The older the better

I had just graduated from high school and have always had a crush on older teacher with heels stockings and skirts. I would fantasize about having to stay after school with the teacher and not being able to control my urges and whipping my hard dick out for her and letting her know that she can have it and making this a regular fuck session. It never happened but when I graduated my thirst for older women have grown and being 18 I was legal to do what I like. So I went on some dating apps and set my preferences to 40-99. From there I started seeing a lot of people nearby me. So I started typing to all these hot older women and a lot would say I’m too young but some would talk to me and eventually lead to talking dirty. There was one lady about 50 that I was talking to that things got heated up and we exchanged numbers and plenty of dirty pictures. After talking for a big we planned on meeting up. She lived 30 min away. So I showered and got ready busted a nut so I won’t bust a nut quick. I gps the address and drive off my heart thumping and my mind racing about what I’m about to do. I show up to an apartment complex and can’t find the address. I call her to let her know I’m near but kinda lost. She helps me and I find her door and I knock. She opens the door and she is wearing a short sexy nightie above her knee with her ass and titties almost hanging out. My heart started thumping harder and my dick got a lot harder. She asked me if I wanted something drink I said yeah and I followed her up the stairs where I could see her whole ass swolling a tiny g string. I wanted to take a pic but didn’t wanna ruin everything. So once I was upstairs I sat on the bed. She stood infront of me between my legs. Shoving her titties in my face and grinding her ass on my dick. She asked me if I was gonna take my pants off which I did very quickly. She started to stroke my dick so I was fingering her pussy. Then she layed me on the bed and started to suck on my dick and I had my hand on her head. I would watch her lips on my dick and then my dick would disappear in her mouth. It felt so good to have a warm mouth on my dick I didn’t want her to stop. After awhile I asked her if she wants to fuck. She nods her head yes. So I take my hand off her head and lay her on the bed. Open her legs up and eat her pussy for a lil. Then I smack my dick on her pussy and then jammed it in. While we were fucking I told her get on all 4 which she obeyed. I got behind her and she started grinding her ass on my dick. She couldn’t wait. I kissed both her ass checks and smacked my dick on her ass and started fucking. I pulled her hair and would ask if she likes taking this young dick. She kept Saying yes yes yes. Seeing that big ass on my dick was too much for me and I while fucking doggystyle I pulled out and busted on her ass. We both helped each other clean each other off. Then I grabbed my clothes changed she grabbed her nightie and walked me to the door. Where we made out and I was grabbing her ass. Then a last kiss and I left and I got a text on my way home. I never heard of seen her again. Not sure if married, single, widowed,divorced or visiting. From that day o the motto has been ” the older the better”

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