The Promotion Part 2

Saturday came around soon enough. Faith’s trial promotion had been announced to the other staff and on the whole had been welcomed. Still, it felt strange to be giving the orders to her former colleagues.
“Mel, could you restock aisle two,” she instructed the tall, pretty blonde. “There’s a few things needed.”
Mel rolled her eyes and sighed exaggeratedly. “Blimey, first day as the boss and already throwing her weight around…”
“Just do as I say, minion!” Faith said, equally playing it up. Mel laughed and headed off to do what she’d been told.
At that moment, Martin’s voice came over the PA system, “Staff announcement: Faith to manager’s office. Faith to the manager’s office.”
Mel looked back over her shoulder in sympathy, shaking her head slightly. She obviously didn’t know how much Faith had been looking forward to the summons, to getting some more of Martin’s huge rod. She set off purposefully to the back area.
She knocked on the manager’s door and entered at his summons.
“Lock the door,” he commanded. “It’s time to continue your trial. Strip for me.”
Faith turned and locked the door before turning to Martin. “Close your eyes.”
“Close my eyes? Why? It’s nothing I didn’t see the other day.” He sounded like a petulant c***d.
“Just do it,” she wheedled. “You won’t be sorry.”
He closed his eyes as Faith quickly kicked off her shoes and removed her pants and shirt. She was stood in a lacy black thong and thigh high black stockings, a bra that did nothing to contain her high breasts completing the outfit. Her pay packet had had the bonus she’d asked for, so she’d fulfilled her side of the bargain. Her long brunette hair was tied back in a simple ponytail, her all-over sunbed tan accentuating her youth and good health.
“OK, you can open them.”
Martin opened his eyes, and caught his breath. “Oh wow. Did you shave?”
In answer Faith pulled the front panel of her panties to one side, revealing a freshly waxed mound. “Totally smooth, just for you. You like…?”
“I like. Come here!” His tone was between a plea and a command and Faith took her time moving around the desk.
She looked pointedly at his crotch. “Why isn’t your cock out? Why aren’t you ready for me?”
“You can get it out for me.”
“Not this time Martin.” Faith pushed aside some of the paperwork on his desk and perched her bottom on the edge of it. She opened her slender legs wide clearly showing him her bald pussy through the filmy material of her knickers. She slid her hand down her flat stomach and slid it into the top of her thong.
“Get your big dick out and wank for me Martin.” Her tone left no doubt that it was a command and he did exactly as he was told, lifting his fat arse off his chair just long enough to drop his pants. His cock popped up to slap his hairy paunch and he started to stroke it as Faith rubbed her clit. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth and used her other hand to roll her nipples between thumb and forefinger, making them into little pink bullets.
“That’s it Martin,” she breathed. “Play with your fat old cock for me. Come for me while you watch me rub my bald teenage pussy.”
His backside lifted off the chair as he came, thick ropes of jizz shooting up, some coating his fingers, some landing on the floor.
“Good boy!” she praised him. “Now, let’s see if we can get me off. Come here and eat my wet little hole!” Faith slipped her knickers off as Martin got to his knees in front of her and started to lap hesitantly at her vagina. She grabbed the back of his head and ground her pelvis into his face, telling him, “Lick it! Lick my clit you horny old pervert!”
After a few minutes she pulled him up by his sparse hair and pushed him back to lie on the floor. “Not good enough I’m afraid. Now I’m going to ride your face, and if you’re hard enough after I come, I’ll ride your cock!”
She placed her stocking-clad knees either side of his head. “But…” Martin began to object.
“I shaved it for you, the least you can do is show a little appreciation!” Faith countered, as she lowered herself onto his upturned face. She planted her pussy on his mouth and began to work her hips back and forth. “Oh sir, that’s it! Get your tongue right in there! Oh, that’s better! Fuck my little bald cunt with your tongue!”
Faith reached behind her and grabbed his jizz-coated flaccid cock and started caressing it back to life. She looked down between her breasts and met his eyes. “Good boy! You’re doing much better! And it looks like you’re getting hard again! Maybe I should sit on your face more often!”
She ground her hips on his face in little circular motions, feeling her orgasm swelling under the attentions of her manager’s tongue even as his penis swelled in her hand. “Do you like it when I sit on your face and wank you, you filthy old pervert? Do you like having your teenage employee dominating you with her tight young pussy?”
Martin nodded and this sent her over the edge. Her toned thighs clamped either side of his head as she bucked in orgasm, coating his face in pussy juice as she almost smothered him. She released her vice-like grip on his head and he took a gasping breath as she moved back down his body, gripping is big erect cock and positioning her wet cuntlips around his purple head before impaling herself up to his bollocks.
She mauled her own tits as she rode him hard, reaching behind herself and squeezing his balls tightly when she feared he was going to come before she did.
“Don’t you dare come before me! You might be in charge of the store but in here I’m in charge!”
He nodded, his flabby old face half worshipful, half scared of what he’d created. His fear made her come again, tightening up around his big cock. Abruptly, she lifted herself off him, leaving him hanging on the verge of orgasm.
She sat back in front of him, exposing her tits and gaping pussy to his gaze. “Wank yourself off over my body!” she instructed, and Martin scrambled to his knees and started to pull frantically at his bobbing dick. He came quickly, squirting a big load over her pert tits, flat stomach and her glistening bald pussy.
“Ok, now listen carefully,” she commanded clearly. “Lick it off. All of it. I can’t go back to work covered in your spunk.”
“But…” he began to protest.
“If you ever want to touch my pussy again, I suggest you do what I say. I’m in charge, I have the pussy.”
He leant closer, licking hesitantly at his own semen that coated the teenager’s body. Eventually, he lifted his face to look at her.
“Good job Martin!” she praised. “You’ve got some on your face though!”

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