Watching Nick and his GF in the pool

One morning after getting home from gym and having a shower, I decided to sit on my bedroom balcony in the sun and do my finger nails. I heard a splash in the pool (from our balcony, we are able to see into the neighbors yard around the entertainment and swimming pool area) and looking into the neighbors yard I saw Nick and his gf, in the pool swimming. She soon was in his arms and they were kissing. He picked her up and placed her on the edge of the pool. He removed her bikini bottoms and went down on her. She leaned back as he muffed her. When he stop she got back in the pool and her legs wrapped around his waist. He walked to the shallow end of the pool, he once again placed her on the edge, he pulled down his shorts and placed his hard cock into her pussy. He fucked her rough and hard, and soon I could hear her screaming from pleasure. He soon pulled out of her and she got back in the pull and sucked his cock till he came.

I went inside after watching them and laid down on my bed and started rubbing my pussy which was rather wet from watch nick and his gf. I soon started moaning as I brought myself to orgasm while fingering myself. I was a bit jealous watching her with my younger lover. Although knowing that nothing can be done.
I eventually got dressed and later that day fetched my daughter from school. My husband got home that night and after dinner we bathed my daughter and put her to bed.

We headed to our room, and once entering, I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist kissing him. We stripped each other and soon I was on my back on the bed with my legs spread. My hubby between my legs eating my pussy, my eyes were closed with pictures running through my mind from earlier as I moaned and soon reached orgasm. My hubby turned me to kneel and his hard cock entered my wet pussy from behind and he started fucking me hard. It wasn’t long then I felt him shooting his cum into my pussy as he groaned. He pulled out after he had finished, his cum dripping out of me, I wasn’t done yet and told him to lay on his back. I climbed back onto lowering my pussy onto his cock. I road him back and forth roughly and soon I reached orgasm again. Being out of breath I fell onto my husbands chest he rolled us over and started pounding me, making me scream from pleasure. I dug my nails into his back as his cum shot out his cock again. He fell down and we kissed with his cock still being inside of me.

He eventually pulled out of me and we went and showered together, we washed each other and then he placed his hands on my ass. Our lips met for a passionate kiss. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He turned the water down, making it cooler as we kissed passionately. Soon getting out the shower and drying off. He then carried me to the bed laying me on my belly. He rubbed oil on my back while I laid with my eyes closed enjoy the outcomes of the day although still thinking about how lucky she was to have my lover (Nick) inside of her.
Soon my husband finished with the oil, and we laid cuddling before falling asl**p.

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