Teasing Daddy….

Anisa is a beautiful 19 year old Saudi Arabian college girl. She lives with her father and mother in a two bedroom apartment. The place isn’t spacious at all, even for three people. the two rooms are very next to each other, there is a thin hallway that leads to the kitchen and the living room. Therefore, Anisa and her parents see so much of each other. Specially in the living room since they traditionally eat as a f@mily and watch TV as a f@mily. They have a two piece couch, a long one which Anisa and her mom share and a small one facing the long one which Anisa’s dad rightfully sits in. This is a very traditional, conservatively cultural f@mily. They pray together and routinely eat dinner together every night.

One night Anisa came into her room right after showier- As she was towel drying her hair and body, her mother called her downstairs. It was dinner time. Knowing how impatient her parents are, Anisa quickly and randomly picked a white silk, knee-length night gown. She quickly stepped into her gown, and came running downstairs, making the honest mistake of forgetting to put a bra and panties on. Her hair not being properly dried, as she sat on the dinner table, her wet hair rested on her boobs comfortably. They ate as a f****y, once they finished the meal, they thanked God for the meal. Then the mother got up and took the dishes to the sink to wash them. Anisa and her dad chat, she leaned back, pulling her hair back using both her hands, unaware of how wet her hair has made the top of her gown. As she used both hands to pull and tie her hair in a ponytail- her boobs stared right at her dad without much of a cover. The gown being silk, wet and white, and her hands being up and busy tying her hair- her boobs were clearly outlined and her dark hard nipples were almost piercing through. She noticed a sudden change in her dad’s face. His mouth was slightly open. his eyes nearly popping out, and she could see him repeatedly swallowing his saliva. It took her a minute to realize that her dad was speechlessly staring at her big bra-less outlined boobs through her wet gown. Her dad did not say anything about the situation, and though his stare was so obviously, still, he tried to carry on with the conversation.

Dad- “…… Yes, we should… thank… God…. for both fortunes and misfortunes….

His speech was so different from the usual. He was dragging his words while staring at his daughter’s chest. Her hands were no longer up, she had already tied her hair, but she made no effort to cover her boobs. Her hands were now by her sides, her boobs still exposed. The longer her dad stared at her boobs- the harder and more erect her dark large nipples got.

Anisa always dresses according to her culture and religion when going outside. fully covered- not showing any skin. and she is a virgin. She never had a set of eyes on her boobs. directly staring at her outlined boobs. this was a new experience for her. and strangely, it turned her so on. It was her own father, nevertheless, his eyes were the first eyes to ever stare at her boobs with so much admiration and lust. Her entire body temperature was changing. She could feel her face getting hot, her nipples so erect, and her pussy getting warm and wet. She was so turned on and had her zero intentions of covering her boobs.

Anisa- “..Well, I thank God for you. you’re the best daddy in the whole world”

She complimented her father, spreading her hands widely apart as she said ” in the whole world” to emphasize the hugeness of the world. Upon spreading her hands, she stuck her boobs out, and her dad/s eyes opened even wider. as her boobs bounced a little and got exposed more. As she still held her hands widely apart- her mom came back to the living room. The fun was cut very short. And Anisa had to quickly run to her room before her mom could notice anything odd in the atmosphere.

……. about 30 minutes or so has passed…….

Then Anisa came back downstairs, still wearing the same gown. but now her chest was dry and her nipples were no longer hard and piercing through her gown. her parents were watching TV, sitting in their regular spots. So, Anisa took her sit next to her mom. Her dad was sitting in the couch right across. The first time was very unintentional, but this time, Anisa intentionally came down stairs wearing no panties. As she sat across from her dad- she put her legs on the couch- hugging her knees. Now, bare her legs, thighs, and pussy were very clearly exposed to her dad.

Now, Anisa was flashing her dad. with her mom sitting right next to her. her unsuspecting mother was so focused on the TV. While her dad stared at her pussy. He could clearly see his little girl’s pussy was very neatly trimmed. Such a young beautiful pussy! he could not look away at all. He was staring harder than earlier, and he had a huge hard on inside his pants. Anisa was getting so wet. Shamelessly showing her pussy to her own father. He is the first man to ever see her pussy. and it was making her so fucking wet.

She slowly put her hand on her pussy. using her fingers she held her pussy lips wide open. showing her dad her pink inner pussy. and her tiny virgin hole. the inside of her pussy was so shinny wet and pink. Her father got harder and harder. and he started to cross and uncross his legs. Apparently, he had put his hard cock inside his thighs, and now he was squeezing his thighs together. choking his cock, as he stared at his little girl’s pussy.

Anisa….” Daddy, daddy….can I go with my friend Maryam tomorrow. She wants to go shopping…..”

hearing those words, “daddy, daddy” strangely turned him on more. and now he was furiously choking his cock inside his thighs. squeezing his thighs together so hard. Imagining what it would feel like to shove his fat monstrous cock so deep in his little girl’s teen virgin pussy. The warmth, the tightness, the wetness, he just could not stop imagining his hard cock so deep inside his little girl’s pink little cunt. He wanted to just get up and take her right there. next to her mom. But he knew better than to. It was so wrong of him to even look at his little girl’s young trimmed pussy. He knew how wrong it was. he was a man of tradition. a man of culture, but despite all of that, he was so hard. and so horny staring at his little girl’s pussy.

Dad…..” Sure baby. you… can ….go with …….your friend….”

He was dragging his words even longer now. so fucking turned on staring at his daughter’s widely opened pink virgin teen pussy. His cock got harder and harder inside his thighs.

Anisa….” Yay! Thank you so much DADDY….am gonna go to bed now…. I have to work early for school…”

Anisa got up and she gave her mom a hug with her back facing her dad. She wrapped one arm around her mom’s neck and used her other hand to lift her dress up and expose her ass to her dad. She made the hug long and her mom was getting impatient with her telling her to let go and go to bed already. but she held on longer making sure her daddy enjoyed staring at her naked ass. As her mom tried to break the hug, she tried to hold on longer giggling and shaking her ass in her dad’s face.

The mother…..” Ali….get her off of me. this little brat”

she asked her husband to get her daughter off of her. Ali was so fucking hard. he could not get up. his hard-on could be very easily seen. so instead of getting up. he leaned forward and smacked his daughter’s naked ass so hard while asking her to let go.


her scream made him even harder. making him imagine what it would be like to hear her scream as he fucks her virgin pussy so hard. Anisa let go of her mom and put her dress down then kissed her dad’s cheek and went upstairs telling her parents she loved them.


Now Ali and his wife were in their room. in bed. and as they were trying to sl**p- Ali had flashbacks of his daughter’s big wet boobs and her neatly trimmed teen pussy. he was so hard all over again. As his wife lay on her side- he roughly lifted her night dress up and ripped her panties off….

The wife…..” what…..why?….stop it…what are you doing????”

He paid no attention to her words. He just roughly ripped her panties off. and bent her over…he spat on his fingers and rubbed it on her dry pussy to make it wet. then he shoved his hard fat cock in her pussy. so deep inside her. all at once. She was begging him to stop but he wasn’t listening.. he just shoved his cock in her pussy and started to fuck her so damn hard.

She was trying to stop him. using her hands to push him away. so he grabbed her hands both of them. put them together and keep them in his grip behind her back. as he pushed her face down in the mattress. and continued to fuck her pussy so hard. he has never fucked her this hard. ever. she was screaming so loud- forgetting her daughter was in the next room.


her words fell into deaf ears. as Ali just got more and more aggressive. He was now holding her hands even tighter behind her back. almost breaking her arms. as he mercilessly shoved his fat cock so deep in her pussy. again and again. furiously fucking her so fast. and without even realizing it he started screaming


The wife was so confused. her husband has never ever behaved like this. he was always very traditional. very proper. very religious. and now he was calling her names and telling her to take daddy’s cock in like a little slut. She did not want to take it like a slut. she knew she was not a slut. she is the mother of his beautiful daughter. His wife of 30 years. She could not believe how mercilessly hard he is pounding her. All she could do was beg for mercy.



The wife was in tears now.. so clueless. so violated. her own loving dear husband was fucking her so mercilessly for the first time in her life. He is the only man she has ever been with. and he has always been very gentle with her. She can’t believe he is calling her names and demanding that she calls him daddy. she did not want to, but she had no choice. She wanted it all to stop. She wanted his monstrous cock to stop r****g her.


Hearing those words made him even more excited and he started going harder and deeper inside his wife’s pussy. as she screamed and begged for mercy. Eventually, Anisa woke up to the screams…and now she was on her bed. hearing her own mother call her father “daddy” and beg him to fuck her slower. beg him for mercy.

Anisa was so turned on. knowing her father was r****g her mom imagining it was her virgin teen pussy. She couldn’t help lifting her night dress and furiously rub her pussy. as she listened to her parents fuck. or rather, her daddy **** her mom while thinking of her. She was so turned on. She always just rubs her clit to gert herself off, but now that she was so horny and so excited listening to her parents fuck- she shove a finger in her virgin pussy. She was so tight, thus, it hurt so much, nevertheless, she fingered her pussy so hard. She furiously fingered her pussy, as her dad fucked her mom so furiously hard and deep. She was getting off with her parents. it made her get off so quick…

Ali fucked his wife’s pussy so hard until her shot a full load so deep inside her pussy.
Anisa- rubbed her clit and furiously fingered her pussy so fast until she had a very intense orgasm…..

The wife cried herself to sl**p. wondering what came over her sweet husband…..and Ali went to the bathroom so ashamed of himself. he regretted what he did as soon as he ejaculated. Anisa on the other hand- was laying on her bed naked. licking her finger and feel so naughty…


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