The Sex Club

The Sex Club ( part one; the introduction )

I had only just recently heard about a sex club in town from my boyfriend. Apparently it had been going for about a year now, and had a membership of round about 100 people of both sexes. He offered to accompany me there on the next party night that they were holding.

When we arrived at the club, I found out that there were only ever 3 rules

1 ) On arrival, you must leave all of your clothes at the reception desk, along with all of your hang ups and inhibitions.

2 ) When a male or female asks you to do something to/for them, you do it without question or hesitation

3 ) If someone wants to do something to/with you, you will let them…or else!

Those were the rules. Anyone who broke them would be reported, and taken to one of the three punishment rooms by security, and dealt with accordingly.

I was intrigued by this, and wondered what type of redress you would receive for non-compliance.

My boyfriend said that he would lead me to one to show me what went on there. Inside the first one was a machine that would normally be used to train up cowboys to compete at a rodeo. It had a large leather saddle, with metal arms underneath, and a powerful motor to drive it. The only difference being was that it had been slightly adapted to serve its new purpose. Straps had been fitted to each side of it where the riders legs would hang, and on the saddle itself, two rather large dildo’s had been securely attached to it within the seating area, one slightly smaller than the other.

It just so happen that at that moment, a female was being e****ted inside for refusing to give a blow job to a dirty old fat man. She was yelling that it had all been a miss-understanding, and that she was only to happy to fit in with whatever the guy desired….but it was too late for that now, she had disobeyed the rules, and would now have to face the consequences. They first tied her arms to a pulley, then hoisted her up into the air, swivelled her round and then slowly lowered her down on to the well lubricated cocks. The spurned gent was granted permission to make sure the dildo’s entered the correct holes as she came into position, one slid into her pussy, the other up her ass. This correctional contraption was affectionately known as the “Bucking Bonko”.

When everything was in place, her legs were firmly fastened to the sides of it by the straps, and she was required to hang on tightly to the front of the saddle. Then it was turned on to its first setting of 1 out of 10. It slowly moved up and down, round and round, and the dildos started to buzz and piston slowly in and out of her orifices, gradually increasing in tempo as the settings were advanced. When it had reached 6, she could hold on no longer, her arms were flailing in the air, her big tits being swung about, as the dildos vibrated like mad, the straps kept her into position to make sure her punishment continued, until the man who had been refused gratification from her, thought that honour had been satisfied.

Cries of “Ride ’em Cowgirl” cheers and applause from the ensemble who were there to witness the man’s revenge.

In another room, one of the games played was several males get tied to chairs placed in a row with rope, and females then select a cock to start on. Each then have one minute to suck and lick each and every cock in rotation, and the male who manages to cum last, wins.

The game that I found to be my favourite, which took place in the “Large Room” was “Musical Chairs” ( only with a twist ) Now I’m sure you are all very familiar as to how this game is normally played. However in this instance a circle of about 20 chairs were positioned facing outwards towards the walls, and on each chair sat a male, blindfolded , completely naked, and with a hard on. 21 females start to circle the chairs and as soon as the music starts. When it stops; they have to impale themselves onto one of the waiting cocks. The female who cannot find a spare prick to sit on, gets eliminated, and I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

“The Dinning Room” was another favourite of mine. In this room was a very long and wide old medieval type oak table set for a banquet. About 25 men enter dressed for the occasion, but only down to their waists. They then take up positions on the benches, in no particular order, the over lapping white table cloth hiding their naked bottom halves. The only thing that they are wearing under the table is a number on a round disk, about the size of a small saucer attached to one of their ankles. Next, in come the ladies. They also have a disk with a number on it, only theirs is attached to their wrists. What happens next is that the ladies all crawl along under the table to find the matching number on an ankle to the one on their wrists. Once found, a blow job takes place to completion. The lads have to keep their hands on the table at all times during this encounter, red faces and moans and groans are the order of the day here, the men not knowing who is sucking them off….. and the ladies not knowing who they are pleasuring. So during the course of the rest of the evening, men look at women, wondering if that was the one who sucked them off ? and women look at men, each wondering if that was the one that received their oral attention ? but nobody ever knows.

Inside the second punishment room, there was a female strung up, arms above her head connected by rope to the ceiling; feet on tip toes. A large wicker basket containing at least 100 clothes pegs / pins were on a table in front of her. The idea is that anybody passing by the room was welcome to come in and to fix a peg to any part of her body, until there was none left.

I eventually discovered the third and final punishment room, in which a female was currently receiving correctional treatment. She was laying on her back, secured tightly to a table, legs spread wide and in the air, fastened to the beams by chains, with several guys lined up, taking it in turns in giving her a good hard fucking. The female looked well out of it from this never ending conveyor belt of hot cock. When one guy had finished with her, another just took his place, and continued the treatment. Whatever she’s done I remember thinking to myself, she won’t be doing it again in a hurry that’s for sure.

It was at this stage that I fancied a bit of action myself, as I was feeling very turned on by this time. I knew that my boy friend wouldn’t mind, as we had a very open relationship. I expected that he was already engaging in some activity himself by now.

See what I get up to in part 2 at this club………… be continued

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