The Long Slumber Party

The Long Slumber Party “So…how long have you been coaching?,” she asked me as she sat on the field, in a way that almost sounded like she gave a shit… “Ten years,” I said like I almost did too. I noticed a look in her eyes, and I figured out at once why she wasn’t listening…So I followed her eyes. I noticed that every now and again, she would look down at my shorts. They were really that short, but I could notice a slight bulge near my ball sack “So, what, are you a former jock or, what?” Again with the small talk…and the eyes. “I was a goalie, for the national “B” team. That means-” “I know what it means: you’re good with your hands, and you move well…” What a fucking cliche I thought…But I could see that she was on another level…her breathing got heavier, her eyes seemed to be glazing over. She was turning herself on, and trying to take me with her…I changed the subject; a little. “So, you want to know how your k**s are doing with the team?” I heard this stupid quiver in my voice, what was I a teenager again?!? “I picked my k**s up and dropped them off with the sitter.” I noticed her shifting her wait like she was getting uncomfortable sitting. “Husband had to cancel dinner at the last minute, and I didn’t want to pay the sitter for nothing…Can I ask you a question?” “Sure, anything…” “Does your dick always get hard when you talk to the other soccer parents?” I could feel a little push against my shorts, and a little breeze, but when I looked down, my dick hung completely out. I felt my face flush. They say black people don’t blush…That’s bullshit! My face was on fire! “Guess this is what you might call an ‘oops moment, huh'” She smiled like the cat who ate the mouse…in a manner of speaking. I noticed that she’d loosened a button, or two on her blouse, and that she didn’t have on a bra. Nice tits, I thought almost out loud… “Thanks” she said to me, as she pushed out her chest provocatively. Guess it was a louder than I thought… “So, all the k**s gone?” She asked looking around. No lady, I thought again, this time not so loud. I’m sitting here with my dick hanging out, eyeballing your tits hanging out because all my players need to learn how to fuck! “Yep. Yours were the last ones…” “Good.” She opened the last few buttons on that blouse. Her half tanned breasts were surprisingly
firm and perky for somebody with k**s that age… “Real good…” her voice trailed off as she lifted her skirt in the front. She had on panties – which surprised me, given how horny she was – but they were soaked. I could smell that moistness that only comes from a woman wet and waiting to be fucked. “Mona, you don’t mind if I call you Mona do you?” “I insist on it. Can I call you anything other than Coach?” she laughed as she stroked her index finger up her pussy…It was trimmed, not fully shaved, exactly the way I like it. She had a great tan. Clearly someone who nude sunbathes. There was a little whiff of a curl that covered her clit, which I could see from the way she held her pussy open. “I’m Ronnie, but people call me Pop.” I held my hand on my cock, holding it down, if it rose up, somebody was getting fucked – quickly! “Mmmmm, why ‘Pop’?” she asked, as she moved closer. She put her hand over mine and slowly moved each finger. When she moved the last one, my dick moved and sat almost straight. I blushed again. “Niiiice,” she said hungrily and admiringly. “What is that 8, 9?” “Last I measured 10 or 11. My girl-” “Wait you measured?” she laughed teasingly, almost ridiculing…I felt a blush, though not the same as the first couple times… “I’m just teasing. You measure with a ruler; I measure like this.” And with that, she slammed her face down into my lap. Licking, sucking, slurping so loudly that I was afraid someone would hear. I looked around;there were senior citizens walking with their dogs around the track. I couldn’t tell if they could see. I didn’t care. She knew her way around a dick. She made sounds as she slurped my throbbing dick, as if she was trying to talk. But I wasn’t listening, I was trying to stop from exploding in her mouth – at least for the moment. I moved her around – without moving her off my cock, so that I could get my mouth on that pussy, which by now was dripping wet. I put my face close to it, I could feel the heat radiating from her. I felt the moisture, and the subtle sweet aroma that came from her only made me want to fuck her even more… I blew on her pussy, and she jumped. Not startled but powerfully aroused.I licked her, running my tongue from her clit to her ass. I continued to do it, and with each lick she pumped her hips more. By this time, oral was bordering on being an inconvenience. we knew there was other business at hand. Finally, she lifted her head. Her lips were slightly swollen, and dripping with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva. “So,” she sighed heavily. “You ready to work on other moves?”
“I was ready before you popped your tits out of that dress, baby.” “Ooooh,” she squealed excitedly. “So informa, is this how you talk to all your players moms?” “Nope, just the ones I really want to fuck.” With that, I took Mona in my arms, and led her down to the ground again. Her chest was heaving, she could not keep still. Neither could I – except I wanted to spear her with my dick. She was squirting ever so slightly, cumming and still begging me to penetrate her. She didn’t have to beg; if she only knew: it took everything I had in me to not beg her… “I can’t wait to feel your pussy wrapped around my dick!” My voice cracked a little, and I almost laughed, but I was ready for serious work. I played with her pussy with the pulsing head of my cock, rubbing it against her clit, sliding in her just to the tip of the head. I repeated this until the small squirt increased. I saw her come down off her next orgasm, and let out a big sigh…I only guessed it was a medium one. Or, at least I hoped it was. “Now, let’s do this…,” I said pushing my cock deep inside her. As I inserted myself, she arched her back, and let out a soft, gurgling moan…Whew, I thought to my self, she’s not done yet. I felt a smile steal across my face, because I really wanted to make Mona cum hard for me. And before long, I realized that she wanted me to cum hard for her. Honestly, I don’t know how I held on for so long. It was magical, me sliding deeply in her, feeling my cock grind against her top, sliding back and touching her g-spot on the way out. “Yes,” I said almost out of breath, “I know where your g-spot is…I see your eyes roll up every time I touch it.” “How could you – how did you find it that fast?” There was a cry in her voice. Both from the joy of having her spot touched for the first time in years, and the frustration that this was the first time in years… “I know women, baby” We felt each other about to climax, so we slowed down. It was as if we were reading each other’s minds. We were no longer fucking – we were making love. “Time!” she panted “What?” “The time! My sitter!” With that, we both looked at our watches, realized just how ridiculous the moment must have looked, and laughed. Then we recommitted ourselves to our lust. Now was the time for fucking!
I pulled my still hard dick from Mona, she was still dripping wet. She pushed me softly over to my back and gingerly lowered herself on to my cock. this time I was the one who made the gurgling sound. She bounced and pumped, and found a newer, deeper spot. I could feel the cum rising; could feel her building to an explosion of her own… to be continued. I don’t know if this is how you would make love, but this is exactly how i would…this is the second of three, but there is a surprise ending that can lead to more stories…can’t wait for you to read it. I almost came writing it…kisses ronie Mona was building, and so was I. But cumming was the furthest thing from my mind. She stopped bouncing on my cock; now she was thrusting herself on me, harder, deeper. And loving every minute she rode me. But I wanted my face in her sweet pussy again. I wanted to feel the soft, moist light brown hair of her snatch brushing my face. “I…want…to…eat you!” I fought getting the words out, and she pumped me like she was giving me sexual CPR. and with that, she sprung up from my cock, as if she’d been ejected. First time fucking, and we were already reading each others minds. If it wasn’t sooo fucking good, it would be scary! “Oh Rob. Eat me. Suck and bite my clit. Make me cum!” She was girating and pumping and thrusting as she had when she was riding, but this time, it was my tongue spearing her hot pussy. As she asked, I WAS eating her! I placed her bl**d engorged clit softly in between my lips, and nibbled it as I sucked…her juices flowed down my throat, I was closer to cumming with every swallow. On the other end, there was Mona, lapping ravenously at my cock. she played with my balls, and even put her fingers in my ass. This was a full service blow job; five star treatment! Her movements were impressive; she wasn’t bouncing, or thrusting or pumping now. She was almost rocking, allowing her cunt to sweep across my face. I was soaked from chin to forehead, and loving every minute… “I’m riding your face baby, just the way you wanted me to!” Her voice trembled, she was about to cum, and honestly, so was I. She was pulling wildly at her nipples, and alternately sweeping and pumping. I felt her body begin to tremble, first softly, then with each pump, with each sweep, with each tug at her firm nipples, she trembled a little more… “Ohhhhh. Ron. I’m going to cum.” I could hear vulnerability in her voice. “I’m going to glaze your face and chin with my juices.” I could here the confidence that made her the astounding lover she proved to be. But I could only hear so much, I had a massive load of cum ready to shoot any second. “Eat me Rob! Suck on my clit! Push your tongue deep inside my pussy!” Her entire body was convulsing now. “ohhhhh myyyyyyy Godddddddddd…”
My sentiments exactly. I could feel the cum surging. “I’m cumming Rob!” and with that, she began jerking wildly. The twinkled squirting she had earlier was now a full scale shower. She sprayed my face, and I lapped anxiously at the wetness that covered my face…and then… My body began to convulse. I leaned forward to see a thick stream of cum so thick that part of it went in her mouth, while the rest hit her nose and lips. On impact, she moaned, and squirted again. She grinded her pussy on my face again. I felt another explosion. And she laughed “Oh my god! You got my hair!” She was enjoying being pelted with my sperm, as much as I enjoyed being soaked by her juices as well. We fell away from each other, still breathing lustily, thoroughly exhausted and completely fulfilled. I looked at my watch. “Oh Shit! I got get cleaned up. Gotta pick up my wife from the Rec Center!”, I said as I gathered my clothes. “Rec Center??”, Mona said as she looked at her watch. “The gym part closed an hour ago, but my husband was there for one of those after hours meetings.” “My wife too,” I said hurriedly. “Something about a golf outing next month. Said the guy in charge always has a video camera with him” Mona smiled “That is my husband. He mentioned a meeting with a hot black lady. I told him to leave the camera at home…” “Wow…Guess we better get going, you in any shape for part two?” I laughed, but I knew I had nothing left – at least for a couple hours, anyway. “Let’s hope they are as bad off as we are!” Mona and I kissed and climbed in our cars, heading for the same destination… After lightning fast showers, Mona and I arrived separately at the Rec Center. One car behind the other, there was no hint of the passion they’d shared just moments before. Standing in front of the Center facing opposite directions and looking startled were our spouses, Daphne and Steve. They climbed into their respective cars separately, kissed their loves, and closed the doors. It was synchronized, almost choreographed… Daphne kissed me and softly licked my lips before pulling away. “Hey hon?” she asked singingly, “Do we have a little time to make a stop? I promised this guy that I would make a proposal presentation tonight. If it goes well, we get this sweet contact!” There was something in her voice that said to me that she was horny, but I know that making business deals for her is a form of foreplay.
We arrived home, horny and virtually ready to get it on…I could tell Daph was a little hotter than usual, but I wasn’t totally sure why. And I could tell that she could tell why I was… We scarcely made it to the house; she reached into my jeans and led me up the steps. I reached underneath her skirt, and put my finger deep into her pussy. We were connected – in more ways than one, as we breathlessly staggered to the bedroom… In the meantime, I was still coming down from that blazing hot evening with Mona…I wondered if she was about to re-start her engine with her husband. I envisioned her slurping his cock, and bouncing her soaked pussy on it until he gave in and gave up the cum. And with that, I found myself getting rock hard all over again… For her part, Mona was doing just as Ron imagined: all the way home, Mona rubbed Devon’s cock. First outside his pants, as she watched it swell. Then, using both hands, she gingerly opened his zipper, then extracted his throbbing manhood. Devon tried in vain to be casual about what was happening; he tried to reach for her, knowing luscious wetness awaited his probing fingers. Mona scooted slight forward in the seat, exposing a hint of her moist, hungry pussy. As she shifted her panties, Devon slowly inserted his fingers inside her. Mona threw her head back in ecstasy, cumming immediately, oozing softly. He felt the surge as he found his fingers wetter than when he first entered. Feeling the charge in his cock, he scooted himself back in the seat, in the hopes that Mona would catch the hint. She did… Ron and Daphne were so engrossed in their passion, they walked past the babysitter, who sat equally engrossed watching a reality show. Only a loud lusty sigh stirred them all, as they noticed each other at the same time. Robbed collected himself, relieved that the girl was too yong to fully understand what she almost witnessed. Daphne for her part blushing, straightened her clothes, and stood with her legs crossed, so as to stem both the wetness flowing from her, and to temporaily supress the desire that was surging inside her. they both thanked the girl who crossed the lawn to the house next store. A moment later, as she entered, a couple looked through the door, waving; ron and Daphne returned the greeting. They climbed the stairs looked in on their sl**ping c***dren, and immediately began to paw at their clothes. Trying to be quiet, they already stood naked outside the c***drens’ room. they fell to the floor, and began to grope each other. Their hands searched each other, as if each touch was a new experience. Kissing, rubbing, surveying, the desire they had for each other was as arousing as the way they touched. There would be time for fucking; for the moment, they simply wanted to bask in this moment… …Across town, Mona and Devon were driving slowly down the street. She wanted to finish the “rolling b-j,” but decided that she wanted his seed deep inside her. So, she removed her face from his crotch, wiped her mouth, and sat up in the seat as if nothing had happened. For his part, Devon knew – or so he thought – what she had in mind. Slightly disappointed, he folded himself back into his trousers, and let out a whistling sigh. “Don’t worry, love” she touched his arm reassuringly, as if she read his mind. “I remember where I left off. and when I finish up this time, you’ll feel even better.” the impish grin that stole across her
face, made both of them blush. Mona thought, after all these years, we can still feel like k**s…I’m going to fuck him extra good tonight! As they pulled up to the house, Mona shifted her panties to cover her wetness, and jogged lightly up the walkway. She was greeted at the door by three smiling faces. “Mom!” two of them yelled virtually shaking the rafters. The other person, the sitter seemed happy, but slightly relieved. “I hope I’m not too late, Jessica,” Mona said. “Nope.” the peppy young teen assured her. “The movie starts in 20 minutes and now I don’t have to eat dinner. We’re having some disgusting dish, so I order a large Pizza instead of a medium.” She bounded away, hopped in a car, and sped away… “Am I getting too old, or does that girl drive waay too fast?!?” Mona demanded of herself, as she kissed her c***dren. The c***dren kissed her and ran back into another room. As Devon entered the house, he was already concealing an erection. Mona laughed “What – were you thinnking about something else on your way in?” “No, just about reminding you to finish your work” His smile gave Mona another surge, she felt her pussy get an immediate warm, wet sensation. “Come on upstairs, Mister!” she mockingly chided. As she walked, she began to remove her panties. At the top step, she tossed them over her shoulder; Devon caught them, and gently touched them to his face. The heaviness in his voice let her know that they hit their intended target. They barely made it into the room when Devon bent Mona over, and began to massage her clit with his hardening cock. He allowed the moisture to cover his shaft; he helped it by massaging and spreading the wetness. Still hot from the car, Mona was now squirming anxiously, tryng to position herself to receive the fullness of his manhood. He continued to tease her, moving it around her ass, touching the tip into the holes. Finally, he pushed himself into her ass. The throaty moan she let out almost caused him to cum. He couldn’t remember the last time she’d made that sound. Mona pumped her ass deeper onto his dick with each stroke. She could tell that he was enjoying it because of the way he grabbed desperately at her ass. She could feel a small orgasmic rush every time he slid away from her; she could not decide which felt better: the thickness of him thrusting into her, or the sensation of him sliding outward. Fortunately, she didn’t have to decide. Mona was jonesing for a facial and a drink of Devon’s warm cum. She was so tunred on by her encounter with Ron, but decided that she wouldn’t drink on the first “date.” She struggled to move away from Devon, just long enough to direct him to her pussy. Only too hapy to oblige, he entered her,, almost without missing a beat, and began pounding her deeply inside her soaked, lightly hairy pathway. No longer standing, Devon and Mona were moving together, f***efully, but tenderly. His forward
moves were greeted with her shifting back; her upward responses elicited his downward thrusts. Her juices flowed, mising with his sweat. They kissed hungrily, deeply, their tongues and lips brushed each others; hands smoothed over evry reachable space. And as they stroked, she came, softly, over and over… Suddenly, as if removed from control, Mona could feel his body begin to tense. She pushed herself hurreidly away, breathless crying out, “Oh God! I want to taste you!” She slid her body down to allow herself to face his convulsing hips. She grabbed his ass with one hand, and reached for her pussy with the other. Then, she put her lips to his cock. She barely had a chance to open her mouth when he gasped loudly, and shot a huge load into her mouth. Feeling the rush, she came again. This time, with a cock in her mouth, and three fingers in her pussy, the explosive orgasm sh’d been waiting for arrived. Mona felt as if her entire body was exploding. As she suckled him, be careful to make sure she swallowed every drop, she continued to slam her own fingers ever deeper…Her body erupted. She felt all of her muscles contract, and suddenly relax. She slid down Devon’s legs, with a small portion of cum dribbling on the side of her mouth. Slowly, she removed her fngers from her pussy, and clutched herself, as he joined her on the side of the bed. She felt a tear creep into the corner of her eye; this was a perfect sexual day, she thought almost aloud. Devon held her softly and the two recoiled softly from their encounter. “Wow,” Mona thought. “I think that romp on the soccer field may have allowed me to get to another level tonight…I gotta try that again sometime.” “Hey Babe,” Devon softly called as he toweled off his sweat and cum drenched torso. “The k**s are on their way up; I can hear them. I wanted to tell you: that hot looking lady who was leaving with the soccer coach earlier tonight is trying to put together a program. She wants you and I to have dinner with them tomorrow night…” Mona slept in the day after her memorable encounters. she was a little sore, especially in her ass, where she tried anal (or rather, where it was tried on her!). she could hear the c***dren in the backyard, running and screeching with playful delight. “Hey sl**pyhead…” Devon greeted her as she bent down to give him a soft, wet kiss. “You feeling OK this morning, you’re usually out and about waay before this.” “Yeah, I’m fine. You took a lot out of me last last night – put a lot in me and on me as well.” She smiled as she sliced a bagel, scooped out its innards and began to pick at it. “Hey Dev?” she queried. she felt her voice go up a little more than usual, but she tried to not let her face betray her question. “Yeah, Babe?” Mona was relieved that he was engrossed enough in the sports magazine to have cuaght her full tone. “what was up with that anal thing last night? I thought we said that was a position that really didn’t work for us.” “I was thinking the same thing.” He said as a matter of factly, scarcely looking up. “I actually
slipped, but when you moaned, I figured it was something you decided that you liked now. So…I went with it.” He was attacking a small mountain of sliced fruit as he talked. “No. As a matter of fact, once I felt that you were close to cumming, I turned it around and we finished it out…”She paused, and the delay caught his attention. He saw her concern, and was now staring lovingly at her. He reached over and touched her hand; her voice quaked a little as she continued. “I was worried – ” “What that I was test driving a new move for our next ‘workout’? No way, we do nothing out there that we don’t do in here. and we do nothing in here that we don’t want to do. Period!” She sighed, kissed him hard on the lips, and pressed her firm breasts against the side of his face as she walked over to pour a cup of coffee. “Speaking of new things,” Devon asked curiously, “What is up with the hair?” He motioned to his waist. Mona laughed, “don’t worry, again, not a new thing. You know I grow fast and between my ‘visitor’ that flu bug and the crazy schedule, I barely had time to think about it – until this morning. Wanna see?” Devon’s face lit up, and he felt a slight rise in his running shorts. “This is why I have to wear dress pants seven days a week, he scowled playfully. they looked out at the c***dren, and slipped sheepishly up the stairs to inspect Mona’s new hairdo… Mona walked a pace ahead of devon and pulled her gown over her head as she ascended the stairs, revealing her supple body. Devon thought he never got tired of seeing her body in morning light. As she walked, he reached up and slid his finger inside her already moist pussy. Her knees buckled slightly; she felt the surge of passion arise in her. She softly rubbed her clit, and joined Devon’s hand with hers. As Mona reached the top of the stairs, she sat. Devon reached in his trousers, and pulled out his stiff cock. He entered her smooth wet pussy, thinking how easily it slid in her newly shaved space. She gasped loudly, passionately, and began to slide on her ass toward the bedroom. She held on to his dick with her hands, pressing him inside her; he crawled, working desperately to stay inside. He could feel her pussy welling up around his dick, the sensation, along with the crawling and the allure of trying to make love with the c***dren only steps away made him feel like a teenager again. He relished the reminiscence. Taking one hand, he grabbed her ass, and pumped himself deeper inside her, forcing out a loud sigh. He smiled, knowing that he’d stroked out her first orgasm of the monring. With that loud sigh, they sprang to their feet, and ran into the bedroom. Without closing the door, they climbed onto the bed. Mona grabbed his cock, and took it into her mouth. She sucked hungrily at it; he pumped and thrusted, and moaned. He grabbed her ass and pressed his face into her pussy. She was wetter than usual, but he loved her juices. She pumped her hips, and with each stroke, she sucked at her thickening clit. With every other stroke, she gave a small squirt; with each squirt, she sucked harder at his cock. Given the heat of their passion, they knew that there would be a loud and hard climax for both of
them. So, they atttakced each others organs with tremulous desire. “Can you cum in me…please?” Mona breathlessly pleaded, as she removed her wet mouth from his dripping penis. “I’m on my way there…” Devon gasped as he removed his face from her pussy. He panted, and wiped her juices from his face, repositioned his body and climbed on top of her. He entered firmly, deeply, evoking another loud gasp. She threw her head back, feeling herself cum. She squeezed her toned thighs around the small of her back, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock. They pumped together, more f***efully with each stroke. His body tightened, hers began to relax. “I’m cumming, sweet,” he choked out the words as he felt the surge of cum rush out of him. “I feel it-” She tried to respond, but the thrust from Devon made her lose her breath. She could feel the blast of fluid rush deep inside her. Suddenly, her body too, began to convulse. She wanted to slow it down, so she clamped her legs around him tight. It worked for a moment. But the f***e she tried so hard to resist seemed to return, this time with a vengeance. “Ohhhh, Myyyyyy, GODDDDDDDD!!!,” she yelled this time. Feeling as powerful an orgasm as she ever recalled feeling. Her body buckled, and she bounced herself with each impulse. She could not stop herself; Devon held her tightly, so as not to be thrown from her powerfully trembling body. Finally, she stopped, as a tear rolled down her face. she let out a soft, satisfied sigh, and the two of them lay there, in the pool of their own ecstatic juices. Below, they could still hear the sounds of the c***dren playing. They looked at each other, giggled playfully, and began to massage each other softly, smoothing in the sweat, and all the other fluids of their impassioned morning… Devon was in the shower, and Mona sat on the edge of the bed with a cryptic smile. the c***dren bolted upstairs. they jumped on the bed, gave their mother a hug, and went back to their play. Mona hugged herself, smiled, and wiped away a happy tear. Ron began to stir from one of the best sl**ps he’d had in several weeks. Lying on his back, in a semi dream state, he felt a strangely familiar warm, wet feeling around his member. He felt pressure on his thighs, he looked to his left, over to where he had seen Daphne for the last ten years; she was not there. The feeling intensified around his cock as he looked down to see a mound under the sheet that covered him. He pulled back the sheet to find Daphne rolling her tongue up and down his already hard and throbbing shaft. He clutched under her arm, and gently pulled her towards him. “Good morning,love.” he said as he kissed her warm wet lips. “Trying to get a little protein to start your day?” She smiled wearily and kissed him again. “Just trying to wake you up the right way. we have a long day ahead of us.” “Yeah, and important too. Your presentation ready?” He knew that if anyone was ready, she was.
He shifted his weight and lifted her ass above his waist. “Let’s workout a little before we start the day.” Ron lowered Daphne down slowly onto his cock. It slid in easily as he was still wet from her incompleted blow job; her complete wetness from the arousal that she’d begun with busy mouth. They rolled over, Ron lay fully atop her, feeling her breast press against his strong chest. Their nipples touched – it was a feeling that really turned her on. He positioned his lower body to be able to pushhis dick at the front of her pussy. He discovered that he was becoming quite adept at finding g-spots; hers or any others. He knew he’d touched it because she exhaled a high-pitched sigh. He could tell that she wanted to change positions, so he relented as she wrestled her way back on top. “Honey,” she panted ectstatically, “I have been doing this new aerobics thing, and they said you can use it in the bedroom.” With that, she closed her eyes as she felt a slight twinge of pain, and began to rythmically writhe atop Ron. Feeling him so deep inside of her was something that never began without pain – even after more than ten years. But then again, once the initial sting went away, there was nothing that aroused her so deeply, or so completely as when she rode him. Ron watched Daphne quietly as her body swayed and swerved. With each movement, he noticed that she became more involved, moved more gracefully. She looked as if she were performing a belly dance, her stomach and hips, arms and shoulders moved together in perfect motion. Ron watched, and felt himself swelling even beyond his usual thickness. he also felt her tightening herself around him. To increase the tension, she also shifted and created another angle. the way she twitched, he could tell that she found a “spot” to her liking… Ron began to lift and lower himself to increase the f***e at which his dick hit as far up in her pussy as possible. Daphne, with eyes closed, fully concetnrated on the motion, smiled each time she felt him pump inside her. “Cum inside me, please” She breathlessly pleaded. Ron said nothing, other than a grunt with each powerful thrust; he simply grabbed her ass with both hands and began to frantically pump. “Cumming!” He grunted, as he felt himself empty into her. The final thrusts caused Daphne to climax shortly thereafter. She continued to rock, ron thought to himself how beautiful she looked as he convulsed as dribbled a few more spurts of cum inside her. He was still semi hard, as he usually is after a cum when she rode him. he could feel the warmth of fluid run down his shaft; her pumping made it completely envelope him, and kept him up a little longer. As the cum continued to flow downward, it aroused him, but he was losing his stiffness. Suddenly, as the stickiness of the liquid reached its exit point, Daphne could feel more of what she’d been able to extract from Ron. as it touched the short hair of her opening, she felt a powerful surge. The rythm that created the erotic modd that gave them such pleasure was gone. Her moans, her movements were all primal and completely involuntary now. She bounced, pumped, thrusted. She clutched tightly to his biceps, digging in her fingers slightly, and with that, she thrust her pelvis hard onto his nearly flacid cock, and squirted on his stomach. Then, she collapsed onto his chest. They panted together, allowing their juices to lubricate between them. They kissed, and Daphne
exhastedly, slowly, and seductively slid off Ron. “I need an extra long shower today, babe” “Why?” Ron aksed. “I’m still aroused, and I need to get my day started. But, I’m also still a little sl**py.” “Come back to bed for a few then.” “No!” she playfully chided. “Not with with that snake still trying to bite! Besides, in addition to the presentation, I’m doing dinner. Devon, his wife Mona, and their two k**s…and while I’m on the subject of your snake – no biting tonight. At least until AFTER dinner…” Over dinner, everyone was in a great mood: the k**s played as they ate; Ron and Devon drank their beers; Daphne and Mona sipped at their glasses of wine. “Mona, would you like a tour of the house?” Daphne prodded. “The guys need to refill their testosterone by watching the game, and the k**s are so busy playing that we could tear the house down around them.” “That would be great!” Mona said, “From what I’ve seen so far, I’m loving this. You have wonderful taste and style.” “Well. thank you honey, that is so sweet of you!” Daphne blushed as she led Mona through their home. as they got to the top of the stairs, Daphne turned coyly, “…you know, my husband has not gotten over the waxing you put on him this week.” Daphne said matter of factly. “Oh…” Mona blushed deeply. “You talked about that, huh?” “Oh hell yeah. He told me as I was getting in the car. He swore I’d had a romp with Devon.” Daphne sat down on the edge of the bed. Mona was almost dumbstruck at how perfectly shapely Daphne was. Smiling, Daphne innocently patted a space on the bed next to her. “Well, for the record, Dev was hoping, too. He didnt say much, but his eyes lit up when you guys called.” Mona joined Daphne on the bed. Daphne looked down at her legs, and smiled softly. “Yeah, well, guess what? I promise you they’re talking about it right now. No telling what they have in store for us later.” “We got time, and hopefully energy.” “Oh, I promise, we’ll all do well tonight. I can’t wait!” Daphne touched Mona’s leg, and, catching herself pulled her hand away. “Sorry about that.”
“No harm done; we’re adults, and there was nothing behind it right?” Daphne nodded, and smiled, but they they’d both lied. Mona returned the touch and said softly “I’ve never-” “Neither have I, look at us, like two curious schoolgirls.” Daphne laughed nervously, as both women tenderly smoothed their fingers along each others thighs. Suddenly, they heard a squeal from downstairs, followed by a roar. they stood at the same time, looked into each others glassy eyes, and smiled. “I wonder which one of the k**s did that?” Daphne asked. “The first one was mine; the second sounded like your husband.” Mona smiled as she smoothed out her skirt. And they laughed as they headed down the stairs… The c***dren were asl**p; having worn themselves out with the construction of a rather impressive sl**ping bag “fort.” The men talked intently about the just concluded game. And Mona and Daphne stood in the kitchen, sipping wine. Both musing, silently about how close they came to a seductive encounter. “Hey,” Daphne said thoughtfully. “It’s so warm out tonight, why don’t we take a dip? You brought a suit right?” “Oh, yeah,” Mona replied. If for nothing else, in case we needed an extra body for the k**s.” “Let’s get the guys and have a little fun!” Daphne grabbed Mona’s hand and the two jogged playfully into the den. “Guys,” Mona called out. Ron and Devon started at their conversation being interrupted. “Let’s take advantage of the weather and the calm and quiet, and take a dip in the pool!” “Good idea,” Ron countered, winking at Devon. Mona and Daphne looked curiously at each other, wondering about the silent communication between the men. “OK then,” Daphne commanded. “Let’s get changed and get out there!” “The k**s are asl**p, why not au naturel?” Devon offered. Mona looked surprised; Daphne looked at Mona. “I guess we could?”
As she said it, ron and Devon quickly undid their belts, and let their pants drop to the floor. They slowly stepped out of their underwear. Mona and Daphne looked longingly at the two men. Neither Mona no Daphne could divert their gazes from the dangling members. “Nice show,” Mona said with a huge grin. “Well,” Devon said “now it’s you guys turn. Show and tell.” Daphne laughed removing her top. “Do guys ever grow up?” she revealed small but shapely breasts, her caramel skin bronzed by the sun. Mona glanced over and immediately felt her own nipples begin to harden, as she too removed her top. Ron and Devon both felt a slight tingle in their loins as they looked upon the statuesque women before them. Mona blushed slightly as she leaned over to reove her skirt. Revealing a grey stringed thong, she slowly pulled it away from her moist crotch. Daphne, noticing the wetness, looked and smiled, as she too removed her moist panties. As Mona straightened, she noticed a guitar in the corner of the den. “Ooh,” she said “Who plays?” Ron, finally blushing offered, “I do.” “Play us a little dancing music?” Mona cooed. “You never have to ask him twice, hon,” Daphne laughed. Ron turned on the stereo, and inserted a cd. He picked up his guitar, carefully avoiding making contact with his cock, walked plaintively to poolside sat down and began to play. Mona and Daphne swayed with the music. Ron began to hum as he played. they clutched each others hands, and began to playfully dance. “ladies first” they said together, then threw their heads back laughingly. Engrossed in the music, they scarcely noticed that they had moved more closely to each other; their bodies touched, their breasts swept across each others, nipples grew erect. Softly, they rubbed shoulders, then inspected each others bodies with their hands. they could feel the warmth of their breath whispering on their faces; they lifted their heads, never opening their eyes and softly kissed. They licked at each other lightly with their tongues, and kissed again harder, more passionately. And with that, they noticed that the music slowed. they felt themselves being watched… Devon and Ron watched, softly touching themselves, both with their mouths agape. “Don’t stop on our account…looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves just fine.” Devon continued to lightly stroke his firm cock; Ron plucked at the guitar softly, also using it to press down his rising erection. Daphne and Mona started again, more slowly and cautiously; still aware that they were being watched. They quickly regained their intense petting, moving their hands from their pouting breasts to their nearly dripping pussies… Daphne touched first; Mona jumped slightly “this is my first time…with a woman.” there was a
sweet vulnerability in her voice. “Mine too…” Daphne winced sensually as Mona’s fingers entered her. They moved over to a padded chaise lounge, now completely oblivious to the men, and to the music. The once tentative kisses grew more passionate; the touches more confident. And with each caress, the desire grew. Ron and Devon, sitting on opposite sides of the action, watched intently, highly aroused, but too engrossed to attend to their own thickening, pulsating cocks. As the women lay down on the chaise, they inverted positions. They began again to softly touch each others wet pussies; looking as if inspecting, licking their lips, occasionally dabbing sweat and tear away from an eye. Mona moved first, pressing her face into Daphne’s lap. First kissing, she began to lick the short, silky hair that lined the edges of Daphne’s pussy. As if tasting to see if she would enjoy the taste, she started very slowly. As she licked, she enjoyed the sensation of the soft hair on her tongue; she enjoyed the tartness of Daphne’s juices, she pressed her face closer, filling her mouth and her nostrils with the tastes and smells of passion. And as she inhaled, and licked, and slurped, and sucked, Daphne writhed in extreme pleasure. But as she did too placed her lips and tongue tightly upon Mona’s lips and clit. And the two women moaned and sighed breathlessly as they pumped and thrusted their hips towards each other… As Mona and Daphne moved closer to each other, even as they looked longingly at their husbands, they were totally committed to the passion they shared with each other. Sliding on the chaise lounge, they touched. They started as they touched; both from the sensation of having their pussies felt, and from the newness of their first time feeling and being felt by another pussy. Mona let out a sigh as she felt Daphne’s wetness mingle with her own; Daphne let out a small passionate squeal. They reached out and desperately grabbed each others hands. As they clutched, they put their feet on the edges of the chairs, for leverage. They thrusted, banging their bodies into each other, their wetness sprayed softly on the chair, and on their legs. They pumped, moaning, sighing, gasping rapturously. They grinded, pushing themselves deeper into their soaked pussies. Looking again pleadingly at their husbands, they continued their energetic fest. Mona could feel Daphne’s clit at her opening. Barely able to breathe, to think, she orgasmed again, thinking how much she enjoyed having the small fleshiness tickle her hungry pussy. The short, soft, wet hair of Daphne’s pussy felt like a smooth piece of cloth rubbing against Mona’s body. Daphne, equally breathless, thought that the smoothness of Mona’s cleanly shaved pussy was as good as anything she’d felt on her pussy. And the women continued to moan ecstatically. By this time, Ron and Devon approached their wives, each thoughtfully stroking their enlarging cocks. Although nearly completely enraptured with their own fast rising climaxes, Mona hungrily accepted Devon’s dick into her mouth, while Daphne stuck out her tongue and licked Ron’s cock, before allowing him to thrust himself past her lips. The two men continued fucking their wives mouths as Mona and Daphne continued grinding, pumping, thrusting. Suddenly, Daphne pushed her face forward, startling Ron. Her body tightened, she clutched at Ron’s ass and squeezed Mona’s hand. She began to jerk involuntarily, and she screamed… As Daphne’s scream reached it’s peak, Mona too could feel a warmth enveloping her. She sucked hard on Devon’s throbbing cock, he could feel himself about to cum. He withdrew himself from
her mouth, his dick exploded with cum, first on her face, then in her hair. Mona, feeling the wetness of his climax on her cheek and on her lips, began to pump harder and faster. Daphne came again as Mona felt herself rise faster. She squirted as she began to slam her body against Daphne’s. Mona came twice as Daphne came again. And as Daphne allowed her dripping pussy to be pounded by Mona’s silky pussy and clit, Ron shot his entire load into her mouth… The men now having exhausted their strained cocks, knelt by their wet, gloriously sticky wives. Ron, looking tired but fulfilled, rubbed Daphne’s pussy. Taking his other hand, he placed Mona’s hard nipple in his hand and massaged it tenderly. Devon, for his part, allowed Mona to softly touch his flaccid penis, while he playfully held her other breast in his hand. With his other hand, he rubbed Daphne’s breast. The four looked at each other; almost seeming to read each others’ minds, and they smiled wearily. “I think we might need to get cleaned up, don’t you?” Mona offered, shifting herself to feel Daphne’s clit and Ron’s hand. “Yeah,” Daphne responded, still breathless from the powerful. “But not quite yet. Let’s come down naturally while the guys get to explore.” And the four lay together, with the soft music coming from the stereo, and the rippling of the water from the pool, as the slowly descending passion faded from raging flame to afterglow… Mona awoke with a start, as the c***dren bounded excitedly around her. Cathcing herself, being carefully not to let the sheet which wrapped her body fall, she hugged them, and watched them run across the room to give Daphne a hug, they waved, shouted good bye, and leapt down the stairs and out the door. “I’m so glad our k**s get along,” Daphne gushed. “Makes it easier for the four of us to hang out together.” Daphne walked over to the bed, opening her robe and planted a tender kiss on Mona’s cheek. “The guys went out for a jog, let’s give them something to sweat about when they get back.” Mona returned the kiss, and began to rub dpahne’s breasts. “We think a lot alike. Which is fun and scary…” The women began to softly caress as they heard the front door slam. Before they could collect themselves, the guys stood at the top of the stiars grinning sheepishly. “Couldn’t even wait for us to get back?” Devon said playfully pouting. He walked over, kissed Mona passionately. “Hey,” Ron added. “If we didn’t break in on them last night, We would have been left with out won dicks in our hands.” He laughed as he placed his tongue into Daphne’s waiting, open mouth. “Well, you guys really didn’t get much action last night, so we kindof owe you,” Daphne said. “I was thinking that we could…” And as she looked at Ron and Devon, and as Mona looked around the room, without a word, they all shrugged, and smiled. Devon, who was already beginning to get aroused, removed his shorts, walked to the other side of the bed and began to rub his hardening cock against Daphne’s cheek. She looked longingly at it, kissed the head, and seemed to swallow it into her luscious mouth. Ron raised his eyebrows, smiled, and walked over to Mona, who stood up, waitingly. Ron’s dick was already nearly fully erect, he maneuvered it to allow himself and Mona to stand closer. They began to stroke at each other, and kissed. Mona’s knees buckled slightly as Ron placed his arm around her waist. He rubbed his cock against her stomach; she could feel his balls bobbing softly
against the top of her pussy. They kissed each other around the face, mouth, and neck. Mona massaged the head of his cock roughly; Ron reached deep inside her pussy with his long fingers. With each inward stroke, he used his thumb to flick her clit; with each flick, she could feel her passion rise. As they moved to one side of the massive bed – being sure not to get in the way of intense “69” of their spouses, they had a plan in mind. The last time they simply fucked; this time, they would make love. Mona couldn’t help noticing the fury of Devon and Daphne as they sucked and licked each other. She smiled, knowing that her man, and her new, nearly best girlfriend enjoyed each other. Her smile widened, knowing that she found a person who could fuck as well as Devon, who Devon not only trusted but liked. Her focus shifted, as she accepted Ron’s large throbbing cock into her mouth. The taste and smell of his sweat intoxicated her, she felt herself get light headed. She felt a twinge and realized that she lightly orgasmed before she even started – it was a sign that she was in for a really hot time. With her left hand, she clutched his ass; firm, just like Devon’s she thought momentarily. It seemed that Ron was reading her mind: every time she seemed to drift, he would do something to send a charge through her. This time, he licked his fingers, then placed her erect nipples into the thumb and forefinger, and massaged them. The wetness of his fingers, and the slight pressure was a new sensation to her. He also slid his cock back and forth in her mouth, as far as it could go, in or out. The first time she gagged slightly, but with each time, she became more confident. After a few strokes, and a slight tilt of her head, she managed to swallow nearly the entirety of his 12 inches. Mona continued alternately to lick the head of Ron’s massive cock, and to suck at it’s thick shaft. He managed to move his body around to lick and suck her throbbing clit. He placed it in his mouth and nibbled on it softly – just hard enough to feel the bl**d rush to it. He sucked on it as if it was a cock, and Mona pumped her body rythmically with each hard suck. Like Mona had done several times before, Ron looked over and saw Devon and Daphne fucking feverishly. He wanted to smile, turned on by his new good friend and his woman enjoying their own semi private fuckfest. But his energy and his focus was in giving his all at that moment to bringing Mona to the apex of forbidden passionate climax. Mona reached down and pressed Ron’s face deeper into her pussy. He parted her, placing his entire face into her fold. Mona was now slamming her face onto his dick, no longer aware that it entered her mouth further than any had ever gone before. She was wet, and she was ready to be fucked, but her hunger to taste more of his cock still needed to be satisfied. Ron stuck out his tongue and moved his tongue from her pussy to her asshole, and Mona let out a loud moan. By the time his tongue touched her pussy again, she came. Mona whispered his name and pulled her mouth away from his cock. “Put…it…in…me…” she peaded softly and breathlessly. And with that, Ron slid his sweaty body across hers. Mona reclined fully again on her back; the bed was high enough for Ron to stand flat on the floor and enter her. He looked down at his cock, and into Mona’s wide open pussy – he could still she her hole; it pulsated with desire. Devon and Daphne looked over in the midst of their own passion, smiled, then turned intensely serious about their own tryst.
Mona reached for Ron, he held out his hands, touching hers. Mona slid toward him, and Ron slowly entered her pussy. He felt a suggestion of the heat she held as he licked her just a moment before, and a few days earlier as they discovered each other on the soccer field. But this morning, she felt softer, wetter, and very hot. Ron clenched his teeth as he entered, to stop himself from exploding cum. Feeling that he successfully suppressed it, he began sliding in and out deeply. He pushed his cock in as deeply as it would go, as his balls touched against her ass. When he got all the way in, he grinded until he could feel the top. when he touched the top, Mona sighed sexily, and gripped his wrists a little tighter. Then Ron would slide his dick nearly all the way out, to allow his head to be tickled by her vaginal entrance. With each “pop,” Mona thrust her hips towards him. Mona lifted her legs, wrapped them around Ron’s waist and motioned him to climb on the bed. They were going traditional, but they were no means going to be ordinary. “No more fucking,” Mona panted. “Let’s make love.” Ron smiled as he climbed onto the bed, never leaving from inside her. They kissed, and began their climb to passion…
As Ron and Mona continued their climb to passion, they couldn’t help noticing that Devon and Daphne simultaneously let out a loud gasp, tightened their bodies and collasped. Knowing that their spouses enjoyed themselves to a powerful climax made them feel more comfortable as they explored this new area. Ron and Mona smiled softly as they kissed. “Glad you guys had so much fun…” Mona breatlessly exclaimed. “Hey, you guys can’t possibly be the only ones who enjoy this hot morning!” Devon winked as he ran his fingers through Mona’s velvety strawberry blond hair. “Mind if we watch?” “Not at all,” Ron struggled to get out the words as Mona clutched him tighter into her pussy. “We should have filmed this, so that all of us could have enjoyed it, once we finished.” “Waay ahead of you there, baby!” Daphne puffed out her chest, which glowed from the activity, and the sweat cascading between her tits. “I set them up righ before you guys walked in. Got us all from two angles. this is going to be the hottest home video since Pam and Tommy Lee!” But Mona and Ron were no longer listening, as they resumed their passionate romp. Ron kissed at Mona’s neck as he slid deep inside her dripping wet pussy. Mona held her head to receive his hungry lips, wrapping one leg around his waist, pressing the other against his chest. although a little uncomfortable, she found that he was able to take his long thick cock deeper than ever. The sweat of their bodies made them glide more than thrust, but it did not take away from the moment. Mona could feel her body being pushed upward toward the other part of the massive bed; she pushed back, causing a powerfully erotic concussion with each stroke.
Mona lifted both her legs, holding them straight out near her shoulders, making a perfect “V.” as she did this, Ron felt himself slide in even deeper. He let out a groan of pleasure as he felt a surge of electricity overtake his body. Again, he clenched to supress an orgasm, wanting to dwell inside the soft, warm wetness of Mona’s pussy. Mona grabbed his hips, and began to move herself, slamming her lower body against Ron’s. Ron took his right hand, and placed it gently on her breast. He leaned forward, trying to lick it, but Mona’s hungry thrusts began to quicken. With his left hand, he squeezed her ass. He massaged it almost as if he was engaged in foreplay. Suddenly, Mona let out a gasp. “I’m cumming!,” she exclaimed. She began to pump hurriedly, in a jerking fashion, whimpered, and continued to pump. “That nice, baby,” Ron assured her. Mona looked to the side to see Daphne and Devon look on approvingly, nodding as if judging. Even in the heat of the moment, she had to let out a laugh. “You guys suck!” she said playfully. “Thanks for noticing!” they both said at the same time, looked at each other and laughed wildly. Ron felt his body tense, but this time the rush was to powerful to be held back. “I…” “He is going to shoot you really hard,” Daphne informed Mona. “On my tits….please” Mona pleaded. Ron jumped up withdrwing from Mona just in time, and emitted a thick powerful stream of cum, creating a string from her neck to the top of her pussy. As it landed, the impact and the warmth of his sperm made mona jump. She scream rapturously as she came again. Devon who was stroking his cock, ran to the side of the bed, allowing Mona to suck at his cock. Daphne ran to Mona, and began to lick the mixture of cum and sweat from her body, as she took Ron’s limp cock in her hand and sucked it. then, suddenly, Daphne and Devon stood up, and stepped back. “You guys have your moment – we had ours…” Devon looked sheepishly at the two new lovers. “Yeah guys, sorry about that. Finish getting off together. We got time” Daphne added, feeling a slight sense of embarassment. Mona and Ron looked at each other, continued looking into each others faces,and smoothed the remaining sweat and cum that covered their bodies. After several minues, they began to feel the coolness of the air, and they realized that they had completed their rapture. They hugged tenderly, kissed and held out hands to Devon and Daphne. The four lay side by side, happy, knowing that they would all have a chance to be together again…

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