The Promotion Part 1

“Faith!” someone called from behind where she knelt stacking shelves. She turned to see Mel approaching, looking a little concerned. “Martin wants you in his office, I’ll finish that.”
“Any idea what he wants?” Faith asked. She ran a hand through her long dark hair, some of which had escaped from her bobble.
“Besides trying to get a look down your blouse you mean?” Mel replied, a wry look on her pretty face. “Nah, he didn’t say. He just told me to take over from you and send you to his office.”
“Fuck sake…” Faith sighed. What had she done now? Martin was the store manager, a chubby little pervert in his fifties, a sweaty, balding lecherous creep of a man who liked nothing better than squeezing past the pretty young girls he tended to employ. More than once she’d overheard him making lewd remarks to the other male members of staff about what he’d like to do to her and her colleagues and the thought of being stuck in his office didn’t exactly fill her with good cheer.
She made her way through the supermarket slowly, wondering what she was being pulled in for this time. Since she’d been hauled in last time about timekeeping and attendance, she’d really tried. There was no way she could afford to lose this job. She was only working 20 hours a week to support herself through university and could barely afford to pay the bills in her shared house and get one night out a week as it was. She opened the doors to the staff area, strode up to Martin’s door and knocked.
“Come in!” Even his voice was unpleasant. It was exactly the voice you’d expect from a creepy uncle. Faith opened the door and stepped inside. The office was cluttered, a dying plant in the corner, filing cabinets with yet more files dumped on top of them. Martin sat behind a desk upon which rested an ancient computer and a labouring fan. He looked up from the screen, eyes lingering on Faith’s pert tits on their way up to her face. She had always been told she had good boobs for a short girl. He gave a sigh.
“Come in Faith, pull up a chair.” He indicted the two chairs opposite his desk. She chose the least grubby of the two and moved it marginally closer to the desk before sitting down and studying him for the least hint of what this was about. His grey tie was loose, top button of his yellowing shirt undone. His suit jacket was hanging on a peg in the corner and his balding head glistened with sweat between the thin grey hair, despite the fan. He’d not shaved that morning, salt and pepper stubble on his cheeks and jaw made him look even older than usual.
He stood up and walked round the desk, going behind her. She refused to turn her head to watch him. She heard the key turn in the lock and wondered for a moment what was going on. Suddenly, Martin’s hands were on her shoulders.
“No need to look so worried!” He exclaimed jovially, kneading the tense muscles in her shoulders. She shrugged uncomfortably, trying to shake him off, but he persisted a couple of seconds longer before walking back around to his swivel chair and sitting down. He leaned forward and placed his elbows on the desk, studying her over his steepled fingers. Faith fidgeted uncomfortably, wondering whether she should be the one to break the silence.
“Well,” Martin eventually said. “Well, well, well. Now, it seems I have a vacancy to fill.”
Shit. Was he talking about her job? Was this his weird way of firing her?
“What do you mean, sir?” Faith asked, dreading the answer.
“I’ve decided to stretch my staffing budget to allow the store a Saturday restocking supervisor. Since you’ve sorted your timekeeping out and you work every Saturday, I thought maybe you’d be a good candidate for the position. Obviously, there would be a pay increase to go with the added responsibility. The thing is, I’ve not seen enough to convince me you’re the stand-out candidate. I’ve one or two others in mind for the role, but I thought I’d see whether you could persuade me that I didn’t need to interview anyone else. Mel, for example.”
She thought rapidly. Was he propositioning her? Sex for a promotion? Faith wouldn’t put it past him, but she couldn’t be sure. Christ, imagine the embarrassment if she offered him a blow job and all he’d been asking was for her to list her personal qualities!
“What would the pay be for the new job, sir?” she asked, giving herself time to think as well as trying to find out if it might be worth taking a little dick for a promotion. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d fucked for personal gain, only a couple of months ago she’d let the middle aged mechanic who’d fixed her car fuck her and come on her face.
“You’d be on nine pounds an hour, possibly rising after a trial period, if your new position works out for both of us…” He’d definitely left that hanging faith thought.
“And what would my new duties be?” she asked.
“Well, you’d be in charge of the shelf stackers, reporting directly to me, and occasionally you’ll be in here, helping me with things I need a hand with.” He was openly leering at her now, undressing her with his eyes. The slightly-too-small yellow uniform blouse barely contained her pert tits as it was and Faith knew the trousers flattered her arse. It was one hell of a pay rise…
She came to a decision.
“Nine fifty an hour and I’ll start with those extra duties right now…” She ran her tongue round her slightly parted lips suggestively.
“You drive a hard bargain Faith…” He emphasised the word ‘hard’ ever so slightly. There was nothing subtle about the next words. “Fortunately, I’ve got something hard for you too! Come here!”
She stood and walked around the desk, stopping in front of him, her feet between his, looking at the bulge in his pants. He reached up with eager hands, unbuttoning her blouse. Her plain black bra held her ample charms neatly and he tugged the cups down to reveal her pink nipples before pulling her forwards as he leaned in. He licked and sucked her breasts, the stubble and the sweat making the sensation strange but not entirely unpleasant.
Without taking his head from her chest, Martin grabbed her hand and put it in his crotch. She grabbed his shaft and squeezed, wanking him over his trousers. Christ, he was big. Really big. His belt was undone already, all she had to do was undo his button and flies and slip her hand inside the waistband of what appeared to be a pair of y-fronts. She wrapped her little hand about his big veiny cock and pulled it free of the confines of his underwear. It was big, the head shining with precum as she started wanking him. Who’d have thought that this pervy old bastard was hiding this lovely big cock? If he could last a while with such hot nineteen year old pussy at least she’d have fun with a tool that size stretching her out!
Faith wanted it in her mouth but his face was still buried in her cleavage, licking and nibbling her nipples. She carried on stroking him as he undid her zip to access her little pussy. His palm was sweaty as he found his way into her knickers, his stubby fingers running down though her sparse pubic hair to the top of her slit. He hadn’t even pulled her pants and knickers down, it reminded her of the time when she’d been fingered by a boy in the toilets at a school disco. Faith decided to take charge and pulled back half a pace, kicking off her trainers and sliding her trousers and knickers down past her slim hips and stepping out of them.
Her pussy was exposed to Martin in all its glory, sparse, fine pubic hair covering her mound but shaved off to show her slightly protruding labia. She stepped back in and pulled his head back to her tits, parting her legs slightly to allow his wandering hands free access to her soaking wet snatch. What was it about unattractive older men and fucking them for personal gain that turned her on so much? She’d been horny as hell at the garage when she’d fucked to fix her car and here she was, getting her pussy rubbed by her fat old boss and she was loving it.
Martin might not have known what he was doing, but Faith was as turned on as she’d ever been and she came hard, clamping her thighs tight around his probing fingers as she clenched her teeth to stifle her moans.
She pushed his swivel chair backwards into the corner so it couldn’t move and dropped to her knees between his feet. The shaft of his dick took both of her hands and still left the shiny head poking out of the top. He smelt a little, like he hadn’t showered this morning, but she was so horny it didn’t even matter. She took the head into her mouth and began to work at it with her tongue and hands.
“Oh, God!” Martin moaned. His voice was as grating as ever but her desire for his massive weapon blocked all else. “That’s it Faith, earn that promotion!”
His breathing became short and Faith knew she’d pushed him to the edge. Abruptly, she stopped, removing her hands and mouth from his cock.
His voice was plaintive, pleading. “Don’t stop, fuck, don’t stop!”
“You can come in my mouth if you like…” she teased, twirling a strand of her dark brown hair around her finger. “Or, you can fuck me over the desk and try out my pussy!”
With that, she bent over the desk, exposing her teenage cunt to his huge old-man cock. Martin almost leapt from his seat, stumbling out of his discarded trousers in his haste to get his meat inside her. He f***ed his way in without finesse, his nine inches stretching her tight young snatch like it had never been stretched before.
“Oh fuck yes!” Faith breathed. “Go slowly, let me get used to your fat cock so I can enjoy it!”
He stroked away slowly, leaning over to kiss her neck.
“No, no kissing!” she instructed. “Just fucking!”
She wasn’t sure exactly when control had shifted to her but she was aware that it had, somehow. He stood behind her, moving in and out slowly, almost pulling all the way out before pushing steadily back in until his cockhead nudged her cervix.
“Faster! Pull my hair!”
He took her pony tail in his pudgy fist and pulled her back onto his impaling knob, grunting a little with each thrust. Faith reached underneath herself, alternating between rubbing her clit and massaging his swinging balls. Her tits were mashed against the grubby surface of the desk and she found herself looking at a double photo frame. It contained pictures of two women, both looking about thirty. Probably his daughters, she decided. The father of these two women is fucking a girl ten years younger than them. The thought made her come again, pussy spasming around her bosses cock.
“I’m going to come!” Martin announced, his voice strained. “Should I pull out?”
“No!” Faith exclaimed. “Come in me, I love a load in my dirty little cunt!”
He made an a****listic noise as he gave one last shove, moving the desk a couple of inches. Martin remained motionless as he came and Faith circled her hips to milk his last few drops. He eventually pulled his cock out and a rush of white goo followed it, dripping onto the elderly carpet. Faith grabbed a handful of tissues from a box on the desk and wiped herself as clean as she could before turning around to where Martin was pulling his trousers up.
“So?” she asked, bottomless with her shirt still open, hands on hips. “Do I get the job?”
“Well, the interview portion went well enough…” he replied. “Still, we’ll have to see how the trial goes.”
He tossed across her discarded clothing, and looked at her still-dripping crotch. “Also, I like my Saturday supervisor to be completely shaved!”
With a look over her shoulder as she unlocked the door, she said “Put a thirty quid bonus in this week’s wage and I’ll wear my sexiest underwear under my uniform!”

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