The Waitress

A wife is f***ed into getting a job by her husband to
help with the expenses. She isn’t all that happy about
her new waitress job, until she finds out that a girl
can make a bundle by offering a little extra service.

My husband made me get a job a few weeks ago. He had
been bitchin’ about me layin’ around the house all day
for all four years of our marriage and he finally told
me that if I didn’t get a job, he’d throw my ass out of
the trailer.

With no choice, I reluctantly agreed. I hadn’t graduate
high school and I didn’t have any work experience so my
options were limited. One Wednesday night, at about 9
pm, as I was driving back from a friend’s, I saw a sign
in a local roadhouse saying that they were hiring for a
waitress so I went in and applied.

The place was a real dive. There were five tables in
the center of the room, four booths along one side, and
a long bar on the other side. All the customers were
black people. When I saw that, I thought about walking
out because I had heard that blacks weren’t very good
tippers. Then again, I told myself, at least none of my
friends would see me in here.

And if I flashed a little cleavage, these guys were
sure to cough up the dough to impress me. I have a
smoking body and I know how to shake it to make men
crazy. Guys especially can’t get enough of my 41D cup
tits, and they’re still really firm and I often don’t
wear a bra. Them and my long blond hair have gotten me
out of plenty of speeding tickets.

The owner/operator of the bar was a large black man
named Lamont. He took one look at me and hired me on
the spot, without even asking if I had ever waitressed
before. He handed me the only uniform he had. I told
him it was two sizes too small for me. He just shrugged
and told me to go change in the stock room in back.

The room had a small table and it was full of boxes. It
was hard changing in the cramped space but I managed to
strip and get the uniform on. It was a light blue one
piece. The top was very low cut, only just covering
about half of my breasts. The suit was sleeveless so I
had to take off my bra. The top barely came over my
nipples. The skirt was also very short. The bottom of
my ass cheeks weren’t covered. My long legs were
completely revealed.

I started working right then. I wasn’t very good at
waitressing but none of the customers seemed to mind. I
just flashed a goofy smile and leaned over a lot. My
nipples popped out a few times, much to everyone’s
delight. After that first night, I started wearing
strapless bras to work.

Those d***k horndog customers were constantly staring
at my boobs and smacking my butt. Like I said, all of
them were black and they seemed to get really excited
about seeing a curvy half-naked white girl serving
them. The tips were pretty good, though I didn’t tell
my husband that. He’d just want to take them.

My hours were basically from 7pm to midnight, five
nights a week. The joint was pretty seedy and really
never got very busy. The guys were always making rude
comments about my body and what they wanted to do to

It didn’t bother me none though. I figured it just
meant I’d be getting bigger tips. I also didn’t object
to the frequent ass squeezing that I was getting, for
the same reason. I had never really spent any time with
black folks before. They certainly seemed to have only
one thing on their minds.

Lamont took pretty good care of me. He was in his
forties and had a bit of a pot-belly. He cooked the
food and made the drinks and took the orders and served
the stuff. When I got to work there were usually no
customers in yet, so I’d have my meal. Lamont and I
soon worked out a deal where I could eat and drink for
free. That second night when I showed up, Lamont set
out a burger and fries for me.

“How much is it?” I asked, sitting down and starting to

“If you blow me, it’s free,” he said with a wink and a

I was kind of startled when he said that. I figured
that he was just k**ding, so I laughed. Then after I
had finished, I asked what the price was.

“Well,” he started, “it’s $7.50, or like I said you can
blow me.” He had a rather serious look on his face this

I rolled my eyes and reached into my purse to grab the
cash. I pulled out my last $10 bill. I looked it over
for a moment, reluctant to part with the last of my
cash. A dirty smile crossed my face as I toyed with the
idea of actually taking Lamont up on his offer. It
wasn’t like I’d never given head before, but of course
I’d never done it with a black guy.

“What the hell,” I said and walked around the counter.
I dropped to my knees in front of Lamont who smiled
broadly as he pulled out his long black cock. I had
never seen a black one before and I had certainly never
seen one so big. It was 10 inches, easy. I wrapped my
right hand around it and began stroking. Then I leaned
in, opening my mouth wide, and sucked in his cock.

I had thought of myself as pretty talented at giving
head, usually deep-throating guys pretty easy, but I
was having a hard time getting all of his meat down my
throat. Lamont seemed to appreciate my effort, though.
I licked his shaft up and down and sucked on him hard
until he spurted cum. I swallowed all of his massive
gooey load.

This arrangement continued every night after that.


My first Friday night working at Lamont’s was pretty
wild. After my nightly meal, I was on my knees, blowing
the boss behind the bar when the first customers walked
in a little early. They sat on the stools and Lamont
served them a couple of beers while I was still sucking
his cock.

The customers didn’t even know I was there until Lamont
had finished cumming and I stood up. The two men at the
bar figured out what was going on and applauded. Lamont
asked me for my panties so he could wipe his dick.
Shrugging, I pulled them off and handed them to him.
Instead of cleaning himself, he tossed my panties to
one of the customers who nodded his thanks.

Four black guys had come in and taken a table in the
meanwhile. I went over to get their orders. While I
stood there between two of them, writing their drinks
order down, one of them reached up under my skirt and
grabbed my right butt cheek. He hooted when he felt my
bare flesh.

“Yo dog!” he shouted to his friends, “this chick ain’t
got no panties on!”

The men’s faces lit up at this news. The man next to me
grabbed the bottom of my dress and lifted it up over my
waist, much to everyone’s glee. I let them look at my
neatly trimmed blond bush for a few seconds before
twirling away.

“All right, guys,” I smiled. “What else do you want to

The black guys were very good natured and just having
fun, though they couldn’t take their hands off me.
After that table had a few rounds, their behavior got
more daring. After I brought them their third pitcher
of beer, one of them grabbed my waist and pulled me
down onto his lap. The guys on his side took my ankles
and pulled my legs wide apart, exposing my pussy to the
other men at the table. All the men were laughing.

I tried to squirm loss but the guy I was sitting on had
his arm wrapped tightly around my waist and I couldn’t
move. I could, however, feel his erection under his
pants pressing into my bare ass crack. After a few
minutes of this they let me up. When they finished
their drinks they left me a $20 tip, so I didn’t really
mind the embarrassment.

Starting off the shift by giving my boss a blow job and
swallowing a load of cum got me pretty horny. Then all
the leering and groping from those four black customers
got me more worked up. My pussy was starting to get
pretty moist.

After those guys had left, a couple of really
attractive, tall black men walked in and took a table
in the back. As I walked over to them, my skirt was
bouncing up and down and I could see by the older guy’s
eyebrows shooting up that he had gotten a glimpse of my
uncovered bush.

“What can I get for you nice gentlemen?” I asked them.

The older guy winked at the younger one and said to me,
“I think you dropped that, miss.”

I turned around to where he was pointing and saw a
dollar bill lying on the floor. Rolling my eyes, I
turned around and purposely bent over at the waist to
pick it up. This gave the two of them a great shot of
my assets. I held that pose for a few seconds, letting
them get their kicks, and then I stood up and handed
the bill back to the older guy.

“My bill was a five,” I told him with a wry smile. He
nodded, pulled out his wallet and handed me a fiver.
Then he reached back into his wallet and pulled out a

“This here is my son,” the older man said, nodding to
the young man, “and it’s his sixteenth birthday. I
wanted to get him somethin’ special. Any idea what I
can get him for $20?”

I looked at him for a moment, seeing if he was serious.
I thought about acting offended but that twenty in his
hand was looking pretty tempting. “Not much,” I
answered with a wink. He reached back in his wallet and
pulled out another $20.

“He ain’t never been with a white woman before and it
would mean the world to him,” the father said. I
couldn’t believe he was being so forward and I was
feeling kind of insulted, but I was also feeling pretty
hot. I looked the son over and was kind of impressed
with his strong muscular build. The idea of sl**ping
with a black guy seemed really sleazy but that $40
would sure make it a lot easier.

“Make it $60,” I said, surprised at myself.

He pulled out a $10 and said, “$50, for the both of

I had never had sex for money before but the idea of it
was making me really hot. I couldn’t believe I was
saying it but I answered, “All right.” I led the two
black men into the back store room. Before the door was
even closed, the older man had grasped the zipper on
the back of my uniform and tugged it down.

It fell to the ground, leaving me standing there
dressed in only my strapless bra and my white sneakers
and ankle socks. The father then unhooked my bra and
let it fall to the floor, too. His son immediately
reached up and grabbed both my breasts.

While the birthday boy was squeezing and pulling on my
tits, the older man pushed the boxes off the table in
the small cramped room. He then put his hands on my
hips and pulled me over to the table. He pushed me back
down so that I was lying on top of it.

The young man moved between my legs and pulled my butt
down to the edge of the table. He rubbed his thumbs
over my juicy pussy lips and then he pulled out his
cock. My eyes went wide at the sight. It looked to be a
foot long! Were all black men so large? I wondered. His
meat was rock hard and ready for action. He squeezed
the head into my pussy making me coo with pleasure.

My husband’s skinny white prick never made me feel like
this. The boy was soon rocking his hips back and
forth, pumping his 12 inch black cock into my tight
white hole while his father watched proudly. I was in

His old man obviously couldn’t wait any longer because
he hauled out his own giant cock and started bouncing
in against my face. I opened my mouth wide and let him
shove his black cock down my throat.

They both fucked me real hard and fast, jack-hammering
their tools deep inside me. My body was shaken by the
most powerful orgasm of my life. This set off their
cocks which were soon cumming buckets of cum. Their
heavy white goo flooded my pussy and mouth. I swallowed
down all I could of the father’s load but a lot of it
spilled out of my mouth and down my cheeks.

When they had finished shooting their cum into me, they
picked up my bra and took turns wiping their dicks off
with it. Then they pulled up their pants, zipped up and
walked out, leaving me still naked, recovering on the

They left the door to the supply closet open. I stood
up and picked up my dress. I could see some of the men
out in the bar looking in the room at me. I turned my
back and put my dress on and walked out to the applause
of the 6 customers in the place.

Wiping the last of the cum off my face, I went over to
the nearest table and took the order of the grinning
black guys sitting there. While they were telling me
what they wanted, a large blotch of cum dropped out my
pussy and splashed on my floor between my feet. The guy
next to me saw it and started laughing. Those guys
gave me a good tip, too.

My job has been full of encounters like that. I was
going through underwear so fast that I just stopped
wearing it altogether. Last night a young black couple
came into the place and took a table in the back
corner. It was kind of unusual to see another woman in
the place. She was tall and very attractive, for a
black woman. Like me, she also had very large breasts.
They both smiled brightly as I approached. The man
ordered three martinis.

When I came back with their drinks the man informed me
that the third drink was for me and he motioned for me
to sit down between he and his wife. What the hell, I
thought, the place was empty. I squeezed between them
and we all clinked glasses. While I had my head tilted
back, chugging the liquor, the man reached up and
placed his hand on my left breast.

I just kept drinking as he started to massage my tit.
The woman then reached up and took a fist full of my
other tit and began squeezing it. Someone yanked my top
down, exposing my tits, and they both grabbed a nipple.
They pulled my breasts far out from my body, making me
wince in pain. My pussy was moistening fast. I finished
my drink and set the empty glass down.

The man put his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed
me down onto the floor, under the table. I crawled over
between the black man’s legs but he pushed me away and
over to his wife. As I moved between her knees, she
spread her legs far apart. I could see under her thin
skirt that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I had never had any experiences with a woman before but
sucking Lamont’s cock earlier had gotten me really
worked up and I was feeling very uninhibited. I leaned
my head in between her chocolaty thighs and stretched
out my tongue. My nostrils filled with her powerful
scent. The tip of my tongue probed between her soft
black lips and I tasted my first pussy. I lapped up her
juices, sucked on her labia and nibbled softly on her
clit for several minutes until the woman started
shaking from a strong orgasm. When I sat back, my face
was covered with a thick film of her liquids.

Her husband then reached under the table and put his
hand on top of my head, pulling me over between his
legs. He had his pants down around his ankles and was
stroking his massive rod. I pushed his knees apart and
leaned in, covering his cockhead with my lips. I sucked
him in, taking most of his ten inches down my throat.
With his cock buried deep in my mouth, I flicked my
tongue across the underside.

It didn’t take him long to start cumming. His load shot
straight down my throat. I swallowed all of it and then
sat back up in my chair. They were both beaming. The
man pulled a twenty out of his wallet and tossed it on
the table as they stood up. They rearranged their
clothes and walked out. I just sat there for a moment
before I pulled up my own top and picked up the cash. I
winked at the four black guys who had come in and were
sitting at the nearby table, staring at me.

Straightening my top, I grabbed my order pad and walked
over to their table. Without a word, one of the guys,
a tall black stud who was built like a football player,
stood and scooped me up in his muscular arms. The men
all laughed as he twirled me around, giving everyone a
clear view of my exposed ass and pussy. Then he set me
down on top of the small table.

The men all reached their hands out and started
squeezing my flesh. I tried to get up but I was
surrounded. Hands yanked my top down, freeing my tits,
and pushed my skirt up around my waist.

Before I knew what was happening, the black man between
my legs had pulled his rock hard cock out and was
starting to shove into my already sopping pussy. I
thought about trying to resist but I was so revved up
from giving that couple oral sex that I really wanted a
dick inside me.

His giant tool stretched apart my pussy lips and he
started pounding me hard. Soon they all had their cocks
out. The men were standing in a tight circle, looming
over me on the little table. Three black cocks began
smacking into my panting face. One of them pushed into
my mouth. I opened wide and started sucking.

After a few minutes he pulled out of my mouth and
started rubbing his cockhead on my face. Another black
dick took his place. All three of them were trying to
push each other out of the way and get into my mouth at
the same time. I licked and sucked whatever cock I
could reach.

Before long, the man in my pussy started cumming,
setting off the others. Cum was flying everywhere. I
drank down as much as I could catch but most of it
splattered against my face and hair.

I couldn’t believe how much spunk these homeboys were
spilling on me. When they finished they dragged their
cocks around my face, pushing the thick goo towards my
mouth. My tongue lashed around, trying to scoop up what
I could.

When the men had finished with me, they zipped up and
started to leave. I called out to them as I climbed off
the table and, my face looking like a glazed doughnut,
told them flatly that if they didn’t tip well, they
would get lousy service next time.

The men chuckled and each pulled out a ten dollar bill,
which they dropped on the table while I tried to unknot
my uniform from around my waist. I looked over at
Lamont and he had a big grin on his face. He knew I was
good for business.


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