Susan at work part 3

The next morning he was watching her get dressed and told her to leave her panties off today. Obviously she objected but he gave her that look and she knew she had no choice but at least she managed to put on a longer skirt. “I’ve got to buy some bits for my wife today so you can help me”. Feeling relatively safe with this she went shopping with him. He picked out a mini skirt for his wife and told Susan to try it on so he could see what it looked like. “Oh yes, that’s good, keep that one on Susan, I like that”.
“Oh no, I couldn’t if it’s for your wife” she said, thinking it was much too short to wear without panties, but Lee went and picked another one for his wife. Leaving the shop they went upstairs to some other shops and Lee noticed a teenage boy walking slowly up the stairs behind them and then followed them into the next shop. Realising what he was doing Lee got some tops for Susan to try on and made sure the changing room curtain wasn’t quite across so the boy could watch her trying stuff on. When Susan realised the boy was watching Lee told her to leave the curtain as it was so the boy could get a thrill. She argued with him but to no avail and started trying on tops, so the boy got a good look at her in just a bra.
Lee got close to the boy and whispered “Do you like that?” the boy tried to pretend her wasn’t watching but Lee told him it was OK and would he like to see some more. The boy was very nervous but Lee told him to stay where he was. He then took some more tops to Susan and told her to take her bra off to try them on. By this time she knew she had no choice and did as she was told but kept her back to the curtain, but when she got the bra off Lee grabbed her and turned her to face the curtain, giving the boy a full frontal of her tits, he even gave them a feel, teasing her nipples.
The boy’s eyes widened and were fixed on those lovely tits. Then Lee left the cubicle and went to the boy and asked him if wanted to get a feel of them. The boy was too frightened to say anything so Lee told him to follow them when they came out if he wanted to.
They left the shop, and obviously the boy followed, peeking up her skirt at every opportunity, right through the mall and into the car park. He opened the door for Susan, watching her legs as she got in, getting a brief glimpse of pussy hair. “Damn Susan you do look sexy; oh look, that boy is here as well, let’s give him a show”.
“Oh no sir please, you can’t do this, please don’t embarrass me”. But Lee waved the boy to come to the car and he stood next to him looking down at Susan’s thighs with her skirt barely covering her pussy. “Slide the skirt up Susan, let him see your cunt”. She gasped, the boy gasped, and then she did it. The boy groaned, his eyes fixed on her bare cunt.
“You can have a wank if you want to” said Lee. He wasn’t sure, but his cock was obviously straining in his trousers. “Go on, get it out, she won’t mind you jerking off for her.” He wasn’t sure, but it was too good to be true and he pushed his track suit bottoms down a bit and out it jumped, big and impressively hard. He started stroking when Lee told him to get a feel of her tits as well. He did, and it was too much for him, he was so worked up that after just a few more strokes he blew his load, and it was quite a load. He quickly pushed it back in his pants and said he had to go. “There Susan, that wasn’t so bad was it and look how happy you’ve made that boy”. Susan just covered herself as much as she could and said nothing. Lee got in the car and said “that has made me horny now Susan, give me a quick blow job before we drive back”. She knew she had no choice and as he fished his cock out she went straight down on him, realising reluctantly that she was going to have to swallow, which she did.

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