Wife gets exactly what she needs

Off work a few hours early today. The drive home is quick. No traffic. I’m wondering if my wife’s home. Walking up the stairs to the front door of my house, I stop. I hear loud moaning noises coming from inside. I sneak around to the side of the house to see if I can get a peek. I move ever so stealthily to get a glance through one of the windows and the venetian blinds that partially block any view. I can see movement in what is our dinning room. All of the sudden I get a view of my wife Brenda lying mostly naked ( loose cotton panties still on) on the dinning room table, legs spread wide with one leg up in the air and the other one with foot gripping the edge of the table. Her ass is right up to the edge of the table too. A much bigger, taller older woman with short black hair (naked too) with huge weighty breasts, a big thick ass, a very densely haired bush, with a devilish look on her face stands between Brenda’s spread thighs and is vigorously fingering her now-gapping labia. The woman grips one of Brenda’s ankles with her other hand and is licking up and down the wrinkled sole of Brenda’s foot. Wow! Breathless, heart pounding WTF! My cock’s immediately rock-hard of course. I just watch. This is great for some tantric energy. I can tell that my wife is really turned on and can even hear the wetness as the woman fingers her pussy. Brenda moans in ecstasy and thrashes her head back and forth. The woman lets go of Brenda’s foot and reaches down into her personal jungle of pubic hair and starts to rub into her own audible wetness. As she pulls her spread fingers up through the dense bush, they part her swolen lips and the biggest clit I’ve ever seen eases out from under its hood. I’ve got a great view of it all from the side and can clearly see the profile of her swelling clitoris pushing out through all that hair. Wow! Very erotic and kind of nasty. The woman turns a little towards the window and all of the sudden I recognize her! She works at the breakfast place just down the road from where we live for fucks sake! She’s this big dykie-type woman that’s always flirting with my wife whenever we’ve gone in there to eat and she’s there working. Brenda’s told me a couple of times afterwards on our way back home after breakfast, that “she gets turned on by this woman” (who’s name happens to be Connie by the way) “and can’t help it”. No problem here! There’s nothing more erotic (well hmmm, no) than two mature sexy women attracted to each other, especially in such a naughty lustful kind of way. When we’re at the diner, Brenda will usually zoom in on Connie’s huge tits just like a guy would do. Connie will bend over towards my wife while she’s cleaning our table and say little daring sexual inuendos to Brenda, while looking her right in the eyes. I could almost feel that sexual energy. I’ve been, on several occasions, able to get Brenda really wet and horny as hell, just talking dirty to her about nasty lesbian stuff and getting her to fantasize about some pretty dirty little scenarios involving Connie and her big suckable tits! (no joke!). I’ll be damned!!!
Anyway, back to the dinning room table. Connie gets on her knees and proceeds to slowly and ever so teasingly run her tongue up and down Brenda’s thick labia, flicking the lips and clit, barely touching them with a long pointed tongue. There was no doubt, that Connie knew how to eat pussy. Nasty! Connie commands Brenda to pull open her pussy so she can tongue fuck her. Connie darts in and out of Brenda’s pussy with an exceptionally long snake-like tongue for a good 20 minutes–slurping and sucking sounds followed by guttural moans. I’m sure Brenda orgasms more than once. I can hear Connie talking in the filthiest way to Brenda. “You like that don’t you, you nasty bitch!!?”, as she rams her tongue way up inside. “I want you to fuck my face and tell me how your gonna make me cum”. Brenda rears up and pushes her face towards Connie’s mouth. They’re in a lusty tongue flicking frenzy now and I can barley hear Brenda, but she’s telling Connie that she wants her to lower her beautiful pussy over her face so she can get at every inch of it. “That’s what I thought!” yells Connie and grabs Brenda’s mouth and darts her tongue inside! “I knew you where a dirty girl”. Running the tongue up one side of Brenda’s neck, slithering it along slowly and expertly. “I caught your vibe a ways back at the diner”. “I’m sure you have all kinds of nasty little fantasies about eating pussy and sucking big cock don’t you!! Connie pulls the back of Brenda’s hair a little and Brenda gasps “yes!” I’m sure this can only tantalize Brenda with serious thoughts of wanting to eat this dykes bushy pussy in the worst way. Connie reaches down again between that dark mound and pulls back three very wet sticky fingers, which she brings up slowly to Brenda’s mouth and nose. I can see Brenda just inhale slightly at the scent from Connie’s fingers and then she moans with ecstasy and grabs the fingers to pull them into her eager mouth. Connie pulls her hand back quickly and demands that Brenda show her how bad she really wants to eat her pussy. Brenda licks her lips. Their faces close. “Coyly she says “baby, I not only want to make love to your pussy with my tongue, I need to smell that wild scent again. It intoxicates me. Brenda then sits up and pulls Connie up from between her legs grabbing and demands that she sit on her face now and reaches down to Connie’s thick wet bush and starts massaging it with her whole hand. Connie’s big bush must stand out a good inch from my perspective. My wife slides up to meet Connie at eye level. They immediately start licking each other’s lips, faces and necks, and in the most passionate way, I swear. My wife’s hand is still down vigorously frigging Connie’s juicy pussy. Brenda then slides her tongue down to a huge erect nipple. Teases it like she would the head of a cock. Connie rolls her eyes back and moans. Both nipples are aroused to full erection and you can tell Brenda’s obviously turned on from sucking on them. I look to see that Brenda’s fingers are slowly now stroking Connie’s large clitoris to even bigger proportions. Connie pulls Brenda’s hair back again and tells her that she’s going to be her nasty little fuck slut and wants her to come to the restaurant sometime and they sneak off and go get naughty on one of her work breaks. She tells her they’ll fuck in one of the dirty bathrooms and that it might smell a little bit but that kinda turns her on. Connie tells Brenda that she’ll make her get on her hands and knees, on the dirty bathroom floor, and make her eat her pussy after she crawls across the floor to her toilet. There’s a site!, I think as my cock is to it’s full erection by now and the ache is fantastic. My wife continues to lick everywhere as the two remain facing each other. Connie grabs more hair and demands, “you probably like going down on pussy as much or more than you love fucking a big cock, don’t you!”. Brenda just moans more as she brings her fingers back up from between Connie’s big thighs and right to her mouth and sucks them clean. She smells them in too, holding them right under her nostrils. Brenda then exclaims, “I can’t stand it!” and begs Connie to turn around and lower herself. Brenda lays back on the table and Connie climbs up, swinging a heavy thigh up and over Brenda’s head, she lowers that nasty pussy right over her face. Brenda’s tongue eagerly reaches for flesh. Connie’s knees spread to the side further apart, and she grinds her pussy right into my wife’s mouth. Connie grabs the top of her thick pubic mound with one hand and pulls up on her pussy. The big long thick lips and the bulbous clitoris seem to move out into the open. Beautiful site! My wife lays splayed, pale white thighs and her own hairy pussy with labia swollen large and glistening wet. Her feet tucked back toward her thighs. Head under this bull dykes big cunt slurping away at her wet engorged lips, hips slowly rocking back and forth over her face. Brenda cranes her neck up and swipes her flickering tongue back and forth across a big swollen clit. The clit gets a good tongue lashing for several minutes then Brenda sucks it into her mouth and hold’s it there. I watched her cheeks move in and out as she sucked the large clit back and forth into and out of her mouth; the tuft of bush covering Brenda’s face. Brenda’s hands were busy caressing the woman’s large thick thighs along their insides and down to the lower legs, caressing her skin real passionately and over the sexy long wrinkled soles that lay at each side of her sizeable ass. Connie is moaning, moving her hips and shoving her pussy down into Brenda’s mouth. Connie screams out filth to my wife as she starts to get this just really guttural look on her face. Teeth and snarles, loud husky moaning, she grabs the back of Brenda’s hair and pulls. She then raises one of her thighs up and makes my wife have to twist around to get back to her pussy. Connie senses someone at the door and looks up. A big smile runs across her face and she says “very nice, just in time”. I adjust my position to get a better look and see him swaggering in. In from the front room walks this big buck black dude, and I immediately notice he’s wearing a baseball cap that say’s “I’m Your Black Daddy” stenciled across the front. What the hell, I’m wondering. Dudes got tats everywhere, the bling, dew rag, attitude and wearing loose baggy pants. Damn! Then I notice the obvious girth visible through the fabric hanging down in front as he walks further in. I hear Connie say “hey LaMont”. Connie has turned around now facing the dude and mounted herself back over Brenda’s still eager mouth. As the black daddy walks into the dining room she grabs both of Brenda’s ankles and pulls them back towards. Connie’s bush splays over Brenda’s face again. She stops licking and sucking for a moment to hear Connie say that, “LaMont here is one of the cooks back at the restaurant”. “He kept telling me that he needed some dirty married white whore to fuck when we’d have some of our smoke break conversations”. LaMont had to grow up in group home where one of the older white female counselors would take him to party’s she’d have with some of her 40 and 50 something girl friends and they would use him for his huge 11 inch cock by making him fuck them and do whatever their kinky housewife sexual fantasies desired” (more on this in a later story. needs to be explored). “Let’s just say that he now has a taste for horny, nasty white women and especially dirty whore wives who need to be fulfilled with a big dick”. “He said he remembers checking you out last time you were eating breakfast with your husband when I asked him to meet me here cuz I figured you’d be game and your husband isn’t home.” All of the sudden the thug says “is this that nasty married white bitch I was checking out who looked like she could get kinky on a black dick?” My wife is looking out from under the dykes thighs at the black bull who now appears to be around 30 or so undo his pants. My wifes still got her arms wrapped around the dykes big ass. The dyke lets one my wifes feet go and reaches down to stroke the pussy in front of the gangster as he pulls down his shorts to reveal a humungous thick, veined, flaccid monster. The head seems enormous as it’s this big pointed knob at the end. A pussy pleaser indeed! He reaches down to raise it up and starts to pump the girthy cock back and forth. Man alive it starts to swell to that black monster cock I only see in porn videos. Dude just stands then hands on hips, this beautiful monster standing out like a thick pole and watches as the dyke comes up from finger fucking and almost fist fucking my wires super wet by now cunt and rubs the sticky wetness into his forskin. She takes three separate dips into my wires pussy to lubricate this bad boy up. It bobs up and down as she rubs the pussy juice into it. My wife rolls eyes back and moans a little. The dyke tells her to get back to sucking her clit. “I wanna watch you suck my clit and cum on your face as many times as I want while I watch LaMont here fuck you hard and deep like a whore in heat. “It turns me on”, she says “to see one of the hot women I fantasize about not only give in to raunchy lesbian sex after I seduce them but I also get off on seeing them used by a big cock, preferably a big black daddy, while they eat me” My wife tongues from clit down several times then she moves forward enough to arch her neck back and devour the dykes clit again! I hear the black stud say “dam”. He grabs both legs and slaps his cock meat on my wifes inner thighs one at a time. She squirms. The sound makes a solid thud as it connects with her nice thick thighs. He then bends down and takes in a long smell of my wifes pussy. Ah yes I think to my self knowing that my wife in her hippiness likes to have a full bush and will go for a couple days without showering. She says it’s healthy. She’ll get nice and musky ripe and it lingers strong in her bush. Nasty as hell some woman like to feel sexy about the smell of their count. The thug knows as he pulls up and pulls back the foreskin of his monster to only have it rear up as the scent obviously turns him on too. He takes two of his big fingers and slides them way up into my wires hole. He gyrates them around and says “good, I’m gonna be able to fuck this deep pussy with my whole dick!” “This fuckin” bitch aint gonna want no other dick after this”. I’m gonna feed this bitch some big nigger dick and she’ll back begin for mo”. “I guarantee it” “Dam!” he says again loudly. “I mean look at this bitch suck off pussy”. “SHe aint getting” nothin at home and it’s time for some catching” up”. With that he takes the two wet fingers and grabs one of her feet and wipes the fingers all over the arch of the foot. He brings the foot to his face, smells it and licks the juices off. He then shoves forward, with his massive cock shaft resting between the large swollen labia. I notice the set of balls this stud has and they’re just as huge! Two huge globes hanging inches below the thick shaft. All I can think of are he’s probably got gallons of cum. Tantric energy consumes me as all of this is about erotic as hell. The dykes gyrating her hips over my wifes face again both hands fingering and squeezing her large nipples hard brings one up to her mouth to suck on it while some unknown housewife sucks on her over-sized clit. The dyke commands my wife to tell the gangster she wants his big black cock and that he’s to fuck her hard while she keeps making love to her clitoris. The big floppy clit falls out of my wifes mouth. She reaches down to grab the black meat as he slaps against her clit now. “Fuck me you black mother fucker!”, show me how fucking raunchy and filthy you guys really are.” I want you to fuck me like your other whores!” I want those big fat balls slapping my ass and your big fuckin” dick all the way up inside of me!”. She reaches for the massive head of his cock just as he begins to ease it back and forth and then straight into her pulsating pussy. She yells “fuck” as he enters her. The site is awesome as I watch this massive black cock positioned between my wires thighs slide halfway into before he stops. He grabs her by both feet now as if steering her, spreads her wide and slides that heavenly black monster almost all the way this time. The wife sucks the dykes clit like she’s in a porn. Nasty, tongue teasing it like it’s a big cock too. The dyke gets that guttural snarled lip look again as my wife pulls her lips wide apart and starts to tongue-flick all the spots she might have missed. “god this fucking bitch is nasty! i’m definitely taking her down to the Egyptian Club so I can introduce her to some of my friends” “This bitch could use some fat black dyke pussy now that’s getting her black dick”. The dyke rubs her hands all up and down her body as she says all this. Meanwhile the thug starts to move all the way out bringing the full cock head to the labia then plunging right up to the hilt! He yells at here, “now bitch, you got a big fat black dick all the way up in your pussy”. Moans, slurps, toes curled, bucking hips as she just squirms around on it. She lets out a gasp then the dyke leans forward and tells the thug to do what you do best and feed her cock. “I plan on taking this dirty slut down to my hangout to meet some of my girlfriends”. There’s a couple of them even dirtier-minde than me that would love to have their way with her. One in particular who I’m sure would like to mount her big nasty black carpet right over our little sluts face”. Mmmmmmm. The black dude pounds away now fucking her hard as promised. God it’s a fucking turn-on! He raises a leg up to the table while the other remains on the floor. He’s able fuck her in the sexiest of ways as fucks her for almost 30 minutes. The dykes moved away now after several huge orgasms clenching my wifes face between her thighs. My wife runs her hands all up and down the black guys chest. Over his ass and down to the prized package. He keeps telling her that his dick is really hard just for her. “this is your big dick baby”, “you like gettin’ all that black meat baby?’. She just moans at him and asks if it really is her cock. He says “this cock is sooooo for you baby”. “i know how white woman crave a big dick” “can’t fool me”, “I’m here to deliver!” as he rams her like an a****l.She grabs his balls and is massaging them in her palms. You can tell he likes this and he warns her that she should stop or it will make him cum and he doesn’t want to yet even though he’s been fucking her for a while. SHe ignores the request as he continues to pump her full of cock and almost milks them and pulls on them. He’s got her legs together with her feet in his face her toes curled as he continues to plunge that beautiful cock in and out while she grabs his balls. The dyke is over still watching all this smoking a cigarette and looking for something not sure what. The thug lets out a “I’m gonna cum all over you bitch!”. “I told you not to squeeze my balls like that you fucking slut”. He immediately pulls the massive cock out as it starts bouncing ready to fire a load, her pussy hole wide open and pulsating. He grabs her hair and pulls her towards the giant cock head right as it explodes a heavy load into her mouth. It thrusts and as the balls pull up closer I can see just fucking mass amounts of cum spilling over the sides of my wifes mouth. She gulps and gasps on so much cum but seems to want all of it. He milks the thick shat back and forth several more times as more cum runs down over the tits and belly. Wow! My wife just got the dirtiest cum bath I’ve ever seen and she lapped a lot of it up. She doesn’t even know this thug and she just let him fuck the shit out of her and swallowed his super-sized load of cum. Very nice. My wife is lapping at his cock and telling hime that he needs to come back over and soon. He goes back down to slide his still mostly erect cock back into her. Head rolls back as she seethes with ecstasy. With another 20 minutes of fucking her he gets to his rock hardness again and she finally screams out that she’s gonna come all over his big beautiful cock! She rocks and bucks yelling dirty shit out as she comes multiple times all over his monster cock. The dyke in the meantime has found a large cucumber from our vegetable drawer and has it up her ass. I see she’s on the couch in the corner with her bigg ass up in the air and the sizeable cucumber sticking out of her also very hairy ass crack. She’s been busy fucking her ass with this cucumber while her little slut gets fucked silly. The thug slows down his thrusts and states that he’s “gotta take a piss”. The dyke immediately speaks up and says “I want you to take that big dirty cock and piss all over my whore!” “Can you do that?” You need to clean up some of that cum and I’ll bet she likes it!” She’ll probably gulp most of that down too. She says all this looking directly at him while she moves this god damned giant cucumber in and out of her ass. My wife is busy rubbing the black thugs cum into her belly and all through her pubic mound. She squirms before him as he pulls out he cock, leans back a little and starts to piss a thick steady stream of bright yellow piss right onto my wires belly. She rubs the piss in feverishly with both hands. She reaches up to grab the cock and points it in the direction she wants and that’s her tits and face. I can’t believe I’m seeing all this but aint it great. My balls are ready to explode!!! SHe drinks his piss into her mouth and hangs onto his balls as she does. I can hear the dyke saying “yeah that’s it” in her dirty husky voice. She rocks the cucumber all around and her body starts to shake. I see another hand reach up and grab hold of the big meaty clit and start moving it back and forth vigorously. My wife is now watching the black thug stroke his pole while she mastebates her pussy to even another orgasm. Her hairs all wet with cum and piss and her body’s been used and she looks sexy. The thick black meat gets inserted one last time as he burries it deep and fills her up with another huge load. “I want you to squeeze all the cum out of my balls bitch!’ “I’m gonna bring over a friend or two next time bitch and we gonna go to town on your nasty ass!” The dyke says, I’m gonna take her down to the club like I mentioned and we’re gonna give her a good ass-fuck and break her in good for next time. Awesome to see that I’ve now got a dirty black cock whore to deal with. What will happen next?????????

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