The workout

She had been telling her husband for years how she had wanted to get in shape, but not lose her thickness, becuzz she knew how much he loved it. So she woke up in the morning one day feeling strong in her decision to start on losing at least 20. She would join him at the apartment gym. Putting her hair in a cute ponytail, she put on her Nikes that matches his shoes, and her cute outfit. She drank her shake and walked to the complex gym, thinking to herself that he will get her going over the next tray (3) months before she joined a gym. With him by her side, she’d be dedicated in losing the first 20.

When he saw her walk in, he smiled and went to her. They kissed lovingly and long, before she did her signature move and broke the kiss way before he wanted it to end. She then told him, she wanted to work out. He said, cool, I’m halfway done and was taking a break. Why not I use that to stretch you out, so you do not get an injury. So, he prepared her muscles, her arms in the air, pulling them along her sides, making sure she took deep breaths. This made her realize she was holding her breath. His gentle touch and aura always made her feel small and soft. I mean, she IS Daddy’s Lil Girl. As her senses spiraled into a frenzy, she heard him say, relax. But his beaded, sweaty chest made that impossible. Then he looked her directly in her eyes and she blushed and looked down. She knew that gave away all her thoughts.

After several arm raises, he made her spread her legs and bend over, placing her hands on the bench, very close to the floor. He told her, this is going to stretch your legs and your back, my love. As he helped her bend over, she hoped she did not fall. She was glad that early in the morning like this, he was always alone in here. That’s when he walked behind her, and her knees almost buckled. With legs spread, bent forward, palms flat against the bench, she felt her husband touch both her hips. He caressed them before pressing his right hand softly but firmly onto her back, guiding her forward, telling her to relax. But she couldn’t relax, due to her body was heating up and he was so close to her ass. Through all the stretches, and various bent positions, she got hornier. Her husband’s muscular arms handled her perfectly. Just like they always did.

But then, she started to hate him. He took her to the elliptical machines, stationery bicycle, the exercise ball. There, she saw him eyeballing her honeycomb hideout’s camel toe as she lay on the ball with her knees bent, her hands placed behind her head, elbows out and lifted upward for a crunch. Sweaty and winded 90 minutes later, she realized she heard him say that this was only Day One. The kiss he gave her made up for that comment, more or less.

As they walked back home, she f***ed a smile as he talked. She really did not hear anything he said, she was in so much pain. Once inside the bedroom by herself she dropped the smile. She was tired and she ached. He was in the kitchen as she got undressed and headed for the shower.
But then, the bedroom door opened and she saw him, as she pulled the towel around her. He said, before your shower, shawty, you got to stretch out again. She smiled, hoping that was really code for fucking. Becuzz the sight of him standing there, all cut up and toned, made her super wet. He took her hand and guided her to the bed. He took her towel from her and laid her across the foot of the bed on her back. Naked, sweaty, and sore, she felt him run his fingers along her thighs, and then lift them, stretching them toward her. He gently pushed them back, further and more, toward her perky tits. Her honeycomb hideout was freshly shaved and she saw him look at her as he cocked her legs open, stretching her hamstring by leaning gently in with his body weight. This pressure made her feel him hardening up, and his feel made her moan. This made him press himself further against the soft, fat lips of her slit. She ground back against her husband, looking at his eyes as he concentrated on hers. She did not see his hand vanish, but when it reappeared, then she noticed it. And as she thought about it more, she felt the smooth muscles of his dick touch her slippery hideout, as he leaned in. Her smile let him know she liked being stretched after a workout. Her husband’s big-headed bonafied slid along the opening and wetness of her, feeling so damn good to her as he slid in just enough to get in between her lips, but not enter. He looked at her and said, tomorrow will be a light workout, if you come. Will you come? She smiled and said absolutely, I’ll be ready to work out. Then he pushed into her all the way. Every thick, fat, throbbing inch of him. He stroked her with thug passion as her legs got pushed to her chest. She grabbed his biceps becuzz she needed something to hold onto before she lost her mind. Grinding her hips back into him, she bit down on her lip, as she heard the smacking sound he made in her wetness as he passionately and slowly went in and out. She whispered, “Pound it, Daddy,” as her eyes rolled up in her head. He was steady as he fed his bonafied to her honeycomb, thrusting into her silky hideout. The tightness was more than he could stand, so he slowed, but she bucked on him so she could receive it at the same steady pace. She wanted him, all of him, and all of his bonafied muscle, deep as he’d go. Like pit bulls in heat, they went at it, trying to hold out. But it was hard for them both not to explode; they were about to spiral out of control. Her husband then lifted her ass, turning her body, and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He stood tall, hitting her honeycomb at a different angle. After the fourth stroke, she began cumming, squirting all over him. As the convulsions happened, he kept stroking, and she bit down on her lip and moaned. He plunged deep with his gangsta as she tried not to scream. She jerked and squirted, he jerked within his hard-pound game, and then he blasted off. He collapsed on top of her.

They both lay sweaty and gasping for air, their bodies reacting to the uncut sex and unscripted workout they’d just given each other. Eventually, it was shower time… for real.

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