Watching Neighbor 6

I knew my neighbor had a ‘nanny cam’ in her clock radio, but I decided to try to hack into her frequency and tape her activities.
BOY, was I surprised!
I knew she had a number of fuck buddies and I knew her step-daughter was sexually active, but I had no Idea what these two were really up to.
She asked me to look at her garage door opener, and while I was there, using a scanner, I found out the frequency of her ‘nanny cam’, I placed a trap in her garage, that will record the video, and then I could come back and retrieve it, at will.
After a week I was anxious to see what was happening, so I waited till I saw Linda drive off and using an old garage door opener I had reprogrammed to open her door I went and exchanged the flash drive from the trap.
DAMN, that woman is one active woman, and her step-daughter is almost as much a slut.
I watched her sl**ping for two whole nights, and nothing happened, but the third day she made up for lost time. That day she awoke around 11 a.m. went to shower, she came back wrapped in a towel texting on her ever present phone, she dropped her towel and played with her nipple rings while awaiting the recipient of the text to answer. Then there was a flurry of activity in her room, I thought she was going to get dressed, but she was just straightening things up and when she looked at the clock I thought she was going to cover it up, but she just adjusted it so the entire bed could be seen, a move I really appreciated, About 10 minutes later, she pulled the towel around herself again and left the room, she returned a short time later, and had a guy I had not seen before in tow, he had his hand all over her and the towel fell to the floor, almost as fast as she wrapped it around her, he was sucking on her nipple rings and squeezing those luscious titties, she made him stop, while she unbuckled his pants, and he got himself undressed, he had a decent cock, but really, not as good as mine, but I wasn’t there to compare dicks!
She bent over to suck his cock, and her ass was toward the clock, and I was treated to an amazing view of her pussy from the rear, and it seemed like her asshole was winking at me. Maybe she was showing off for when she looks at the video herself later!
I was surprised he lasted as long as he did, with her sucking skills, but he eventually had her on top, riding his cock for all she was worth! I could see him raise up and shoot her full of his cum, then she bent down and just kissed for awhile. I had thought they were gonna go to round 2 but he got her off of him and slipped off the bed while she just laid there, in the afterglow, while he got dressed.
I had expected her to get cleaned up, but she just laid there with her ever-present phone, again texting someone, less than 10 minutes later she jumped off the bed and ran out of the room naked, then returned with another guy in tow, who had his hands on her tits, as well as her pussy. I figured he would find the creampie, and say something, but there was no reaction other than to gently push her back on the bed and dive in tongue first! He ate that wet pussy for about 8 minutes, then stripped off his clothes, she sucked him for just a minute, and then he stuck a rather small cock into her, and jack hammered for almost 15 minutes, before arching his back and holding his dick inside, while he unloaded.
They also kissed for awhile, then he got up and got dressed, while she just laid there, I could see the cum oozing out of her pussy, I figured it had to be his, because he had ate I guess all that was in her from guy #1.
Again she just laid there with her legs up, letting the ooze come out unabated, while she again was on that phone!
I was surprised when she didn’t get up and her step-daughter walked in and she just dived right in and slurped up the ooze, She even stuck in her finger to get all of the semen out and kept licking her fingers till there was nothing left to suck out.
I had wondered if there was going to be some mutual girl-girl action going on but the daughter just leaned over and kissed her and left the room. I wondered what was next, when that damn phone was again brought into view, and lo and behold, a 3rd guy made his way into her bedroom. He said something to her while looking at her wide open pussy, she just smiled and held up 2 fingers, he just shook his head, and shucked off his pants, and when she sucked on that cock, HOLY SHEE IT, that fucker was HUNG! She barely got the head of it in her mouth, but she made sure she slobbered all around that knob, when she had it well wetted, he rocked her back and started to slowly slip that monster into her pussy! I thought that she was going to go out of her mind the way her head was swinging from side to side, and her fists were banging on the bed, it took about 5 minutes before his balls finally banged against her asshole.
He let it soak for a few seconds, and then drew it out, and you could see her inner lips come out with that pole, and then like a steam engine, he slowly started a pumping action that built up and up, until it was a fucking blur of that piston plunging into her well used pussy! When he finally shot his load into her, NOTHING came out, he was wedged in so tight that she didn’t leak a bit! they stayed joined for awhile, then he finally softened enough to allow him to come out, DAMN did she flow! She just laid there and the vast amount of the cum that ran out was monumental, He went to the bathroom, came back drying himself off, and still she just laid there, I would have thought she was asl**p, but she had that phone going, damn this girl is something else!
Guy #3 got dressed and left after giving Linda a kiss, and then I couldn’t believe it, guy #4 comes in, and he has another guy with him!
they chatted a bit, and then guy #4 leaves the room, while his friend slips off just his pants and he had a cock that was long but oh so slim I was sure that he was not going to feel a thing after the monster she had, just a few minutes before, but he seemed to like the ride and lasted about 2 minutes. He got dressed real fast after and left the room and guy #4 came back in and just went down on Linda and sucked her pussy to a good orgasm. He never even got undressed, he just ate her pussy, kissed her goodbye and left!
I wondered if that was all she would do but to my surprise she again got on her phone and guy #6 came in. He at least brought food, and she sat up naked, and shared a hamburger and fries, he made no movement like he was going to do anything with her, and after they finished the meal he kissed her and he left!
She sat on the bed for awhile, watched some television, idly playing with her pussy and tits, I couldn’t see what she was watching, but she seemed to be interested in it, all the while she was playing on her phone. All of a sudden she jumps up and bolts out the room and was gone for about 5 minutes, when she comes back in again, she is being carried by a guy who is as big as a house, hell, his muscles had their own muscles! He undressed and there wasn’t a spot on that guy other than his hands and face that didn’t have a carpet of hair! When he turned around, I had to laugh out loud, his pubes were all bare! It looked like an clearing in the middle of a forest! His cock looked odd sticking out in the middle of all that hair, but Linda seemed to like sucking it and for the first time I could see her take it all down her throat! She sucked him longer than the others, and then he stiffened up, and seemingly let out a bellow, and dropped his load down her throat! she didn’t lose a drop! His cock softened real fast after that even though she continued to suck on it he couldn’t get it to stiffen again. He kissed her and got dressed, and the walked out. She came back to the bedroom and it looked like she was going to get dressed, I saw her dig in her dresser, pulling out panties and bra, and then going to her closet and coming out with blouse and pants. But she just laid them on the foot of the bed.
Then #8 looked around the doorframe and he was already naked! They exchanged a few words and he just slipped in his cock and started fucking, Nothing fast and nothing slow, just a nice gentle ride. He too blew his wad into her pussy and he pulled out wiped his cock in her hair for Christ sake, laughed a bit and walked out she got up slipped on her panties and bra I could see a wet spot appearing on the front of her panties and then she put on her pants and blouse and before she left the room she touched something on the clock that stopped the recording.
I have played that back at least 20 times since I got it, and have jerked off more times than I can ever say,

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