Trip of a lifetime

I moved north when I was 22 (40 years ago )and every other weekend or so I would catch a coach back down to London to see my girlfriend and my f****y.
One hot summers afternoon I boarded the coach coming back north and sat towards the back. It wasn’t busy, in fact out of maybe 50 seats there were no more than 15 people aboard. Opposite me and slightly in front were an older could probably late 50’s early 60’s. He was sat by the window and she was sitting in the aisle seat and were the only people towards the back of the coach.
It was a long hot journey and I couldn’t help but notice her reflection in the window, she kept glancing around in my direction. I looked at her and could peek down the edge of her short sleeved blouse, revealing not much. Even so I found it fascinating. Being a horny young man I was hard in no time at all. The fashion in those days was for very tight jeans and mine were tight. I kept looking and watching her reflection and she began looking round at me often and more intently. My erection was very obvious, outlined clearly in my tight light blue jeans. She shuffled about in her seat and undid her blouse a little , I guess on the pretext it was a hot day. All that did was make more of her visible to me, which in turn made me even more aroused. She was wearing a loose skirt which bit by bit she hiked up over her knees.
Her husband seemed to be asl**p as she bit by bit began turning to look at me in a more obvious manner and at the same time letting me see more of her legs etc. The jeans I had on had a button fly rather than a zip and by now it was all too plain she was as excited as I was. She had turned in the seat so she was almost leaning over the seat arm. So much so her blouse top was drooping down and I had a lovely view of her ample bosoms. When she glance away I flicked open the top two buttons of my jeans and my cock was already poking out from my underpants so now the tip was in clear view. Odd and also very erotic that we still were kind of pretending nothing was going on even though she had almost half undressed and I was sitting/slumping in my seat with the end of my cock showing. I watched carefully her reflection for when she looked back. I was rewarded with a view of her glancing and doing a double take and seeing her mouth open slightly. I nearly came right there and then it felt so deliciously brazen. She looked away again and I undid one more button , the edges of the fly I moved back so I had more than half of the length on show. Again she looked back and this time I didn’t look away I met her eyes as she looked back. I looked deliberately down at her half exposed breasts and looking back to her face I saw her eyes glued to my open fly.
Knowing all pretence was at an end I undid the last two buttons and eased my cock out and forward. It was so amazingly exciting seeing her involuntarily lick her lips and with one hand she stroked her breast through her blouse. She looked up at my face and back down as I stroked myself gently and slowly with a finger.
She glance round at her sl**ping husband and quietly moved and slipped into the seats behind and opposite me. I shifted and eased my jeans down a little so when she sat down and looked back I had it all out, proud and erect, and throbbing. Sitting deeper in the seats with her back to the window, half reclining she raised one leg onto the seat and at the same time pulled her skirt right up to her midriff. Using one hand to pull her knickers (pale blue and lacy) to one side she used the other hand to slowly stroke and masturbate for me to watch. We sat there for a short while watching each other. I was desperate to touch her and slid to the edge of the seat closer to her. This must have spooked her a little because she sat up and glanced nervously through the gap in the seats to check on her sl**ping husband.
Satisfied she lay back and pulled her knickers to one side again. I reached in what seemed like slow motion and felt her wonderful soft pubic hair and warm moist fleshy lips. God it was so sexy and I was desperate for more of her, I made to go across and I would have entered her if she had let me but she put her hand on my shoulder and with a slight apologetic smile shook her head glancing with her eyes towards the seat in front. I guess is he had woken up there would have been no way to hide the fact we would have been screwing right behind him. She let me feel and finger her and stroke and play with her very prominent clitoris. Her hips was bucking eagerly and she was having a hard time keeping quiet as she squeezed her breasts through her now dishevelled blouse.
I so, so, wanted to lean in and lick and suck her. I kept licking my fingers and she obviously was desperate for me to do it. She leaned forward and whispered ‘Get into the seat behind’. I did and sat in the window seat and thought she might join me but instead she leaned right over the tops of the seats and began to masturbate me with an eager soft caressing hand.
I was so close already and in no more than a couple minutes I looked at her, into her eyes, and by the pained look she saw she must have known I was there. Looking into my eyes she made me climax. Oh God it was so intense, so overwhelming, she coaxed my seed from me with skill and desire. Each spasm strong and un-stoppable. It didn’t matter where it went or what a mess it made I was in absolute sexual heaven. She gently squeezed and massaged me as my climax subsided and unlike my girlfriend didn’t suddenly reach for a tissue or handkerchief. Instead she seemed to savour the feel of my semen coating my cock and her hand. She rubbed softly and wetly around my shrinking manhood. Smiling slightly she withdrew her hand and put her fingers in her mouth and licked and sucked them clean. She gave me a small gentle smile, turned, sat back down and after re-arranging her clothes she moved back next to her still sl**ping husband. I cleaned myself up as best as I could and stuffed my still almost hard member back into my pants and did up my fly buttons. I sat back and looked at her sitting quietly looking out of the window as if nothing had happened. She and her husband got off at Leicester and I never saw her again. More is the pity.

Best coach trip of my life.

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