Wife and daughter f***ed to pay off husbands debts

Part 4

I woke, I could feel hands running up my legs. I liked the sensation. It took me a moment to realise where I was. The masseuse continued, kneaded my bottom. I stretched my neck. It felt as if I was laying on two pillows. Two large pillows. My new tits. My big new, E- cup breasts.
We walked to the refreshment lounge, wrapped in big white fluffy toweling robes. Mineral waters in hand, we found two armchairs in a corner.
“These take some getting use to,” Cindy said, indicating her two twin E-cups.
“Tell me about it, and they wanted us to go to an F. The girls are jealous, they want an increase as well.”
Alice Coward walked past, and hissed “whores,” as she went.
“That woman is really starting to get right up my nose,”………………

“We need a girl then, the same as we did when we lured Tris,” Cindy said. “Obviously none of us, he knows us for one, and well, the girls are hardly little!”
“Ashley,” Cindy said, at the same time as Michelle.
“Who is Ashley?” Charles asked.
“My cousin,” Michelle said. “Fifteen, but looks a year or two younger, with two fried eggs for tits. Braces and freckles. Nice bum though.”
“Does he know her, know she’s your niece?” Charles asked Cindy.
“No, definitely not. And she plays tennis. I’ll talk to my s****r.”………………

We didn’t tell her the whole story. She didn’t need to know. Would she still have agreed to Ashley doing it if she had known, maybe. Maybe not. To catch the pervert that had touched up Emily when she was just out of puberty, touched up other girls. Touched up Michelle. Oh yes.
They rented a cottage, not far from the sea. Ashley was enrolled into Emily’s old grammar school, in year eight, not year ten. She joined the tennis club. The game was afoot.

Why didn’t we just watch, and wait for him to approach any girl? Fair question, one we had asked ourselves, argued through. No, it had to be someone we had planted. We needed to be in control. We didn’t need him paying some one off, denying it had happened, or god forbid, the Police becoming involved. We knew the result we wanted to achieve. Sit back and wait……………

Tina wasn’t stupid. We sat in the lounge one evening, the week after they had arrived. Ashley was just back from the tennis club, her second session. Thankfully, she could play tennis.
“So what is it you all do for a living?” Tina asked.
“Corporate entertainment, we are lucky, we often work together,” Cindy said.
“Corporate entertainment, mmm, if you say so. And the boob jobs, part of the package?”
“Well they want us to look good, and it was well, available at a good price,” Cindy lied.
“You know some of the implants have been recalled don’t you,” Tina said.
“Yes, Natasha was unlucky, had to have hers re-done. Mine were, well getting on, so I had mine re-done. Better safe than sorry.”
“And your boss paid for them I take it, he pays for a lot doesn’t he. Holidays, you’re always somewhere when we talk, and those clothes, wow, I could use a job like that. Could use tits like those. I might have to go for an interview.”……………

“Mummy,” Emily called, as she walked from her bedroom. “Oh sorry Tina, didn’t know you were here.”
It was a month since Tina had arrived, together with her daughter Ashley. Emily carried a dress over her arm. She wore a pair of red knickers, silk, tiny. They were almost not there.
“Wow,” said Tina, “now I really know I want a pair of those.”
“A pair of what Mum,” Ashley said, taking us all by surprise as she arrived back from yet another tennis lesson. “Oh, they’re…………….big.”
“Can I?” asked Tina.
Emily didn’t mind, she never had. Tina cupped her right breast, squeezed, then weighed it.
“Feels natural, great shape, but I’m not sure about the size, what are you?”
“I’m a DD the same as Michelle, but Mummy and Cindy are both E cups,” Emily said.
“Will mine grow that big,” asked Ashley, “or will they just be like yours Mum.”
“They’ll be like mine, sweetie, but you can always have them made like Emily’ or bigger like Auntie Cindy. It’ll be up to you.”
“Good, I’ll have them like Auntie Cindy, though Alex say he likes little ones.” Ashley said dropping the bombshell.
“He said what,” Tina asked.
“He said he prefers little ones, like mine.” Ashley said.
“Did he touch you?” I asked.
“No, well not really. His hand brushed against me, but it was just an accident. Can I touch Emily’s please.”…………..

It was a private members club, just off St James’. The four of us arrived just after five. The limo dropped us. We walked through to reception. The driver opened the boot of the car, to allow the hotels footmen to gather our cases. The front seat passenger cast us an envious glance, then slunk down, trying to be invisible. The passenger sat back up as the car re – entered London’s afternoon traffic.
“Mum, when I grow up, I want to be like them, I want tits like Auntie Cindy, and clothes like……..like, well like all of them. Why couldn’t we go in?”
Tina, selected manual second gear on the auto box, as they crawled south, towards the river.
“You know why. I’ve explained it. Twice. You’re old enough to understand.” Tina told her fifteen year old daughter.
“Do you get paid when you have sex with your boyfriends?” Ashley asked, innocently.
“No sweetie, I’m not a prostitute,” Tina said.
“Well maybe you should be, then we could afford clothes like them. I’m going to be a prostitute when I’m old enough.”…………..

He didn’t do anything else for a week, then he made his move, slowly, but steadily. Every lesson, he’d touch her, “accidentally” at first, then, when she didn’t complain, he became bolder. then bolder still. He brought her things. Little things. Complimented her. Stroked her bottom, lifted her tennis skirt, and stroked her bottom. I thought Tina was going to explode. We watched, in Charles’ office, on the CCTV screen. Charles had cameras everywhere, he wanted Alex Coward, now more than ever.
“When do we confront the creep?” Tina asked.
“Not just yet Tina, from what Emily has told me, Alice gets involved. Lets see.” Charles said.
“But that’s my daughter!” Tina exclaimed.
“Yes, and she’s safe. We have someone monitoring the screens. Three heavies just along the corridor. She’ll be fine, you know she will.”………………

We’d dressed carefully. Charles had emphasised how important this party was. He didn’t elaborate. He didn’t have to, not to us. Ashley had watched us. Watched us apply our makeup, pack our cases. Roll our stockings up our legs. Fasten them to our suspender belts.
“Natasha, can I have lingerie like yours,” Ashley asked.
“Yes, but when you’re older,” I told her. “Look, I get home on Sunday afternoon. Monday, I’ll take you shopping, see what we can find in your size, if your Mum doesn‘t mind. Now let me put my knickers on, please.”
“Mummy says you’re a prostitute, do you get paid a lot?” Ashley asked.
“Yes Ashley I am, and yes I do get paid a lot of money.” I replied.
“Can I come to where you work?” Ashley asked…………………….

Was he never doing to make a move. We sat watching the monitor, waiting. Ashley was having yet another lesson. She was good, not world class, or anything. But a good young club player. He watched her. Sat behind her, so every time her skirt flipped up he had a grandstand seat view of her bottom. Michelle had been right, she did have a nice bottom. Pert, shapely. Crisp white sports knickers stretched across her cheeks. Alex Coward was mesmerised, his gazed fixed on one spot. Ashley’s bum.
The game ended, Ashley skipped into the changing rooms. Alice followed. That wasn’t usual. We sat forward on our seats, Cindy, Tina, and me. Our concentration intense. We watched as Ashley stripped off for her shower, Alice talking to her. She showered, emerging wrapped in a white fluffy towel. Alice was still there. The door opened, Alex walked in. Into the girls changing room. The guy beside me, one of Charles’ heavies was on the radio. Alex stroked Ashley’s face, then kissed her. She tried to push him away, then Alice was there, holding her, holding Ashley. Her towel on the floor.
“Standby,” he heavy said into the radio.
Alex’s hand was between her legs. Alice, kissing her mouth, squeezing her breasts.
“Go, go, go. Now, now, now”…………………….

Champagne flowed, almost like tap water. Music played. Waitresses moved effortlessly around the room, topping a glass here, a glass there. Canapés. Women eating them without smudging their lipstick. A famous face, or two. Smart but casual, all wearing the right clothes. The right clothes and the way one drank signalled the right sort. The right old school, like some sort of coded message. They all talked the in same, clipped, and if not upper class, then upper middle way. There was the odd exception of course. Not new money, no that wouldn’t do, but a skilled sportsman here, and there. One or two high flyers, of course. A select gathering. Here to drink, be merry. Here to fuck. A hand squeezed my bottom, the cupped the cheek. I let him, sipping my drink. I looked around the room. Some one had their hand up Cindy’s dress. A moment later he led her away, Emily and Michelle were on the far side of the room, with two eager chaps.
A thirty something city type e****ted me from the room, and along the corridor to his room. He was sweet. Polite, charming, and good looking. The sort of boy that I would have liked Emily to come home with, and not so we could share. He smelt nice, had manicured fingernails. He was on me in a flash, pushing me onto the bed, his lips mashing on mine. His tongue in my mouth, his hands everywhere. We rolled over, so now I was on top, he lifted my skirt, his hands on my bum, his fingers inside my knickers. He trace my anus, then found my pussy.
“Fuck, you’re wet,” he said in surprise.
He fingered me, my dress around my waist, my panties pulled to one side. I lifted, and reached down, unzipped him, pulled his cock from his trousers. He was hard. I angled it, then sank onto its hardness, sinking down, taking it all. I wanted it. Needed it. Fucked it. I fucked him, fucked him hard, enjoying the length, the girth. He filled me, his face between my breasts.
“In your arse darling?”
“Mmm,” I murmured, an orgasm almost there. I ground down, and came, my head back, mouth open, “yesssssssssss.”……………………………..

The hood was removed from Alex Coward’s head. He was tied, his arms above his head, suspended from a beam. Naked. We were in a warehouse, on the outskirts of town.
“You’ve been a naughty boy old son,” Alan said.
“Fuck off,” Alex responded, his posh accent gone.
“If you say so,” Alan replied.
He walked away, but only as far as the other end of the warehouse. She was there, the bitch. Alice fucking Coward. She was spread-eagled. Naked, vulnerable. Her nakedness stark, as she was bathed in bright white light.
Alan nodded, and one of the heavies who had rescued Ashley, grabbed one of her nipples, twisted it violently. Suddenly, painfully. Alice screamed. Then screamed again, as her other nipple was twisted. The heavy said nothing. Alan said nothing. The heavy walked behind her, her eyes were wide, wide with terror. Terror of the unknown. A sudden crack broke the silence. She cried out, then cried out a second time, as the riding crop struck her naked arse. Her body wasn’t bad, I noted. Her breasts a C-cup, her waist taut, tennis, swimming and golf had kept her in trim. The riding crop struck again, then again. She screamed, begged them to stop. She was ignored. Twenty lashes, each as hard as the first. She whimpered now, sobbed. Begged. No-one spoke to her. No-one asked her anything. No-one wanted anything from her.
Alan asked Alex a question. One simple question. “How many little girls have you abused?”
“Fuck off,” he replied again.
In reply the riding crop struck Alice again, the noise echoing around the disused warehouse, six more times.
“Alex, please, please Alex tell them what they want to know,” Alice sobbed.
“Alright, alright. What do you want to know?” He asked.
“How many little girls have you abused?” Alan asked patiently.
He was quite. Thinking?
“Only the one. Only Ashley,” he said. “I’m so sorry, its just………”
He got no further.
“Hit her again,” Alan called, “until this piece of shit tells me the truth.”
The welts on Alice’s bum grew, crisscrossed, growing closer together, as each blow landed.
“Alright, alright,” Alex shouted. “She wasn’t the first, there were others, but only a few, six, maybe seven!”
“Better, but I don’t believe you.” Alan said.
He walked away, back to Alice. He nodded to a second person, a person standing in the shadows. A tall blonde stepped forward. A tall blonde with cropped blonde hair. Petra. She walked around Alice. Petra attached clamps to Alice’s nipples, then another to her clit. She cried, sobbed.

Petra flicked the switch, electricity flowed. Alice jerked. Alice screamed, she wet herself. The piss sounded on the floor. Alex shouted for it to end. Petra ignored them. Petra was a sadist, enjoying her work. She flicked the switch ten times, maybe twelve. Then she stopped, suddenly. She left her, dangling. Out of Alice’s sight she prepared herself. Then she was ready, she showed herself. Showed herself to Alice. I remembered the dildo, the strap-on. Alice was transfixed. Her face showed her horror. Petra smiled, then walked behind her. Alice trembled. Then suddenly stiffened, as she felt the black rubber head press against her anus. Petra pressed, pressed hard. The dildo slipped home. I remembered Petra fucking me with a similar dildo, but at least I had been sexually excited. I didn’t think Alice was. She screamed, Alex screamed for it to stop. Petra ignored them, and fucked Alice hard.
When Petra finished, Alice was a sobbing mess. I almost felt sorry for her. I watched with Cindy, and Tina. Cindy was crying, but she was the only one.

He wanted to talk, begged to be heard. Alan pretended he wasn’t interested, and drank a cup of tea, even dunking a biscuit.
“Alex, tell me. How many girls?” Alan asked.
“Thirty, I think. Yes thirty, I’m sure.” Alex said softly.
“Ashley, we know about. Who else?” Alan asked.
“Ashley, yes. Umm, Susan, Jane. Chardonnay, Lisa. Char, Jenny. Others I can’t remember all their names.
“You can Alex, and you will, try again!” Alan commanded.
“Yes, yes, Kate, Harriet, Danielle. Umm, Caroline, Michelle, Emily. Marie………..”
He said their names, Emily and Michelle, and all the others up until Ashley.
“You and your wife abused all those girls. What do you think would happen if their parents found out. What do you think?” Alan asked.
He was quiet.
“I asked you a question?”
“I’d be dead. Me and Alice.”
“So you would!”………………………

We ate our dinner together, in our suite. Room service. We weren’t invited to eat with the boys. We’d showered, and sat in our dressing gowns. The food was delicious. The butler returned, with a waiter, cleared away, and brought the next course.
“I could get used to this,” I said.
“Mmm, so could I,” Cindy replied.

Stockings and suspenders. Killer heels. Little skirts, which only just covered our naked bums. Cup less bras, or little waspies. We returned to the party, where the boys waited. They’re eaten. Drank their wine, their port. Downed a whiskey or three. We were plied with bubbly. The night was still young, they had us until the morning. A boy, and he was a boy, no more than nineteen, cupped my pussy. He stroked it, parted my inner labia, and ran his fingers along the length of my soft and moist cunt. His finger brushed across my opening. He didn’t penetrate me, but continued to excite me. My breath was heavy, and he grinned, knowingly. My nipples ached, I wanted to cum, every time I got close, he slowed, keeping me just on the edge, but not letting me fall over. I stood, my legs apart, panting now. Over his shoulder I saw Emily sucking cocks, she held one on each hand, taking it in turns with each one. Still he excited me, my clit hurt, he pulled the hood back, exposing my little bud of nerve ends. He worked it, making it harder, pushing the hood back, as far as it would go, then further than it should go. Pain, but nice pain.
“For fuck sake, let me cum,” I screamed.
“You didn’t say please slut, so no.” He said smiling.
My legs were trembling, almost like jelly. He kept me standing. I moved, so my legs were further apart. His fingers slipped inside me then. Two, then three. He finger fucked me, then a forth. His thumb rubbed my clit.
“Oh yes, yes, yes…….” I panted, so close.
He stopped, and I stepped back from the edge of orgasm. He pulled his fingers out of me, and held them to my mouth. I cleaned them. Licked my juices from them. Then he started again. He was playing a game, and I was it……………

“Dead, yes you’d be dead,” Alan said. “Both of you.”
Alex said nothing. Alice sobbed.
Alan dialled a number on his mobile.
“They’re ready boss,” he said simply, before ending the call.
Foot steps echoed in the nearby corridor. Slow, steady, coming ever closer. The door creaked as it was opened. Charles walked into the room.
“Alex, Alice, how pleasant to see you both.” Charles said.
They said nothing.
“Alan, make our guest more comfortable, cut him down, bring him over to the desk” Charles said in a soft, and matter of fact voice.

Alex sat on the chair, facing Charles. Alex was still naked.
“I think Alex we can sort this business out, don’t you, after all, we’re all reasonable people, well, apart from Ashley’s Mum, but I think we can come to an arrangement.”
“What do you want,” he asked.
“I want your house Alex. I want to buy it from you. I’ll pay the full market value, less a few incidental expenses of course,” Charles said.
“And if I say no?” Alex asked.
Charles smiled, said nothing, just nodded.
A side door opened…………………………….

I lay back, looking up at the blue sky. Cloudless. I watched six, or seven seagulls soaring high above me, riding the thermals. Essaouria. We stayed in a traditional villa on the edge if the port. Perched above the sea, the Atlantic breeze kept us tolerably cool, a small infinity pool, for when the heat became too much. On the terrace above us Charles conducted a business meeting. I closed my eyes, relaxed. The girls splashed in the water, laughing………..

They led me to the adjacent suite. He was there. There, waiting for me. His cock, already hard. I was trembling, I wanted to come, so badly it hurt. My nipples hard, so hard. My clit engorged. So hard, it was like a small cock, never had it been so big, so hard. It was agony. My cunt poured with my juices. I wanted to cum. I wanted to fuck, but this was work. I was here to service him. HIM.

I crawled over him, brushing my nipples against his red haired chest. His chest hair so soft before, felt like wire. I kissed him, his beard tickling my face. I kissed his lips.
“Fuck me Sir!” I almost pleaded.
“Natasha, so nice to see you again. A drink first?” He said.
“Fuck me, please fuck me, please,” I said, pleading now.
I moved up his body, straddled his chest. “Or shall I sit on your face.”
He smiled, such a nice smile.
I moved up, then lowered myself, my cunt just above his mouth. I reached down, my pussy was already open, my labia parted, my inner lips protruded from within, my clit so hard. Erect. I felt his hot breath. I grabbed his red hair, pulled his head up, felt his face between my legs, his lips on my lips. His tongue in my…….. “Oh yes, oh my god, mmmmmm, fuck, oh fuck………I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggg”
I flooded his face, drenched him, soaked him. His tongue touched my clit, I came again, then felt another orgasm immediately after.
I was sweating, writhing on his face. His tongue like a snake never stopped moving. Inside me, along my labia, rimming me, probing me. I came again, then again. This must be heaven.
He pushed me off him, then he was on top of me, his cock, his oh so hard cock pushing on my pussy. I guided him in, his red curly pubes against the smooth hairless skin of my cunt. I felt him inside me. My body trembled, my cunt clenched, gripping the hard steel in me. I came again. I couldn’t stop coming. He was fucking me now, his cock like a piston, ramming home, then pulling back, before being f***ed into me again. I came, came again. My nails tore at his back, racked down, gripped his arse, and pulled him into me. I lifted my hips, trying to take him all. I wanted him all. All inside me. I was coming again, I threw my head back, at the same time, I wrapped my legs around his waist, gripped as tight as I could.
“Oh god, oh fucking god, yessssssssssssssssss.” I screamed. I mean, I really screamed. I could hardly breath, I was panting. I couldn’t get enough air. I gasped. I was coming again, I realised with shock. I couldn’t stop coming…………………………..

I woke, I must have dozed. My mouth was dry. I clicked my fingers. She was there.
“Water, ice and a slice,” I instructed.
She returned quickly. I took the drink from her. I gulped it down, before handing it back to her. Like me she was naked. But unlike me she wore a slave collar. A broad bronze collar, with a large ring in the front. It was so broad, that it kept her chin up. She couldn’t lower her head. Her make up mirrored the collar, gold eyes, gold lips. She was tanned, her body firm. Her breasts firm, a C-cup, her nipples dark. Her waist narrow, her hips flared. Between her legs, her cunt was smooth. A gold ring hung from her clit hood. Her legs long. She wore gladiator sandals. She didn’t smile. She was not here to enjoy herself. She was here to serve. To do whatever was required of her. She was here to be punished. Alice Coward took my glass, and walked away, back to where she would wait, until called upon again.
Emily stood beside me, water cascading down her body. She smiled.
“This is wonderful,” she enthused, picking up a towel and drying herself.
“Ladies, if you could join Charles in the lounge,” a gofer called. “As you are.”
We filed though. All of us.

He wasn’t alone. Two Arabs sat with him, there beady eyes gleamed as looked at us. Hungry beady eyes.
“You see your highness, I have these, and of course I can supply others, whatever you require.” Charles told him.
His highness, whoever he was, stood, and came close to me. He reached out, and squeezed my breast.
“I like this one, I like her breasts.”
“I regret, your highness, but currently, she is not available,” Charles told him, then whispered something in his ear, which although I was close, could not hear.
“Very regrettable, but understandable.”
He looked at Cindy, at Emily, at Michelle. “I’ll take these three, unless my cousin in England hasn’t reserved them as well!” He said.
I recognised the accent. Eton and Oxford, unmistakable.
“This one, this one I’ll take, perfect for my b*****rs birthday,” he said.
He stood in front of Ashley. I’d forgotten she was there, and was sure she shouldn’t be here.
“This one is not yet of age, your highness,” Charles said, apologetically.
“Surely she is,” he said. He stood admiring her. She like the rest of us, was naked. He small breasts at odds with the rest of us. She looked up at him, as if daring him to touch her.
“Green eyes. How old are you girl?” He asked.
“Sixteen next month,” your highness she replied.
She learnt well, learnt quickly.
“In that case more than old enough,” he said.
“Alas your highness, in England the age is sixteen.” Charles said.
“But, my dear Charles we are not in England. Here in Morocco, the age is twelve, so you see, more than old enough. Are you a virgin girl?”
“Yes your highness,” Ashley replied, looking down, demurely.
“Is she Charles, you can confirm what she says?”
“Yes your highness, only a finger was f***ed into her, against her will, otherwise, a virgin.” Charles stated.
“A finger?”
“A finger which is no longer attached to its owner. He and his wife abused her, but were stopped, and punished.”
“Good, then I’ll take her, a present for my b*****r.”
“I will need to obtain permission from her father your highness,”
“Get it, now I’ll take this one as well, some like smaller tits, green eyes too!”
“Yes your highness, the girls mother.”
“Her too, for my b*****r.”
“I will carryout the negotiations myself, of course. I cannot promise, but will try.”
“Succeed Charles, succeed.”
“Yes my prince, perhaps you would like to use this as a diversion,” Charles said, indicating to Alice.
“Thank you, I shall.”
“Use her, do what you will with her, for as long as you require, if she pleases you, if not a present for your servants to use.”
I looked at Alice’s face. She couldn’t hide her horror, as she was led away.

“I want to,” Ashley said.
The prince had left, left with Alice. A naked Alice, a chain attached to her slave collar.
“No, I forbid it,” Tina told her daughter, her tits jiggling.
“Why? Why can’t I?” Ashley asked.
“You are not going off to god knows where, on your own so some old goat can fuck you!” Tina said firmly.
I sat in a chair, with Cindy as they argued. Charles poured a drink for himself.
“Ashley, you want the first time to be with someone you love, it should be special,” Tina said.
“No, I want my first time to be for money, a lot of money. I won’t get a lot if I’m not a virgin. I can only be fucked the first time once. And anyway, I won‘t be on my own, he wants you as well.”
Tina sighed.
“Ashley, I do not sl**p with anyone for money, I’m not your Aunt.”
“No, and we’re poor. Don’t you see.” Ashley responded.
“How much is he offering?” I asked.
“Twelve thousand for Ashley, an extra three thousand for Tina,” Charles replied. “I can get more, that’s his opening bid.”
“When would this happen, when and where?” Tina asked.
“His b*****r’s birthday is in three weeks, where? In the desert an oasis near Argan.” Charles replied.
“I’ll think about it, I’m not promising,” Tina said.

They came again the next evening. Dinner had been prepared. The top two terraces set aside. We girls were all dressed the same, bar for the colours. Gold sandals, gold chains around our waists. Long gold earrings. Harem pants, see though, no knickers. Gold trimmed see through bra’s. Half veils. Our eyes black and heavy with mascara.
He came, the Arab prince. He wasn’t alone, others came as well. Dressed for the desert, romantic, like Valentino in an old film. I felt my stomach do a double somersault. I wasn’t to be made available. I was reserved, reserved for my own red haired client, but I was to be displayed. After all, I’d be available again, soon. Of Alice, there was no sign.
Music played, and despite what the prophet might say, champagne flowed. Food was served. At last the negotiations began. First Cindy’s price. Then the two girls. They dragged on, part of the game. Then the main negotiation. Was there to be a deal?
“I have spoken to the girls father,” Charles lied. Ashley’s father was long gone.
“He has consented to me having discussions regarding his daughters virginity with you, and given me full discretion.”
“She is only a slut from a poor background, and therefore of little worth,” the prince’s aide said dismissively.
“On the contrary, she comes from a good f****y, a f****y of good character, and high class,” Charles countered.
They argued.
“Bring the girl and her mother before us,” the prince called at last.
Ashley stood before them, holding her mothers hand, or rather Tina held Ashley’s hand.
“You see, a beauty and her daughter,” Charles said, ever the salesman.
“Strip, lets us see what we might buy,” the aide said.
Ashley stripped, her mother hesitated, then followed her daughters example.
The aide stood. Felt Tina’s tits. I watched, I was beside Charles. I saw her nipples harden. His hand reached between her legs, I saw her stiffen as a finger was inserted into her pussy. I wondered if she was wet, I knew I was. I was excited, but didn’t really know why.
He turned her, had her bend over. A finger in her arse.
“Tight,” he said, approvingly. “Now the girl.”
He felt her breasts, cupped her cunt, which was freshly waxed. She bent for him, he ran a finger over her anus. He didn’t try to penetrate her. Her anus contracted as his finger caressed her puckered hole.
“How old are you girl?” He asked.
She told him. Answered all his questions truthfully.
“You will do whatever the prince requires of you, willingly,” he asked of Tina.
“Yes your highness I will,” Tina said.
“I m not a highness. You will prove it now. Suck my cock.” He commanded.
Tina had not been prepared for that. It wasn’t a request…………..

Alex sat on the chair, facing Charles. Alex was still naked.
“I think Alex we can sort this business out, don’t you, after all, we’re all reasonable people, well, apart from Ashley’s Mum, but I think we can come to an arrangement.”
“What do you want,” he asked.
“I want your house Alex. I want to buy it from you. I’ll pay the full market value, less a few incidental expenses of course,” Charles said.
“And if I say no?” Alex asked.
Charles smiled, said nothing, just nodded. The lawyer pushed the contract in front of him. He signed, and pushed the paper back.
A side door opened. Through it walked a small dark haired man. I knew him through reputation only. The Kosovan. With him a tall blonde, she was Russian, Katerina Petrovna, I knew her from the golf club. She held the hand of her daughter, Helene.
Alex visibly went white, if that was at all possible. I heard Alice whimper.
“Ardi, my friend, welcome to our little party,” Charles said in greeting.
“You have finished with these pieces of shit?” Ardi said.
“The lawyers have just done, so yes I’m finished.”
“Chain him back up,” Charles commanded.
When it was done, Ardi continued.
“This filthy pig ****d Katerina’s daughter, thirteen, and she held him down.”
The room was silent, save for Alice’s sobbing.
“I understand, you’ll kill them both here?” Charles asked, matter of factly.
“I would, if it were my decision, but it is not, though they may wish I had. No Katerina wants them to suffer, as her c***d suffered. You my friend, take the woman, use her in one of your, clubs, a thank you from me. Him, I take with me, men in the salt mine will fuck anything. That will be his fate.”
Two heavies appeared, carrying what looked like welding gear. It was. First shackles were attached to Alex’s wrists, and ankles, then as we watched, welded shut. The smell of his burnt skin made my stomach churn. A bronze slave collar was fitted to Alice’s neck, asbestos sheet behind where the join was, then it was brazed shut. She fainted as the heat was applied. How the mighty had fallen…………………………….

The masseuses’ worked our skin, easing our muscles. It was today. Today when Ashley and the others would be flown into the desert, part of the entertainment for the princes birthday. It was also the day I would fly to London, to be at anothers whim. Ashley was excited. All hers, and our body hair had been removed. She like us, was naked on the table, as was Tina. A very nervous Tina. It was too late to back out now. That moment had long passed. The deal had been struck. Ashley was now a well off young girl, while Tina’s bank balance was the best it had ever been. Alice Coward had been returned to us, used, and a little bruised, several red marks vivid on her arse. Her high slave collar shone, still in place, as it had been since it had been brazed shut around her neck. She was, as she always was, naked, wearing just a pair of gladiator sandals, the ring in her clit hood looked larger, and she now had pierced nipples, with large thick rings . Her make up, as ever copper. She stood waiting. Patiently. She had learnt to be patient, patient and compliant. I wondered how her husband was fairing, as his arse was used by a hundred salt miners, serving out their sentences…………

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