The tale of Tina; ( the cleana )

Special Delivery for Sarah

I suppose it all started when I left home in my late teens and bought a house; somewhere that I could call my very own.

As soon as the estate agents opened in the morning, I went down full of excitement to collect the keys.

The house was completely empty apart from carpets and curtains, and the odd small electrical appliance in the kitchen. I had arranged for all the big items to be delivered that day to make the place a home that I could be proud of….it turned out that that was to be one very eventful day I can tell you!

While I was waiting for my first delivery, I decided to go upstairs and take a quick shower, as it was very early, and I did not expect anything to be delivered until about mid morning as arranged. However; no sooner than I had stepped in the cubicle and just as I got all wet, when the doorbell rang. Not wanting to miss any delivery, I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around my head, and a large bath towel around my body, ran down stairs, and opened the door.

On seeing me dressed only in towels, the man at the door said “ Sorry I’m a bit early luv, only I have a fridge-freezer for you. I know I was meant to arrive this afternoon, but my schedule has been altered” “Oh that’s alright” I said noticing his slight embarrassment on seeing me the way I was. “Bring it in” I said. With that he went out to the van parked outside, and then he and his mate carried it into the kitchen and unpacked it for me. It was during this time that my bath towel snagged on a large staple from the box that the fridge-freezer had arrived in, wrenching it from my body as I went to go into the lounge, exposing everything that I had.

The men stopped what they were doing, and stared in disbelief, jaws dropped, mouths gaped wide open, and their eyes stood out on stalks as they drank in my body.

Now I think that I should explain here that I had always fancied men, in fact I was a bit of a slutty whore, always out for any sex I could get. I wished that I wasn’t; but there you are; I just couldn’t help myself.

“So; do you like what you see boys” I said, being a bit of a prick teaser. The lads were dumbstruck, but the bulges in their trousers gave them away. The braver of the two slowly moved forward and gently cupped my breast. I could hear his shallow heavy breathing, and noticed that the pupils in his eyes were fully dilated, as he gazed at my ample assets.

“Fancy a bit of action while you’re here”? I enquired. They both nodded dumbly, not daring to believe their luck. “Well we will have to do it standing up then I’m afraid” I laughed, “As my bed has yet to arrive.” Having by now recovered their composure a bit, they both started to strip off, keen to take full advantage of the situation just in case it was a dream.

Once both lads were naked, I bent over and went down on the one standing in front of me, whilst the other one started taking me from behind. It didn’t take long before they both were spent, one filling my mouth, the other my pussy. Afterwards they quickly dressed, thanked me for having them, got in the van and left, leaving me standing in the middle of my very empty living room all alone, with love juice running down my chin, and inner thighs, with only the whirr of the fridge-freezer doing it’s thing in the kitchen, to remind me that the encounter did actually happen.

After cleaning myself up, and getting dressed, I went to make a coffee, when the door bell rang again.

Word must have got around, because the next delivery I received was from a black guy who was bringing me my washing machine. He set about plumbing it in for me, giving me a knowing smile, and asking if I wanted to try it out to make sure it was working alright. I said that I thought it was a good idea, as I had brought over some dirty washing from mums that I had not got around to doing yet. We both watched the washing go round and around for a minute or so, before he looked at me and said “Do you fancy a bit of black”? Needless to say, I was initially taken aback by his forwardness, until the penny dropped…. the guys that had come with the fridge-freezer, had been spreading the word around about me. So I thought; well,why not, you only live once. After I had given him the ok, he grabbed me tightly to him, my breasts were being squashed into his body, his hands were groping my ass cheeks. Before I knew it, he had turned me round to face away from him, pushed my head down so that I was leaning over, yanked down my trousers and panties, and without ceremony proceeded to pump in and out of my velvety meat wallet with his rather long thick cock. I had to hang on tight to the washing machine, for fear of loosing my balance as he slammed it in without mercy. What with the wash on fast spin as well, the vibrations from it along with the pounding that I was receiving from behind, sent me spiralling over the top.

I began to wonder what the next delivery might hold in store for me, apart from the delivery of more household items that is.

I didn’t have long to find out, because I saw a lorry turn up outside through the lounge window. My double bed and mattress had turned up. Two muscular men struggled with it up the narrow stairs and into the bedroom, and proceeded to assemble it for me. When then had finished their exertions, one of them called me in and said “Is that alright for you sweetheart”? I was absolutely delighted, it was all coming together rather nicely I thought. “You fella’s deserve some sort of reward for all of your efforts” I said, knowing full well that no doubt they had been told all about me, and what I was like. “How about you lie on to the bed darling and see if it is to your satisfaction” one of the men said grinning to his companion. Not wanting to disappoint him, I clambered on to it and lay down on my back to test it out. “It all seems good to me” I admitted, “Except I don’t think it’s complete without two lusty males on it to christen it with me. Even I was shocked at what I had just said….”What am I like” I remember thinking to myself.

The men needed no second invitation, and they couldn’t get to me soon enough. Between them they very quickly removed my jumper, having sat up for them to do so, followed by my tea shirt over my head, then one of them reached out behind me and undid my bra. The relief from their constriction felt wonderful as my twin peaks sprang free, making the men do a double take because of their size. “Wow; nice pair “ I heard one of them say. Next they pulled down my trousers and panties to reveal my puffy pussy and Brazilian bush, much to their adoration.

The men very quickly stripped off not wanting to miss a golden opportunity, just in case I changed my mind….no chance! They were both very well endowed, the strong athletic types ( my favourite as it happens ) They started off with laying along beside me, one each side, mouths on nipples, fingers in pussy, making me writhe in ecstasy from the pleasure they were giving me.

Taking it in turns, they ploughed my furrow before planting their seed in me, and then making off without saying a word in their lorry. I just lay still where they had left me, in a state of euphoric exhaustion.

Shortly after recovering and getting dressed yet again, someone else was at the door demanding my attention, this time it was my gas oven arriving. Delivering it was a female. She looked a little bit butch, but mildly attractive in her own way.

Having been let in, she wheeled it into the kitchen on a trolley, and fixed it all up for me. When finished she turned to me and said “I understand your little burner has been well lit this morning” I didn’t twig at first, but then it all came clear to me, she to had been hearing all about me through the g****vine, word did spread fast!

Taking the initiative she held my head tightly with her strong hands, and gently kissed me on the lips before slipping her tongue down my throat. Now I have never made out with another female before, but decided that it was not all together unpleasant, so I let her continue. “I hear that your bed has just recently been delivered” she said”? I replied that it certainly had, and on hearing that she grabbed my hand, and led me upstairs, and into the bedroom. Once in there, she started to undress me. I was so stunned by her forwardness, that I felt powerless to stop her ( not that I wanted to anyway ) When all of my clothes had been removed by her, she instructed me to lie down on the bed on my back. I numbly followed her instructions, as she to stripped off completely, exposing her well defined body.

Climbing on top of me, and took great delight in grinding our muffs together as she French kissed me yet again. Slowly she slid down my body, until her head was level with my mountains. Taking a nipple in her mouth she alternately licked sucked and gently nibbled it, whilst tweaking, twisting and pulling on the other one between her thumb and forefinger.

I must admit to feeling very aroused at this stage, with expectations as to what she would do to me next. Sliding even further down my body, she arrived at my love centre, where upon she encircled my engorged bud with her mouth and lapped my most sensitive part, bringing squeals of joy from me, that I was afraid might alert the neighbours. I could feel that my pussy was well lubricated up, as she inserted a finger inside me, followed by another, and then another, until they were all inside me, making me squirm with delight at the intrusion. “And now for the best part” she whispered huskily, and with that, started very gently to fist me, sending shock waves throughout my body, as her hand made its way inside me. No one had ever done that to me before, this was definitely a first . I experienced a mixture of pain and pleasure if I am to be honest, as it explored its way in. I was certainly being stretched to my limits that’s for sure. ( I can thoroughly recommend this to any female, as it gives you such a fantastic feeling, whilst also having your clit sucked at the same time, its just got to be the most ultimate sexual scenario for me ever ! ).

That was it; I couldn’t hold out any longer. I could feel an absolute whopper of an orgasm about to break. And then it happened, Bang! My head felt like it had exploded inside, making me see bright white stars as the electric sensation ripped through me like a bolt of lightening, flooding my pussy.

When the sensation at last subsided a bit, and my breathing had returned to something like normal, she lifted her head up from me, her face covered in my juices, smiled, and said, “How was that for starters then”? I found myself saying, ( and to my shame ) “When can I have a repeat performance please ?

I could go on telling you what else happened that day, but from what I recall, and due to the soreness and exhaustion of being well and truly serviced that morning, the other items were just delivered, and I put the people off any other physical contact for that day, but suggested that they call in when passing the following week, to receive what they missed out on!

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