Taxi Fare

“Well, by the look of it, you have three holes and no money for a taxi. We have three cocks and plenty of money. Look at it as a business transaction.”
From that point of view, it made sense to Mel. She was stuck in town on a Friday night, 7 miles from home, and she’d had her handbag pinched while she was dancing. She was in the taxi rank, trying in vain to persuade a cab driver to take her home on the promise of payment from her dad once she woke them up and got in the house. She’d lost her phone, purse, keys and money when her bag had vanished and now no taxi driver would consider taking her home on the off chance of being paid by her parents. She wasn’t able to walk that distance home in her high heels, she was up for work in the supermarket in the morning and she was pretty d***k besides.
At s*******n she wasn’t strictly of legal age to be drinking in town, so she didn’t want to approach a police officer. But then, as she was trying yet again to convince a driver to take her home, she’d been approached by these three.
They were an unlikely looking bunch of lads, the kind of boys she’d never normally look at. She was pretty and she knew it, dating only the popular lads at college. These three were nerdy looking, two skinny, one fat, lank hair, pimples and glasses aplenty. They’d approached her with plenty of confidence, perhaps sensing her desperation, the leader tapping her on the shoulder just as she was about ready to break into tears.
She was a tall, leggy blonde with nice big breasts and she looked down imperiously on the little nerd who’d spoken. His dark hair was greasy and unwashed, his glasses thick rimmed. He wore a t-shirt with some manner of nerdy in-joke she didn’t recognise. She curled her lip and just about bit back a s**thing response.
“Think about it!” he almost pleaded. “It makes sense. You don’t want to walk home, not in those shoes. Normally, you’d have pulled a guy tonight, you’d be going somewhere to fuck him. Come home with us, and once we’re all finished, we’ll pay for your taxi and a little left over. You get something, we get something.”
“Don’t be fucking stupid!” she replied, contempt dripping from her tone. “As if I’d fuck you little dweebs!”
“Do you think you have a choice?” His voice was genuinely inquiring. “We’ve been watching you try to get a taxi for half an hour and no one will take you without money up front. Walk home if you want, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun in those heels.”
He gestured to his mates and the three of them turned to walk away.
“Wait!” Mel exclaimed.
He turned back around, an inquiring expression on his face. “Changed your mind?”
“I’ll give each of you a hand job,” she offered. “For thirty quid.”
“No, thank you,” he replied. “We’ll make you airtight for fifty pounds or there’s no deal and you can find your own way home.”
“Airtight?” she queried.
“One of us will fuck you in the pussy, one in the mouth and one in your arse.”
“What?!” Mel exclaimed.
“Don’t act shocked!” he responded. “I know your type. Everything is available for a price. If I was better looking and had been buying you drinks, you’d be back at mine anyway. At least this way is more honest. I want you, my friends want you. An hour of your time, and you’re home, a little richer and a little wiser.”
Mel looked around, taking in his friends. They were archetypal geeks. The spokesman was shorter than her 5’ 8”, skinny with lank brown hair and glasses. One of his friends also wore glasses, but here the resemblance ended. He was a big guy, tall and fat, hair close cropped. The final member of the group was a skinny Asian man, pimples covering his dark face. All looked a couple of years older than her s*******n years, probably students at the local uni. Any one of them would be a huge lowering of her standards. She only fucked good looking boys, or at least rich ones! She’d been sexually active for three years now, starting young with a boy a couple of years older than her. Since then, she’d fucked about twenty five guys. They tended to be hot or rich, or she’d make a mistake when she was d***k.
Right now, she wasn’t d***k. The loss of her handbag had sobered her up rapidly, and this indecent proposal had done some more. Mel looked at it objectively: she was up shit creek here. The offer she’d been made was far beyond her experience. She was happy to take cock in any hole and loved it up the bum, but all holes at once? She loved fucking. Would being paid to fuck three guys at once be the worst thing ever? It was only using her body to get something she wanted and she’d been doing that for years.
“A hundred quid.” She made a counter offer. “Up front, one hour. All of you at once.”
“I’ll pay you once we get into my flat.” This was the leader. “Wouldn’t want you to do a runner.”
Mel looked around, hoping that another option would present itself. It didn’t.

They’d stopped briefly at a cash point, each of the men withdrawing some money, before moving on to a small block of student flats. The lift journey up was uncomfortable for Mel, the close proximity to the three nerds unsettling as they tried to subtly touch her up. Once out of the lift, she was lead along a short corridor to a door which the leader unlocked.
They entered, and he simply said, “Strip please.”
“No,” Mel replied. “Money first.”
He handed over a small wad of notes which she counted quickly. It was all there. Well, in for a penny…
Mel lifted her dress over her head. For a moment she stood there, in just her tights, panties and a bra which struggled to contain her big tits.
“All off please,” he said. “We want to see you naked.”
She took her bra off next, freeing a pair of tits which were a nice D-cup, tipped by lovely pink nipples. The fat guy reached out and squeezed her left breast, a look of reverence on his face. Mel slapped his hand away and bent to remove her tights and knickers. Her shaven pussy was now the focus of the room’s attention, all three men stood staring at it. She thrust her chest out and parted her legs slightly, challenging these inexperienced man-boys with her nudity.
“Well,” she said. “You can’t fuck me with your pants on! Choose a hole and get your cocks out, the clock is ticking!”
They stripped, not looking at each other. They seemed hesitant, trying to shield themselves from each other’s eyes as much as from Mel’s. They stood awkwardly, trying to cover themselves with their hands. The fat one still had his t-shirt on, the Asian guy had a skinny body covered in thick dark hair and the leader was pale and totally lacking any muscle definition.
“Ok, let me see what I’m working with here!” She demanded. One by one, she gripped their wrists and moved their hands away from their packages. The head dork was nothing to write home about, a fair six inches when erect Mel guessed. The fat one was below average, she doubted he’d seen it in ages it was that small under the overhang of his gut. The Asian had far and away the best cock, six inches when soft, and thick as well.
“Well boys,” she inquired. “Have you decided or shall I do it for you?”
The looked uncertainly at each other. Christ, they were shy. This was the first time they’d done this, probably they were all virgins!
“You decide!” The Asian blurted.
“OK, you can have my pussy. Big boy, you get my mouth.” She turned to the skinny white guy. “Which leaves you my ass, if you’re man enough. Now, have you got some lube?”
He nodded and left the room for a moment returning with some hand lotion. Why wasn’t she surprised? She put a squirt on her hand and gave each cock a few tugs to get it started.
“You better get hard boys, time’s wasting!” With this she bent and applied a liberal dollop of cream to her tight little arsehole. Their meat swelled appreciatively at this little show and she directed the leader to sit down on the grubby couch, where she lotioned his cock up heavily, so it’d slip up her arse easily.
“Ok, here goes!” she lowered herself slowly down, positioning her bumhole over his greasy bellend. The other two geeks watched raptly as his pole disappeared into her arse, her bald pussy on display for them. “Go slow, I want to be able to walk tomorrow! Right, what are you two waiting for?!”
Her pussy was wet enough for the Asian to slip his long, thick dick straight up with no problems, and the feeling of having both holes full for the first time was incredible.
“Ok, I’ll get it started!” She flexed her hips in a circle, the double friction making her moan. “Ok big boy, get over here and make me airtight!”
He came over and she tilted her head sideways to get under his belly and take his cock into her mouth. So, this is what it’s like to take three at once? No bad, she thought, very enjoyable. It’d probably be better with hotter guys and bigger cocks but not bad at all.
She took the dick out of her mouth and said, “OK, fuck me like you mean it!”
They went to it with a will, pounding away at her pussy and ass while she slurped away at the cock in her mouth. She felt her orgasm building and she hoped at least one of these nerds would last long enough to get her off.
“That’s it, fuck me! Fuck my hot little body! You’ve paid for it, use it! Come in all my holes, I want all of your spunk!”
Fatty came first, grabbing her head and fucking her mouth in short, quick strokes as he pumped a load onto her tongue. She swallowed and grinned up at him, she felt so empowered.
“Ok big lad, step back and enjoy the show!”
With that she sent her hips into overdrive, flexing her pelvis like a one of Beyoncé’s backing dancers. The two cocks pistoned in and out of her holes, making her come hard as she uttered a long low moan.
“Yes! Make me come again you dirty little nerds! Pound my fucking holes! You’ll never get pussy like this again, make the most of it!”
The cock in her arse squirted first, and she felt the semen flooding her hole. The sensation made her come again and she locked eyes with the scrawny Asian nerd who was fucking her pussy.
“Just you and me now! How do you want me?”
“Bend over! I want to see your arsehole leaking while I fuck you!”
He pulled out and Mel stood up. The cock in her arse slid out with an audible pop, followed by a rush of spunk. She got on her knees bent over the settee and thrust her arse up, looking beckoningly over her shoulder. She reached back underneath herself and spread her cuntlips.
“Go on then,” she instructed. “Get it back up there! Use my slutty little cunt!”
He slid in easily, the mess leaking from her gaping arsehole providing additional lubrication. Mel rubbed her clitoris, trying to eke out one last orgasm before her final remaining fuckbuddy came. She managed to come, just as he stiffened and shot a load deep into her trembling cunt.
She gathered up her discarded clothing and the roll of notes and said, “Where’s the bathroom?”
The fat one pointed silently and she went in and cleaned her used holes up before dressing quickly. She had that pleasant, well-fucked ache as she walked back into the living room and she knew that, despite her clean up job, her panties would be full of jizz by the time she

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