The Girl in my Dreams


Lately, I have been having these dreams of a beautiful girl that I end up falling in love with. She looks exactly the same in every situation/scenario which I find quite strange. Its only a dream but it feels so real to me at the time. I don’t quite understand why I keep dreaming of her and where she came from. My dreams normally involve people I know or people I see. I have never seen her in real life or in television/movies/social media. It boggles my mind how she keeps coming back to haunt me with her love. Maybe its my mind doing all the haunting but I do enjoy it. She is everything that I have ever wanted in a woman. Perfect in every way possible! I’ve had 3 dreams in total, not all encounters have been the same, but I chose to write the one I remember the most and my favorite due to the circumstances within the dream. This story is based on my 3rd dream. Some parts will be created by imagination so that the story can fall into place, but I promise that my story will have the full love experience that I so eloquently remember… I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Girl in my Dreams

Its a windy evening, and I’m sitting on a bus stop waiting for public transportation. I am exhausted from all the studying and note taking from my college courses. I never knew physics can be so complicated and detailed. My head was hurting from all the gibberish the teacher was explaining. I had no choice, its part of the requirement and I had to take it. I pause from my frustration and look into the orange horizon to see if the bus was near but I didn’t see anything. The sun was setting down and lighting up the sky with a bright orange glaze. It was an amazing view! Five minutes passed by and the bus finally arrived. I stepped inside the bus, paid my fare, and headed towards a seat in the back. It was completely empty, only 2 other passengers and myself aboard. I put on my wireless headphones, turned on my bluetooth, and connected my phone so I could start jamming to my music during the bumpy ride.

After the long ride home, I finally arrived my aunts mansion. I had enrolled into an out of state college and my aunt was the closest f****y member I had within the area. I am originally from California, but I moved to New Mexico in order to attend college. My mother asked my aunt if I could stay with her for a few years since the school was close by. She did not hesitate and took me in with open arms. Her villa was huge! She had an old fashioned country house. Spanish theme, lots of bricks, horses, corridors, stables, indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna room, full bar, game room, 10 spacious bedrooms, 2 dining areas, a library, 2 large living rooms, an enormous patio, and a huge garden. I was very happy that she accepted me. I was spoiled with many luxurious commodities! Not to mention she saved my parents and myself from paying a dorm room or apartment. I was very grateful! My aunt Ana, was a middle aged woman with curly brown hair, petite all around, well mannered, educated, wealthy, and loved the night life. She owned 3 successful restaurants and invested heavily in the stock market. She was divorced but in no need of a relationship! I had about one week settling in and most of the nights she would go out and party like a young adult. She enjoyed gambling & dancing, so I assumed that was her escape after a hard day’s work. Managing 3 businesses can be quite stressful. The villa was maintained by 2 other people. Hector was an older man, early 60’s, in charge of taking care of three fine horses, maintaining the stables, cleaning the garden, up-keeping the indoor pool, and miscellaneous duties that my aunt left for him to do. Then we had Rosa, she was in her mid 60’s and was the housekeeper. She was in charge of cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and also anything extra that my aunt needed. They both resided within the property in separate rooms. They weren’t a couple and had families of their own all grown up. They were really nice people and I conversed with them from time to time most of the days. They were considered part of the f****y and had been with my aunt for approximately 10 years. Ever since her businesses flourished she purchased the residence and brought them aboard. Rosa was very ill, my aunt mentioned that she suffered from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer last year. She was beginning to lose strength and felt fatigued throughout the day. She was a hard worker and managed to fulfill her duties no matter what. My aunt helped her with medication and hospital treatment since she was diagnosed. I grew fond of both within days of my arrival. My aunt allowed them to go visit their families close by when ever they felt like it. At times they would be gone for an entire day or two. Things around the estate maintained in order in their absence. I helped out when ever I had the time.

Two weeks had passed by; it was still a windy night when I arrived home from school. I went straight to my room and threw the books on the floor. I went into my drawers and grabbed my blue trunks. I decided to go into the pool to relax and release some stress. Hector always kept the pool water warm, just how I liked it. I wasn’t too fond of the jacuzzi because the water was too hot! The warm pool water was perfect for a swim and to float around. After 10 minutes into my session, Hector walked in the room and asked, “Johnny, can I talk to you?”. I was floating with my eyes closed and awoke from the query. “Sure Hector, what can I do for you?” I replied while glancing up at him. I looked into his eyes, he seemed distressed from his expression, I saw his iris red and watery. He was sad and crying from emotions. “Rosa is very sick! She is not going to help us with the housekeeping” he uttered. “Oh my god!!! Is she going to be ok?” I questioned. Hector took a deep breath and replied, “I don’t know… lets hope that she will be ok…” He wiped the tears rolling down his eyes as he finished the statement. I was frozen in shock. Stricken that Rosa was not doing well. Hector then interrupted my thoughts. “Someone new will be here tomorrow to help out with the housekeeping in the meantime, I just wanted you to be aware”. I looked up at him, and said “Thank you Hector!… I appreciate it!” He left the room and I was now dwelling with gloomy thoughts. I submerged into the water and screamed as loud as I could. The many bubbles that floated up was a reaction of my sorrow!

The next day, I continued my normal 8 hour routine of school in the morning in addition to the 2 hour transit time back and forth. Half of my day was consumed by pursuing an education. I regret taking 4 classes daily. I should have signed up for 2 or 3 at the most. It was overwhelming me. Not to mention I was affected by Rosa’s state of health during my lectures. The evening came quickly, I had arrived home once again. I did not see Hector nor the new housekeeper upon my arrival. I grabbed my spare black trousers and headed towards the pool once again. Shortly after, I heard Hector walking near by. He was speaking to someone, or so it seemed like. He entered the room and to my surprise… A beautiful young girl accompanied him. She was gorgeous!!! Wow, I was amazed. True beauty at its finest. She had a thin V-shaped chin, exotic slanted eyes with huge natural eyelashes, luscious pink lips, dimples on both side of her cheeks, straight shinny black hair, handful breast size, small waist, big hips, nice round bubble butt, gorgeous long legs, she measured at about 5’5” in height, weighed about 125lbs. I was hypnotized by her beauty. Hector proceeded and said, “Mr. De La Cruz let me introduce you to Katrina, the housekeeper filling in for Rosa”. I got out of the pool, dried my hands with a towel and shook her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Katrina!” I stated while staring into her eyes. I gazed at those beautiful gorgeous eyes. OMFG she was so damn pretty! Everything about her was perfect. From her smile to her smell. She had a fragrance like no other. I was in love! I don’t believe in love at first sight, but this was so credible!!! I wanted to hug her and kiss her sooooo bad! Hector broke my concentration and said, “Ok, I will let you continue with your swim Mr. De La Cruz”. I quickly replied, “Anything you need Katrina, please let me know!”. They had begun to walk away but she looked back at me, smiled, and responded “Thank you Mr. De La Cruz!”. “Please call me Johnny!” I yelled. She smiled again and nodded as she left the room. I felt my heart beat pumping out of my chest. I extended my arms and fell backwards into the water. My back felt the slam of the warm water as I submerged into it. No woman has ever made me feel this way. How can someone win my heart so quickly?!? I was so confused…

The following day, I was into my regular routine but I kept thinking about her. I wanted to see her. I wanted to hurry home already. I didn’t care about anything but her. Fast forwarding to my arrival home once again… I laid my books on my bed. Went into the bathroom to make sure I looked presentable for Katrina. I then began the search for her. I heard someone in the kitchen. I walked in and there she was. I immediately looked down at that enormous petite bubble butt of hers! It was so proportional for her size. Those tight jeans wrapped perfectly around her butt cheeks. I wanted to rub my face all over it. She then interrupted my perverted thoughts, “Oh hi there Mr… I mean Johnny! I didn’t hear you come in” she implied. Her hair was done in a pony tail this time. She had a very long bang of hair across her face. She looked incredible! I wanted to turn her around and f***e her into my arms! I wanted to kiss her passionately while grabbing her ass at the same time. Pull her up on top of the kitchen counter and tear her clothing off! I snapped out of it and replied, “Yeah, I just got home. What are you cooking? It smells really good!”. She smiled and answered, “Its chicken sautéed in green salsa, accompanied with spanish rice and steamed vegetables. I hope you like it”. I wanted to marry her already (lol)! I can imagine her cooking naked with an apron covering her perfect figure! I would love to come from behind with an erection and rub my stick over her juicy ass. Then shortly after, I would slowly penetrate her pussy while she’s cooking dinner. Mmmmmm… “That sounds great Katrina!” I uttered while sitting down on the dining table. I studied her every moment. We chatted for a while, I managed to make her laugh a few times with my silly personality. She felt some sort of comfort and began to flirt with me. YES! I was winning her over little by little. Once everything was prepared I called Hector over for dinner, my aunt was not home yet and she was not going to arrive anytime soon. We proceeded with our aliments and conversed with each other while eating. We had a pleasant time with each other.

The weekend had arrived and I was free from my courses. I awoke to the sound of annoying roosters early in the morning. I headed towards the kitchen to see if I could find my love. She was not there and I was quite sad. I decided to prepare myself some coffee in the mean time to wake up. Minutes later, I heard Hector come into the kitchen and asked for a cup of coffee. I was kind enough to prepare him one. A few minutes later Katrina entered the kitchen while we zipped on our coffee. She was just as beautiful without any makeup on. Its rare to see such natural beauty so early in the morning. I could get used to that (lol). An hour later Hector and Katrina left to the grocery store to replenish for the week. I decided to work on a class project in the meantime. The evening came fast and I wanted to go for a swim again. I grabbed my gear and went in the pool. Katrina walked in the room and asked, “Would you like something to drink or maybe a snack Johnny?”. I looked up at her and responded, “No, but I need your help?”. She looked at me with seriousness and said, “Of course! How can I be of service?”. I grabbed my hand and murmured, “I think I hurt my wrist. Can you come here and take a look at it? Please!” I questioned while looking down at my hand. She came forward to my direction and as soon as she was in my reach, I pulled her inside the pool. She let out a screech and then a loud splash followed after. She swam back up for air and yelled in anger, “You jerk! What are you thinking!?! Are you crazy???”. She was very angry at me, but she looked more beautiful than ever. I floated over to her, grabbed her by the waist, and gazed into her eyes. She froze and stared back at mine. “Katrina… I am in love with you!” I declared while holding her waist. She looked down into the gleaming water and whispered, “I am a housekeeper! I cannot be in love with you Johnny. I can lose my job”. I grabbed her V-shaped chin, brought it back up, f***ed her to look into my eyes and declared, “I don’t care! My aunt will understand. I cannot hide my feelings anymore. Ever since I saw you, I fell in love with you”. She looked back down at the water once again and stated, “I am also in love with you Johnny. I too fell in love the minute I saw you. I felt butterflies in my stomach when you shook my hand for the first time. I was devastated because I thought our love could never be”. I couldn’t control myself when she finished her statement. I pressed my lips against hers. We kissed continuously. I then slowly attempted to move my hands down into her buttocks. She quickly brought them back up while kissing me. She was not upset from my attempt. This was a good sign (lol).

Days passed after our love declaration. We secretly kissed when ever we could throughout the days that came. Then one evening, I was in the Sauna room. Half naked with a towel covering my lower body. Contemplating on my love towards Katrina. I had my eyes closed while meditating. I was interrupted by the door opening. I opened my eyes and it was Katrina. She had a towel covering her body, but naked within. She said, “Hi my love. Can I come in?” I looked at her and replied, “You don’t ask what you know the answer to!”. She smiled at me and came in for a kiss. Our kisses were soft and sensual. Demonstrating our love and desire towards each other. I couldn’t resist it anymore… I dared myself once again to place my hands on her butt. As soon as my palms felt her cheeks I expected a quick reaction afterwords… but nothing happened. She allowed it! OMG, her butt felt so nice. It was soooo soft and squishy! My kisses were more intense and my groping became more aggressive as well! This caused me to get an erection. She felt it while we kissed. Seconds after she grabbed my shaft with one of her hands, she paused from our kissing session. She looked down at my rod. Smiled up at me, then she sat me down on the sauna bench. She started stroking it slowly. It was all wet and shinny from my own sweat. She looked into my eyes while doing this exercise. I was enjoying it very much. I wanted her to devour it so bad. I was waiting for it. She just looked at it, caressed it, and then stared into my eyes over and over. She was so fucking sexy! She was made for me. After 10 minutes of an intense tug job, I ejaculated. My semen jumped a few inches above her hands and landed on her forearm. She bit her lower lip and squinted those exotic eyes at me. I wanted a blowjob so bad, but this did the job for now. I wiped my juices from her arms with my towel and held her close to me. We sat in the Sauna for the next 15 minutes, just chatting and expressing our love. I never wanted that evening to end.

Hector arrived later that night after running errands for my aunt while me and Katrina had our moment in the sauna. It was late and I didn’t want to complicate Katrina’s employment. I went into the shower to clean up. Threw on my PJ’s and went straight to bed. Hours passed, and I was awakened by a soft shake over my shoulder. I turned around and it was Katrina! She had entered my room in the middle of the night. I looked up the alarm clock sitting on my counter to check for the time, it was 1 am in the morning. She jumped into my bed and whispered, “Lets finish what we started earlier?”. I grabbed her, laid her down on her back, got on top of her, then reached down to kiss her. We kissed irresistibly! I then followed by stripping her naked. I went down lower and sucked on her firm perfect round breasts. They were very soft! She had very smooth nipples and silky areolas. My lips massaged her teat while suffocating it with suction. She twisted and moaned silently with pleasure. After a few minutes she grabbed my cock and placed it inside her mouth. She began sucking on it. She licked it over and over. She expressed her desire while handling it with her lips. She kept whispering, “This is all mine! I want it all for me. Please give it to me Papi!”. She kept inserting it in her mouth and sucking on it hard. I enjoyed every second of it. She then came back up after eating my snake. She slowly uttered, “I want it inside me! Damelo papito! Give me all of it! I’m begging you!!!” Damn, she was a goddess! Even the things she said were amazing. It was like a tranquillizing melody flowing through my ears. Like a fresh breeze of air flowing against my skin. I then guided my cock inside her wet vagina. Slowly penetrating inside of her. She squeezed my chest as my penis slid inside deeper and deeper. She moaned softly as I motioned back and forth. Her pussy felt soooo good. I felt a burning sensation flowing through my veins. A joy like no other! This wasn’t sex, nor fucking, or getting laid… This was making love! Very few times people can say that. I felt just that way. That moment felt like an eternity! I made sure every time I was deep inside of my baby to record it inside my mind. The memory of it was like a chapter in my life. I then turned her face down on my bed, made sure her luscious ass was facing up, climbed on top of her, grabbed my hard dick, slid it in between her butt cheeks and inside her cunt. She grabbed the pillow and bit it with pleasure! I wanted to feel her ass cushioned against my pelvis as I rammed her. It felt so good. I couldn’t go too fast because I was afraid of making too much noise. It was a quiet clapping sound from me pummeling her butt cheeks. I was about to cum. I slowed down even more. Got close to her left ear and asked, “Where do you want me to cum baby?”. She gasped, “I want it inside my pussy Papi! I want your semen to slide down my cookie. I want to remember you forever!”. I kissed her cheek and replied, “I love you!”. I picked up my pace again and seconds later I came inside of her. I pressed my pelvis into her butt. I wanted her to feel every drop inside of her. I was breathing heavily with excitement. She turned around grabbed me and held me tight. I laid on top of her, placed my cheek against hers while she squeezed me with her arms. We both fell asl**p shortly after.

The following day, everything was back to normal. I went to school like I commonly do. I arrive home, change into my swimming attire, and head towards the pool. As soon as I arrive the corner of the pool, I see Katrina standing on the opposite direction of where I stand. I freeze there, I cannot move. I stare down at her with confusion. Her beautiful face studies mine. The light from the water gleams all over her pretty face. Her eyes glow up like candles. Her hair shines brightly in the gloomy room. She then utters, “Johnny… Please don’t leave me! Don’t go! I love you”… I don’t understand. What is going on? I cant speak. I’m paralyzed! I want to tell her that I’m not going anywhere. I want to hug her and kiss her, but I cant. Then… To my surprise… I WAKE UP!!!

I swear to god… the dream felt soooo real. Everything about it was perfect and sensual. Why do I keep dreaming of this woman? Is it because I seek this type of emotion? Is it just a desire? Is it my mind torturing me? What the fuck!?! I remember sitting up that morning and thinking… My life sucks! I want to live that dream instead. Why cant something like that happen to me? I decided to write it down and remember it. The way she looked at me with her glittery exotic eyes. I will never forget her! I still know what she looks like. Anyhow… This story consists of 80% accuracy of what the dream was about. I made up some of the characters and added the college thing for story telling. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

The End
Thanks for reading!

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