and sent me to walk to my car. I decided that I had already I don’t know how many black cum loads inside me, so went down and got in the car still naked. I called Gene and asked if he wanted a well-fucked completely naked and possibly black bred slut back and he told me to hurry as his nuts ached. He had watched all four blacks fucking me.
When I walked in carrying my clothes, Gene put me on the floor and came inside me in a dozen strokes. He told me he loved watching the 4 blacks fucking me and their cum running out of me. In bed, I told him about the others in the bar, and he mounted again. He told me that several guys on the web site had told him that they had watched me being fucked at least on two separate occasions and had suspected I had been playing around.
After he came, I told him I was invited back the next day for a dozen blacks to make sure I had a baby planted inside of me. All he wanted to know was if he could come and watch them fuck me.

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