The Taylor’s Chapter 3

The Taylors Chapter 3

A few days had passed and Jake had come to the house with his friend David, Hi Mrs. Taylor he said,

Toni said hello Jake who’s this? Oh this is my friend David. How do you do my beautiful wife said to the young stud. Do you also go to school with Jake she asked?

Ah yes mam he replied in some what of a crackly voice, “David is in my class Ms Tay but he’s younger he just turned 16 he is very smart so they have moved him up to my grade.

Wonderful David my wife replied. All the while the two young bucks were sizing up my wife. There stood my stacked wife between two young studs with her mini skirt on and one of my dress shirts unbuttoned almost to the waist. No wonder the boys were in shock there was not much they couldn’t see of my wife large tits except her actual nipples and they were giving away her excitement by trying to poke through the shirt. She wore no bra or panties and already her cunt was getting wet looking at the teen studs.

Ms. Tay is Beth home? No Jake she replied she went with her father to the store and then they were going to Uncle Ben’s to check on his house and feed his pussy. Ben is away on fishing trip and my husband said he would look in on his place and make sure his pussy was fed.

What time will she be home? Not for some time Jake she smiled not till at least 10 tonight. Jake smiled back; while he wanted his friend to meet his knock out girlfriend he had also hoped they might get to fuck my sexy wife.

Toni asked looking straight at the 16 year old stud do you have a nice cock like Jake’s?

Whhhatt? stammered the youth? I think you heard me fine young man do you have a nice cock like Jake’s here?

Aaaa yes mamm he finally spit out of his mouth. Well let’s see it she said

David unzipped his pants reached in and pulled out a nice size cock and showed it to my slutty wife. I see she said well just don’t stand there I know you haven’t taken your eyes off my tits since you arrived so get over here and play with them.

The teen wobbled over and reached out to put his hand on the first tits he had ever touched. Toni’s dark skin contrasting the teen’s hand was a sight to be seen.

She unbuttoned the remaining couple buttons to allow full access to her tits for the teen. David why don’t you slip off those clothes and I will too and the three of us will have some fun.

David had not noticed that Jake was already naked and his cock was fully erect and waiting to fuck my beautiful sexy black wife. David finally fumbled off his remaining clothes and followed her and Jake to our bedroom.

Toni climbed on the bed motioned for the young teen to come closer she grabbed his dick and abruptly stuck it in her mouth.

David let out a silly groan or shrill or some kind of sound neither Toni nor Jake had heard before. After all David was a virgin and no woman had ever touched his dick before let alone have a gorgeous married black woman sucking it.

Toni was slurping up and down the teen’s cock and putting it in and out of her mouth, at times teasing the young buck and others fully taking him down here mouth to her throat.

See I told you David said, she would fix you right up. Jake was wasting no time to position my wife in doggy style so he could bury his face in my wife’s cunt while she was sucking the 16 year old teen cock.

Toni didn’t miss a beat sucking the teen except to let out a moan when Jakes tongue hit her clit. Her soft mouth and full lips were bringing the young teen to his first real climax with a woman. A couple minutes if that had gone by before David yelled he was cumming.

Ohhh he said and he erupted his biggest cum load in my wife’s mouth he ever had. He staggered a bit but managed to stay on his feet as the last of his spurts hit the back of my wife’s throat.

Now your turn Jake, Toni turned around and had Jake lie down while she was still on all fours to engulf Jake’s hard teen cock, I have to admit my wife is probably the best cocksucker I have even known and she was holding nothing back. She was licking and flicking her tongue and engulfing his entire shaft down her throat. She moved faster and sucked just the right of amount of pressure on the teens cock. She paused for a moment and said

David while I am sucking Jake here lick momma’s pussy! David leaned in smelled the wonderful aroma of my wife’s cunt and began eating Toni’s pussy the best he could.

Jake could not withstand the warm full lips and tonguing my wife was giving the 17 year old either. He erupted in Toni’s mouth and let out a low grown as he seemed to cum and cum.

David was sitting on the bed now when Toni turned to him and kissed him full on the lips letting her tongue slide in the youth mouth. David could taste the cum that had he and Jake and just put there. Instantly David’s cock sprung back to life,

Toni reached down and started jacking the 16 year olds cock and said now baby you want to fuck momma.

David cleared his throat and could only nod yes. Tony lay back showing the youth just what he was about to receive, her amazing tits and nipples all ready for his amusement her dark slender legs and her neatly trimmed pussy glistening in the light all waiting for him.

He grabbed his cock and positioned it at the entrance of my wife’s cunt. Toni’s wrapped her legs around the teen and pulled him in her. One swift thrust and David was all the way inside his first woman. Jake was lying beside the two rubbing his cock and feeling my wife’s tits at the same time.

Fuck her David! Jake said fuck her hard she likes it like that. David could not believe how good it felt to have his cock inside the beautiful black 29 year old woman, he started to thrusts faster and faster, soon he felt that his dick was going to simply explode in pieces as it built to another orgasm.

Toni’s was breathing faster her thrust were trying to match the teen’s and she too was near an explosion, knowing she was taking the virginity from this teen only excited her more.

Jake, get over here and give me that cock too. Jake straddled my wife’s tits while David was still pumping her pussy and put his cock between Toni’s tits, every time Jake would thrust Toni would open her mouth to receive the tip of his cock. The two teens were fucking the young wife for all they had.

Both teens seem to build to the magic moment near the same time and Toni’s was right there with them but David came first exploding his second load into Toni’s tight wet pussy. Jake yelled YES and Toni’s said YES Jake cum on momma tits.
Jake erupted another huge load between my wife’s tits some of which went into Toni’s open mouth. Both boys were spent for the moment and just lay on top of each other and my wife.

“Daddy are we almost there?” I can’t wait any more since you only let me suck on your cock for a couple minutes I’m going crazy Beth said. Yes baby we will be pulling in your Uncle Ben’s driveway very soon.

Beth said I bet Jakes at the house right now don’t you daddy? I think you can count on it baby.

Does it make you jealous that he fucks my wife as often as he does? No daddy she said I have you and your thick cock, he still tries to fuck me and I let him play with my titties and I almost sucked him once but I am yours daddy. I just jack him off and he seems happy then.

I bet baby any young man that that would even get to kiss you would be over the moon let alone have such a gorgeous young 15 year old make him cum.

Daddy you are so sweet to me Beth replied are we there yet.

Yes baby we are here. I will go find the cat and feed him and you go in the house check on things. Yes she said then you can feed my pussy too?

While I was at the store buying cat food Beth went shopping. She said she was needing an outfit for photos for her FB page

Wonderful daddy Beth said. I could not get the cats food out fast enough and get him to come and see that he had enough food for couple days. All I could think of was my sexy teen daughter waiting on me inside.

I finally went in the house looking for my daughter but what I found stopped me in my tracks! My mouth flew open I was simply speechless. There stood a seemingly tall raven haired woman with big bright blues eyes staring at me straight at me.

She had on red lipstick contrasting her dark hair and eyes, she was dressed in a super mini skirt, a black garter belt and black hose showing off the most spectacular legs I have ever seen, you could see the tops of the hose and the garters because the mini was barely covering her pussy. She had a top on that was see through revealing a matching fuck me bra and 5 inch heels.

OMG I whispered I had never seen such a raving beauty, my mouth was dry my body was betrayed and my cock was bursting to get at this woman for a moment I didn’t even recognize her.

“How do you like me now daddy? Beth said
I could not believe that was my 15 year old daughter standing before me. With the make up she had on and her dressed like that she looked like the most beautiful sexy woman I had ever seen she looked far beyond her years but strangely still an innocent teen.

I started toward her I didn’t think I could hold out one second; I had to have this beauty and have her now!!!

Hold on buster she said, daddy I have a treat for you so just hold on. Beth turned on some music and began dancing around a chair she had placed in the middle of Ben’s bedroom she had me sit on the chair and she began a striptease. I was getting the most luscious lap dance any man had ever gotten and it was from my 15 year old daughter.

As she turned with the music I could see just how beautiful she truly was, her ass was simply perfect her tits had just a bit of bounce and those white creamy legs in those black hose were just killer. Several times as she leaned in her long dark hair was touching my face as she kissed me, and it was not a peck kiss but a real passionate kiss. Wow my mind and body were in sensory over load, she had put on some Chanel Allure perfume that made her scent even more irresistible.

My heart was racing and my cock was straining at my pants to get out I was actually panting from breathing so hard.

YOU do like me don’t you daddy!!!!.

Oh yes baby and I love you more than words can describe.
My teen daughter was fully in charge at this moment her long legs straddling my lap from time to time, her bouncing up and down on my lap showed she had a g string on under that mini skirt.

Beth danced and twirled and starting taking off her clothes first the blouse and then the bra. I had fucked my daughter several times it was not until then I actually noticed just how magnificent and perfect her breasts were, her aureoles were not to large or small just the right size and color, and her nipples were simply perfect both of them standing at attention for me.

Now daddy you see how all that bouncing on your lap and cock I have done for you since I was twelve has taught me?

Yes baby I do and you are spectacular and a beautiful woman.

Yes daddy and I’m yours!! Finally she removed her skirt revealing a g string that could not fully cover her perfectly trimmed pussy. She had the little racing stripe of hair just above her pussy and her pussy lips were swollen from all the dancing and the resistance the g string was causing,

She took one leg placed it on my shoulder and said

Do you want a closer look daddy. All I could do was nod. Beth grabbed my head and shoved it in her pussy. Standing in those heals on one leg with those garters and hose was an unbelievable sight.

I eagerly licked her pussy Beth moaned in pleasure and I was in heaven, my wonderful daughter was giving me the most amazing lap dance ever.

She pulled away turned around bent over and removed the g string showing me her perfect ass. I could see her bum and that sweet little wet pussy inviting me to cum fuck her.

Beth turned back and got on her knees and began taking off my pants. I semi stood allowing the teen to remove my pants and boxers and I removed my shirt.

My cock was leaking precum, Beth bent over licked if off and put a big red lipstick mark on side of my dick. I wanted to give you a present its so you will remember this dance I gave you. The lipstick should last a couple days even after fucking me. Then she engulfed it. Beth had learned to take my cock all the way in her throat. Her ass was in the air still moving with the music and her hair was flowing all around my lap as she sucked my cock.

I reached under to cup her tits feeling her nipples on my finger tips, Beth turned her ass more toward me and that allowed me to reach over and put my hand between her legs and feel her wet pussy. Beth kept her pace up not letting me stop her.

Daddy she said as she raised up are you ready to fuck your slutty daughter? Dressed like that Beth indeed was my cum slut teen daughter.

Oh yes baby I am!!!

She walked over to the bed got on all fours and said come take me daddy fuck me and fuck me hard and don’t stop till you fill my pussy up.

I walked over got behind my daughter pulled her ass toward me and shoved my cock in her cunt. It was so wet and the aroma was just amazing.

I pounded her, my hard cock was going in and out of her fast and hard. You could see it stretching her opening as I withdrew on each thurst. My hands were holding on to each side of the sweet ass.

Beth was breathing hard and moaning with every thrust my balls were slapping here clit. I was making her body rock back and forth even her firm tits were moving with each hard thrust. Beth started screaming

OH YES DADDY. Over and over she would say fuck me daddy harder. I pounded the teen’s cunt till I could no longer take it my balls were going to explode. And they were going to explode inside the gorgeous teen’s pussy.

Daddy I can feel your cock its twitching CUM for me fill your baby up. I came and came and came it seemed. My dick kept spurting more and more cum in my daughter’s cunt.

“Daddy I am cumming” oh my God daddy this is the biggest one I have ever felt it’s your huge cock is making cum so hard.

Beth screamed and fell face down on the bed. I put my arms around the 15 year old and laid softly on her taking in the after glow of such an orgasm. Holding my new lover she managed to roll over and put her arms around me and hug me closer laying on leg over mine and her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breasts on my chest heaving from the orgasm she just had. My cock was soaked from all the cum and her juices squirting all over me but I could still see the lipstick kiss mark on it. We kissed a long tender kiss and rested.

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