The night before my husband flew overseas

It’s was nearing the end of winter, although it was still bitterly cold. It was a Tuesday night before my husband flew overseas for a week on business. We had put a heater on in our rooms while having dinner. After dinner we put our daughter to bed and then went to the warmth of our room.
He walked up to me placing his hands onto my ass. Our lips met and he kissed me passionately. We undressed each other and soon ended up in a hot shower together. He washed me and I washed him as we exchanged a number of passionate kisses. We got out and dried off before heading to the bed. I found myself laying on my back as my man made his way between my legs. My legs spread as he started licking my wet pussy. He licked up and down and also sticking his tongue in and out my pussy. Sucking on my clit until he made me cum. My body tensed as I moaned from the orgasm he gave me, from muffing my pussy.
He started moving up, placing kisses over my belly to my boobs, licking and sucking at my hard nipple till he reached my lips and our mouths locked while he slowly entered his hard cock into my pussy.

He made passionate love to me, slow deep thrusts as we kissed, my legs up and spread, I bent them so my feet were on his bum. I started feeling his body tense up, a sign he was getting near to cum. I told him to pull out and lay on his back. I moved over him in 69 position. Placing my mouth over his hard cock and started sucking his dick as he licked me once again. While deepthroating him he shot his cum into my mouth, groaning till he finished. I swallowed his cum and then crawled down and guided his cock into my wet pussy. I road him back and forth in reverse cowgirl position for a while before turning around to normal cowgirl. I road him slow as he sat up to kiss me while squeezing my bum. He bit and sucked on my bottom lip. We kissed as he laid back and I road him a bit faster back and forth.
After a while I leaned down resting my chest on his and straightened my legs (reverse missionary), his hands on my ass, he started moving my body up and down. My clit being stimulated from rubbing on his pelvis, his cock rubbing up and down against my G spot and hitting my back walls. My body soon tensed up, I started moaning as I reached climax and orgasmed again. As I widened my legs over my husbands after finishing my orgasm, he placed a finger by my bum hole and started rubbing it in a circular motion.
Our lips met once more, he moved his finger a little lower to his dick and my pussy, wetting his finger with my juices,  before fingering my bum. He loosen my bum a little before rolling us over.

He got the bio oil from the bathroom and soaked his cock in it and drizzled some onto my bum hole. In missionary position he slowly entered his cock into my bum. He laid down to kiss me while he slowly moved back and forth as he made love to me anally. He started moaning once more and with his cock deep in my ass, he started shooting his load. Our mouths locked once more, kissing passionately while he continued with slow deep thrusts in my ass as he continued his orgasm. He slowly removed his dick from my bum once he finished cumming.
I went to clean up in the bathroom before joining my husband in bed and cuddling till asl**p.

That was the sex we had before he flew to his overseas business trip. 

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