Victoria Justice PIcs On Her Phone

“Damn, damn, damn,” Victoria Justice cursed as she dug through her purse looking for her phone so she could go home. When she couldn’t find it in her purse she rummaged through her dressing room in every possible corner where she might have set it down, but came up empty.

As she went through her day the last time she could remember using it was when Ariana had texted her when she was at lunch with her mom. She had set her phone down on the table and then must have forgotten about it when the food had arrived.

Grabbing her purse, Victoria sighed and headed for the door. After a long day of rehearsal, among other things work related, she just wanted to go home and relax for a bit before bed. But now she was going to have to make a side trip and see if someone at the restaurant had turned in her phone. If not, then she’d have to convince her mom to let her get a new one in the morning.

* + * + *

Brian Lewis was closing everything down in the restaurant when he saw the phone in the lost and found box behind the bar. He’d always been a bit of a snoop and couldn’t help but pick up the phone. He told himself it was to help find the owner of the phone, but really it was just a chance to poke around in someone else’s phone. As proof that he just wanted to snoop in someone else’s phone, the first thing he did was look at the pictures.

Grabbing a bottle of water out from under the counter Brian started surfing through the pictures. Mostly there were pictures of teenage girls making goofy faces at the camera but just as he took a drink he came across a picture that almost made him spit the mouthful of water across the room.

On the screen in front of him was a picture of an extremely cute Latina with long dark hair and no top. It was obviously self-shot since he could see her arm in the corner of the screen as she held the camera in front of her. The next picture got even better as the camera moved low enough that to show her small patch of trimmed pubic hair.

“We’re closed,” Brian said without taking his eyes off the girl in the picture as someone knocked on the door. When the knocking continued, Brian sighed and set the phone down so he could answer the door. “I said we’re closed.”

“Sorry, I was just wondering if you found a phone earlier?” Victoria asked hopefully.

“You look familiar,” Brian said, as he looked her up and down. He immediately recognized her as the girl from the pictures, but there was something about the way she stood there that clicked in his memory. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

“I don’t know, maybe,” Victoria said, an irritated tone creeping into her voice. She didn’t mean to sound impatient but she really just wanted to get home. “Now, about my phone?”

“Lola?” Brian asked, feeling somewhat certain that he was on the right track.

“No, Victoria,” she said, feeling like she was on the verge of stomping her feet and throwing a temper tantrum.

“No, I meant that you played Lola on that Zoey show,” Brian said, finally putting all the pieces together as he stepped aside to let her in. “My little b*****r used to watch you all the time. I think you might have been his first crush.”

“Thanks,” Victoria said, hoping that he was getting closer to telling her if he had her phone not. “My phone?”

“Oh, it’s over here,” Brian said, moving towards the counter as an idea started to form in his head.

Now that he knew she was famous, he knew that those pictures would be explosive if the wrong person ever saw them. So explosive in fact that he had a feeling she’d do just about anything to keep them under wraps. He wasn’t completely sure about it, but he was sure enough to make it worth a shot.

“You have some interesting photos on there,” Brian said as he handed her the phone.

“Excuse me?” Victoria asked, her heart practically stopping at his words.

“There are two in particular that I quite enjoyed,” Brian said, noting how the color drained from her face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Victoria said, cursing herself for not deleting the pictures.

A couple months ago she’d been hanging out with her co-stars, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies, when a game of truth or dare had broken out. One of the dares had been that she take a naked picture of herself with her phone. She had been about to delete them, but it was so unlike her to do something like that and it gave her a thrill to know that they were on there so she’d left them alone. Eventually she’d forgotten about them enough that when her phone went missing she hadn’t even thought of them.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I sent them to some people? I’m sure there are a few of those gossip blogs that would love to see them,” Brian said.

“You already gave me back my phone,” Victoria said, holding up the phone in her hand.

“The miracle of technology is that it takes about two seconds to transfer a couple pictures to another device,” Brian said, bluffing as he held up his own phone. “And they could be all over the world by the time you got home.”

“What do you want from me? Money?” Victoria asked, seeing her career go up in flames.

When Jamie Lynn had gotten pregnant just before the fourth season of Zoey 101 was set to premiere, Nickelodeon had wasted no time in distancing itself from her. They almost shelved the season altogether before finally deciding to air it. If naked pictures of her were to pop up on the internet, Victoria was sure something similar would happen to her own show.

“I’ve got something else in mind,” Brian said, unbuckling his belt.

“I don’t think so,” Victoria said, catching his meaning.

“Suit yourself,” Brian said, opening his phone. “You know, there are so many teen actresses in Hollywood that it’s hard enough to get work even when you don’t have a massive scandal on your resume.”

“Wait,” Victoria said, not quite believing that she was even contemplating something like this.

“Yes?” Brian asked, making a show of his finger over the button to send the e-mail.

“I’ll do it,” Victoria said quietly as she resigned herself to her situation.

“You do whatever I want and I’ll delete the photos before you leave. You can say no at any time, but the photos will be the talk of the town by the time you reach your car,” Brian said, making sure she knew the rules.

“Okay,” Victoria said, fidgeting nervously as she tried to psych herself up for what needed to be done.

“Good, now how about sucking cock?” Brian asked as he finished undoing his belt.

“I guess,” Victoria said, slowly sinking to her knees.

As he unzipped his pants she reached out and undid the button of his jeans. Pulling his pants and underwear down over his hips she reeled back a bit when his cock unexpectedly sprang out at her.

Victoria wasn’t a virgin, but she was close to it. She’d only had sex with two guys and neither relationship had lasted very long. So she had very little experience and what experience she did have had been with guys that were just as inexperienced and clueless as her. So it wasn’t that big a surprise when she grabbed Brian’s cock in a virtual death grip as she sized it up with her eyes.

“Wait,” Brian said, grabbing her hand. “Loosen your grip a bit on my cock. You don’t have to worry about it running away or anything. You just need to hold it firmly enough to hold it still.”

Taking his advice, Victoria adjusted her grip on his cock. Rather than squeezing it tightly she cradled it and wrapped her lips around the head. Unfortunately, even when she wasn’t trying to crush his cock with her bare hands, she didn’t have much of a clue as to what to do.

“Remember, the head is very sensitive, especially the ridge, so pay extra attention to that area with your tongue,” Brian said, trying to give her a pointer. “And suction is your friend when you’re bobbing up and down.”

Taking his tips in stride, Victoria applied suction as she pulled back. Reaching the head she let her tongue swirl around it, making sure to drag the tip along the crown. When Brian groaned in approval, she felt a little rush of pride over eliciting that kind of reaction.

“Much better,” Brian said, putting a hand on the back of her head to guide her.

She still wasn’t giving him the best blowjob ever, but at least she’d made the quick leap to adequate and really that’s all she’d ever need. Most guys would kill to have sex with her even if she was a complete dead fish, so anything better would be pure gravy even if she never got any better.

“Use your hand to stroke the shaft as you suck on the head,” Brian said as Victoria started getting more and more into it. “And don’t forget about the balls. Fondle them with your other hand, maybe lick the sack, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could even suck them into your mouth.”

As he spoke, Victoria took just the head in her mouth. Applying as much suction as she could muster, she moved her hand up and down the shaft. When his hips jerked and pushed more of his cock into her mouth, she began to bob her head in conjunction with the movement of her hand.

“That’s enough,” Brian said, reaching down to grab her arms and lift her up.

He wasn’t in any danger of blowing his load, but he had a feeling that if he’d let her go any longer she just might put him danger. So he decided it was best to stop her and make sure he had enough in the tank for what he really wanted to do to her.

“Time to get you naked,” Brian said as he pushed his jeans down to his ankles.

“Okay,” Victoria said quietly as she reached down to grab the bottom of her t-shirt.

With Brian watching her intently, Victoria lifted her shirt up to reveal a light blue bra. She could feel his eyes burning a hole in her and realized that she kind of liked the attention. She normally wasn’t the exhibitionist type, but for some reason the idea of getting naked in front of a stranger, a stranger that was blackmailing her into it no less, was giving her an extra rush of excitement as she unhooked her bra and slid the straps down her arms.

“Turn around,” Brian said as Victoria unbuttoned her pants.

Turning away from him Victoria pushed her jeans down over her butt. Getting more into the act, she even pushed her ass out a little as she slid her jeans down to her knees. Kicking off her sandals, she lifted each leg so she could pull the jeans over her feet before tossing them aside to stand before Brian in just her panties.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Brian practically jumped on her. She squealed in surprise as he nudged her back toward the table behind her. His mouth went right for her chest as her thighs bumped against the table and she had to sit down to keep from falling over.

Victoria wasn’t sure what to do. She wanted to grab the back of his head and hold it in place as he sucked on her nipple but she had to remember that he was blackmailing her into it and was supposed to be disgusted by what was happening even if what he was doing felt really good.

Switching nipples, Brian slid his hands down her stomach and blindly groped until he found her panties. Unfortunately, his arms weren’t long enough to push them all the way down her legs with letting go of the nipple in his mouth. In compromise, he grabbed the straps of her panties on her hips and pulled until they ripped apart.

“Hey,” Victoria said, getting upset at having her clothes ruined.

“I’ll pay for a new pair,” Brian said, feeling a little guilty over his impatience as pulled the now useless material out from between them.

Victoria was about to say something when she felt the head of his cock bump against her as he tried to aim it at her hole without pulling away from nipple. Finally finding the right spot he eased forward, sinking his cock into the warm tightness of her snatch an inch at a time.

When she was sucking on his cock Victoria had thought it was a little bigger than either of the cocks she’d seen before, but as he worked it in she realized that she’d underestimated it. It wasn’t much longer than what she’d experienced, but it was definitely thicker and her eyes widened in surprise as her pussy stretched around it.

Letting go of Victoria’s nipple, Brian straightened up so he could look her in the eye as he pushed the last bit of his cock into her viselike cunt. Victoria was so skinny that her channel gripped and squeezed the length of his cock as he took a moment to enjoy being balls deep in a hot piece of jailbait celebrity pussy.

Grabbing Victoria’s thighs and holding them tightly to his chest, he slid about half of his cock from the clutching confines of her pussy. Watching Victoria’s face intently, Brian pushed his cock back into her and noted how her eyes seemed to roll back in her head as she was filled up once more.

With each thrust Brian made into her Victoria’s brain got more muddled. As the pleasure built she had trouble telling herself that she was only doing it to save her career and that she shouldn’t enjoy it. Rather quickly she even found herself grunting as he plunged his cock into her with a bit more f***e.

“You like having me fuck you, don’t you?” Brian asked her as he felt her hips meet his thrusts with the same urgency that he had.

“Just hurry up so I can go home,” Victoria said, still trying not to let on how much fun she was having.

“We’re not even close to done,” Brian said, giving her a couple quick thrusts before slowing down to a more palatable tempo.

Putting his hands behind the backs of her knees he pushed her legs back and spread them apart. It lifted her ass off the table a bit and changed the angle of penetration just enough so he could hit a few new spots within her.

“Shit,” Victoria moaned as his cock hit a really sensitive spot inside her pussy. The slower pace meant that he was using more of his cock to fuck her with each stroke and it more than made up for the lack of speed.

“Play with your nipples,” Brian said, seeing just how much she was enjoying it written all over her face.

Bringing her hands up from her sides, Victoria pinched a nipple between a thumb and index finger of each hand. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the added stimulation to her nipples definitely added to the pleasure she was receiving from the slow fucking he was giving her.

“Fuck me,” Victoria said, no longer to ignore the orgasm that was beginning to bubble up inside her.

Victoria had never experienced an orgasm that hadn’t been induced by her own fingers and suddenly that was all she could think of. She wanted to come and she wanted to have Brian’s cock buried inside her when she exploded. It didn’t even matter any more how she’d gotten into the position she was in as long as she got to experience the greatest climax of her young life.

Taking her at her word, Brian let go of her legs. Leaning forward so he could put his hands on the table on either side of her, he increased the tempo of his thrusts. When her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, he could tell she was getting close.

Burying his cock in her pussy to the hilt, Brian suddenly stopped. As Victoria grunted her disapproval, he slid one his hands under her back. Lifting her up he clutched her to his chest as he straightened up and took a step back before sitting down in a chair.

“Ride me if you want to come,” Brian whispered in her ear as his hands migrated down her back to take hold of her hips.

Planting her feet on the rungs of the chair Victoria lifted herself up. Putting her hands on his shoulders to steady her, Victoria dropped back down on his cock and moaned, as it seemed to reach deeper inside her than anything she’d ever felt.

As she lifted herself up a second time, she hovered with about a quarter of his cock inside her before Brian pulled her back down with his hips. Combined with him raising his hips to meet her, it sent a shockwave through her, starting at her clit and radiating through her body.

When Victoria got the hint and started to work her way up and down his cock with a bit more determination, Brian finally let his hands wander down to grab hold of her ass. He loved a nice tight ass and Victoria’s was demanding his attention.

With each thrust she made on his cock, the orgasm grow inside her. It had ebbed a bit while Brian had stopped to move into the chair but it was quickly building once more. She’d only had a couple, and none from having a cock inside her, so she didn’t have a lot of comparisons but she knew it was going to be big.

“You wanna come?” Brian whispered into her ear as she clung to him while she climbed the mountain towards climax.

“Yeah,” Victoria moaned, her eyes half closed as she concentrated on reaching her peak.

“Use my cock to get off,” Brian said, egging her on as he let his index finger wander into the crack of her ass. “Use me for your own pleasure.”

“So close,” Victoria said, biting her lip as she scrunched her eyes shut.

As she got to the brink of orgasm, Victoria’s muscles started to tighten. She clenched her teeth and her body started to quiver. When Brian’s finger brushed against her asshole, she moaned and her eyes shot open as she went screaming over the edge. As she shook the movements moved her up and down on his cock just enough to intensify her orgasm.

Finally coming down from her orgasm Victoria slumped against Brian, resting her head on his shoulder with his cock still insider her. The strength of her climax had wiped out her energy and left her muscles feeling like jello for a moment.

“You up for more, or are you done?” Brian asked, using his hands on her ass to lift her up and down on his cock until she regained enough strength to pick up some of the slack.

“More?” Victoria asked deliriously.

“Get up,” Brian said, lifting her up as he stood up. Sliding his cock out of her pussy he set her down on her feet and led her to the full-length mirror on the wall behind the counter. “Face the mirror and lean forward with your hands on the wall.”

When she did, Brian knelt behind her. Grabbing her ass with his hands he parted the cheeks and dove in. Extending his tongue he started at her clit and licked the length of her slit and finished by dipping into her hole to collect some of her juices.

“Mmm,” Victoria moaned, pushing her pussy back against his tongue out of instinct. She’d only ever had pussy licked a couple times, but never when she was tingling on the heels of an orgasm and it felt like heaven.

“You like that?” Brian asked before folding his tongue in half and drilling it into her hole.

“Yeah,” Victoria said, biting her lower lip.

“What about this?” Brian asked, moving up slightly and poking his tongue against her back door.

“I don’t know,” Victoria said, instinctively pulling away from his probing tongue.

When he grabbed her hips and held her in place as he took a gentler tact by licking instead of poking she started to loosen up a little. She still was sure if she liked it, but it didn’t feel nearly as weird and icky. If anything, it felt naughty enough that there was a little thrill there that she wasn’t quite ready to admit to.

“You sure you don’t know?” Brian asked when Victoria moaned before going back to work.

“Maybe a little,” Victoria said, still trying to come to grips with the idea of having her asshole licked, and kind of liking it.

“Want to try anal?” Brian asked her, reaching around to rub her clit.

“I don’t think so,” Victoria said, realizing what he was after. She’d heard horror stories about how much anal sex hurt and wanted no part of it.

“That’s fine,” Brian said, noting how she was still pushing herself back against his tongue and finger. “It’d be a shame to throw your career away just because you’re scared of trying something new.”

Brian knew he was pushing it, but he was already in deep enough that he was going to push until she told him no and stuck to her guns. After all, between the extortion and sex with a minor, he’d racked up enough felonies that a little sodomy wasn’t going to make much of a difference if anyone found out.

“It’ll hurt,” Victoria whined.

“I’ll stop if it hurts too much,” Brian offered.

He was almost sure that she had already decided to go for it, but needed just a little nudge to push her in the right direction. She needed something to push past her reluctance and fears and he hoped that an offer to stop if she told him to would be that nudge.

“You promise?” Victoria asked. She never thought she’d try anal, but she really wasn’t being given a choice and if it hurt then she could ask him to stop and maybe he’d go back to fucking her pussy.

“I promise,” Brian said, sliding his cock into her pussy for a little extra lubrication.

“Okay,” Victoria said as Brian removed his cock from her snatch and pressed it into the crack of her ass.

“Spread your butt cheeks,” Brian told her.

Putting one hand on the wall in front of her to steady herself, Victoria reached back with her other hand and pulled on one cheek to spread her ass for him. She closed her eyes and winced when she felt the head of his cock press against her anus. Instinctively her asshole tightened and resisted as Brian tried to push forward.

“You’re going to have to relax or it will really hurt,” Brian said.

With a nervous grunt, Victoria tried to ignore the cock pressing against her virgin asshole and focused on relaxing her back door. As she felt her sphincter start to spread she fought the urge to clamp down and resist the intruder.

“Shit,” Victoria said, clenching her teeth when Brian lurched forward and her sphincter snapped shut around the head of his cock.

It hurt, but it was more the shock of the situation than the pain that caused the reaction and as Brian paused for a moment, Victoria took a deep breath to clear her head. By the time Brian started to make small strokes to work more of his cock into her ass, she was mostly over the pain. There was still a twinge here or there when he made a larger thrust and shoved more of his cock into her than she was ready for, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as she had heard.

“You okay?” Brian asked her as he gripped her hips. She really hadn’t complained as he worked his way in so he hoped he wouldn’t have to stop just when he had gotten the full length of his cock buried in the insanely tight confines of her ass.

“Go slow,” Victoria said, letting go of her ass and putting both hands on the wall in front of her.

With the green light, Brian pulled back until he’d eased half of his cock out of Victoria’s ass. Looking at her face in the mirror, he could see her grimace a little as he pushed his way back into her butt but he could also see a little glint in her eye that told him she didn’t think it was all bad.

“Play with yourself,” Brian said as he made eye contact with Victoria in the mirror.

“What?” Victoria asked, focusing more on the cock in her ass than his words.

“Play with yourself,” Brian repeated, reaching out and grabbing her right hand. Pulling her hand off the wall, he brought it to her body and pressed it against her pussy.

Finally understanding, Victoria tweaked her clit with the tip of her middle finger and felt a twinge of pleasure shoot through her. It didn’t completely override the discomfort of the buttfucking, but it helped enough that she slid her hand down to wet her fingers with her juices before returning to her clit.

Rubbing her clit in a circular motion Victoria moaned. As she increased the speed of her finger the more pleasure she felt and before long it was pretty much all she could feel. Looking in the mirror she could see Brian’s cock between her legs as it slid out of her ass before he jammed it back in and it sent a thrill through her that she wouldn’t have thought possible.

“You like playing with your clit while I fuck your ass?” Brian asked as he reached forward to tweak one of her nipples.

“Kinda,” Victoria said, leaning back against Brian to give him easier access to her nipples.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Brian said as the tightness of her ass took its toll on his stamina.

“Okay,” Victoria said, unsure whether she should be relieved that it was almost over or disappointed.

“You want me to pull out?” Brian asked her, gritting his teeth to stave off his orgasm a little longer.

“Come in my ass,” Victoria said, surprising herself with her words. She’d been surprising herself with her behavior all night, but telling him to come in her ass was by far the most shocking.

Feeling his balls start to tighten as he neared the point of no return, Brian made a couple extra quick strokes into Victoria’s ass. Burying he cock in her butt to the hilt, he bit his lower lip and his cock started to throb before the first shot of jizz erupted from into her bowels. His eyes rolled up into his head as he filled her ass with his come.

As Brian’s dick slipped out of her ass, Victoria leaned forward against the mirror. She hadn’t quite achieved a second orgasm, but that did nothing to wipe the smile off her face. Her ass was probably going to be sore in the morning but she considered it worth it despite how it had all come about.

“I think I’ll sl**p well tonight,” Brian said, walking on his knees over to his phone.

“Are you deleting them?” Victoria asked wanting to make sure he kept his promise as she slid down to the floor.

“Sure am,” Brian said, pretending to delete her pictures from his phone.

“I had fun tonight,” Victoria admitted as she gained enough strength to gather up her clothes.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” Brian said when Victoria picked up the piece of material that had started the evening as her panties. “Here, let me give you some money to pay for it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Victoria said as she put her clothes back on. She was in too good a mood to worry about a few dollars. “But you don’t mind if I make sure you deleted the pictures, do you?”

“Help yourself,” Brian said, tossing her the phone as he pulled his pants up.

Searching through his phone Victoria found no trace of her pictures. She found a couple pictures of Brian looking stupid that made her giggle, but nothing that could be used against her. Satisfied, she made one quick entry in his phone book before closing it up and setting it on a table.

“I should be getting home, but I put my number in your phone if you want to call me,” Victoria said, heading for the door.

“If I forget to call, drop by about the same time in a week or so and remind me that I’m an idiot,” Brian said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Victoria said, opening the door and closing it behind her.

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