Story of Erin 4

Three months, that would be how long since Erin and I had sex of any form. The loss of her b*****r was hard on her. We spent most nights just laying in bed and talking. There came a point where Erin’s father had a talk with me about my future. The loss of his son lead him to ask me if I had planned to marry Erin. That talk lead to me and Erin having a nice long talk about the future. So on a spring day, while on a hike at the lake we first met; I dropped to my knee with a ring. Erin took moments to think but a yes followed. We went on to tell our families. When the night came, we settled down at her house. Erin and I laid on her bed, we talked and kissed. The kisses turned to her reaching down my pants. Her hands went on to pull my cock out and stroked it. The stroking of me lead to me getting hard. Erin let go and removed her panties. She then climbed on my lap. Her pussy took my cock in. I didn’t realize until she slowly started to ride me; that I had no condom on. The difference was clearly felt from both of us. The raw feeling of me in her, the energy was stronger then ever before. The way my cock hugged her pussy, the way she rode it up and down; it felt natural. Erin kept up a slow pace. Each stroke was adding to the building up orgasm. This moment of sex was pure love. I watched as she bounced softly on me. Our eyes never broke contact. We never spoke a word. Even knowing that I wanted to moan; I held my tongue. That no talk sex added to the emotions that we were building up. When that build up let me know that I was going to erupted, Erin smiled and shook her head yes. I took it as a sign to let go. Then it happened, the moment of my first shot started a rolling orgasm. The slow moment of Erin increased the feeling of cumming. I rolled my eyes back and lost sight of her beautiful face. The feeling of her pussy on my naked cock as it shoot its load sent us both to moan. We both kept it low but each shot of cum got her to raise it up. I looked up as the last big shot of cum was launching. Erin covered her mouth as to hold in the moans. When it hit, we both moaned hard, more so as I was pushing my cock deep in her pussy; making sure I was getting all that cum out. We hit that moment of bliss and she collapsed on me. We kissed and held on to that moment. I didn’t pull out, before we fell asl**p. Oh god what a moment of pure loves bliss.
A nudge woke me up, looking at the time to see it was 4am, and Erin was climbing off me. She laid on my side and held me tight. The thoughts of what happened last night didn’t enter my head until later, when I drove home. Weeks later, we both went to the doctors when there was a pregnant scare. Erin was excited that she was not and happy that we could have natural sex….my chance for a baby was one out of million. That kinda change the flow with Erin. Three nights later as I was driving her home, she pulled my cock. She begged me to pull over, as she placed my cock in her mouth. Since was taking a route thru a senior community, not many people could see. She sucked away, rushing my cock in her mouth. Then she climbed out of the car and begged me to follow. I hopped out, pulling up my pants. I walked to the front of the car where Erin was on the ground. I sat down next to her and she pushed me down. My pants were moved down to my ankles. In a moment excitement, she climbed on my cock. Her dressed hiked up to show her ass. Oh shoot we can get caught ran in my head, but we did park on a side street with the car facing woods, not near a house. She wasted no time to be fucking me right then and there. I held her naked ass and push with her for this quick fuck. Her pussy was so much wetter then before, then the condom made the feeling less. “Oh baby, I wanted your cock so bad in my pussy, I couldn’t wait to get home for it” she said. Erin pressed her hands on my chest as she slid up and down my stick. Then at the moment of sex, I grabbed her hips and held her in place. Erin moaned as my cock loaded up her pussy. Her moan was low and then reached a high pitch as I kept filling her pussy. She shook from the orgasm and rode me slowly to the finish. Erin popped up, and pulled up her panties. I watched as she pulled them tight, and saw some of that loving cum ride down her leg. I took a minute to get up. Soon we on our way again. Being engaged was just starting but pressure was building for us.
We spent time looking for a place to live. Each place seemed good to me, money was the issue. So Erin and I looked further away. Then we found a place….a good hour away from her parents but close to my work. It took two months to move all in and we had to have a party in honor of it all. The night of the party, we made allot of food and had plenty of drinks. The usual crowd came and so did Erin’s parents….but only for a hour or so. The party picked up when they left. In the middle of a dance with Erin, she grabbed my balls, and whispered that she had no panties on. Got hard rather quickly after that dance. She teased me all night. First it was the talk, then it was her grabbing me, and finally it was her quick flashes of her hairless pussy….wait what….she shaved…oh my. Erin teased me too much, that hard on met a long walk to dump trash. The walk was meant to ease the desire but Erin walked with me. “Jody and Chris are going to spend the night ok” she said with a naughty smile. The party died down in the wee hours of the morning. Well that party did, but the real party started with a blow. Soon as I closed the door, Erin walked up; well she crawled up to me naked. As she reached me, her hands grabbed and pulled my shorts down. Erin’s lips locked on my cocks head and sucked on it. She was teasing me more so. Her one free hand stroked why she played with my cock. I looked down at her, watching her work. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. I looked up to see Jody sucking Chris’s cock. He looked like he was Jody was the only one making a noise. This went on for awhile…then Jody crawled over towards us. She left Chris after he came…which he had his cum over his lap….he was down for the count. “oh looks like I need a sex partner” Jody said as she reached me. Erin let my cock go…then she lead Jody to my cock. I was already close to blowing my load, and when Erin sucked my balls; well that did it. Jody’s mouth was covering my cock when I moaned. My knees nearly gave out from that load. Jody took the load then Erin jumped in as I launched a shot of cum on her face. Erin laughed as she and Jody kissed. Erin sucked some of the cum from Jody’s mouth. I fell down after watching them kissing…it was one hot messy kiss. Erin’s hand reached out for my cock. She started to stroke it back to life. Jody moved closer to me. Her mouth reached my lips and soon we were making out. Erin’s hand let go but her mouth covered my cock. The feel of Jody’s tongue was heavy and hot…tasted some of my cum. Erin worked her magic and I was hard as a rock. Then they switched. Erin kissed me, and Jody sucked me off. This went on for a bit of time. I was loving this exchange…but needed to fuck Erin. So when Jody let go of my cock, stopped her from kissing me. I pulled Erin close to me. I laid her on the floor, moving her legs apart. “Oh baby, yes…..oh god yes” she said as I slid my cock in her pussy. At first Jody was all in the fun, she was kissing me and Erin. Then Jody watched as my cock was pumping in Erin. “Oh shit, Erin, he is not wearing a condom” Jody said. Erin then said “Jody, Mike can cum all he wants but he cant having babies”. That look Jody had was priceless. But I wanted my future wife, so I fucked her hard. Erin tapped me, she want to be on top. So we flipped and she rode me. Jody and Erin kissed more. She rode my cock…and then I blew my load. Erin milked my cock, before she let go. Soon as my cock flopped out of Erin’s pussy, Jody locked her lips on…slurping up the cream mess. Erin crawled towards the couch. We watched the cum gush out of her hole, dripping on the floor as Erin crawled. Jody crawled over to Erin. While on her fours, Jody started to lick Erin’s pussy. I watched Jody ass bounce around. Erin laid down, letting Jody take her pussy fully. I watched this for awhile. My hard cock sent a message…and it said that I want to fuck Jody while she was eating out Erin. “Come fuck Jody….i want to see you fuck her while she eats my pussy” Erin said. Jody responded “Yes fuck me…i need a cock…i want a cock”. I crawled over, met her ass, and shoved my cock in Jody’s pussy. The feeling of fucking Jody before could not match what I felt then. Her pussy was tight and I knew Chris was not doing anything to it. No condom, I felt her pussy hug my cock so very tight, the juices just made each stroke feel like heaven. Jody responded with my fucking, but licking Erin more and faster. Erin tried to hold her pussy back but she gushed out and over Jody’s mouth. She collapsed on the floor, leaving Jody to enjoy the sex. Erin just moved enough to watch how my cock went in and out. My cock was pushing Jody’s pussy to give a little to hold me in. In the middle of the fucking, my cock sent out a shot of cum….then another shot. I held up the release of my cum filled cock, with the idea of pulling out. Then tho I wanted to ride her pussy and fill it all up. Just as I started to pull out, Jody turned her head and asked what I was doing. “Don’t stop, do not stop fucking me. Yes fuck your cum in my pussy, fill me all up.” Jody said like a woman who was in lust. So pushed back in, now harder I fucked. Oh a dream was going to come true…cum in Jody. The thought caused me to race faster. Even Erin was loving it, she was cheering us on…ok. “Oh god Jody, I am cumming, I cant hold it back” I said with a high pitch voice. Jody responds was to moan and to moan loud as my load entered her pussy. She pushed her ass back as she could to take my whole cock in and to push it deep in her pussy. Then I felt her sweet spot and she nearly blew her mind. I felt her cumming twice before I started to cum. Jody was moaning louder as I eased the cum in her. Erin watched up close, saying “Yes baby, cum in Jody, fill her pussy up.” I leveled in to a high and slowed down my ease of cum. My cock was drained but would shoot a small quick splat of cum as I got soft. Each shot had Jody moan a little as she was coming down from her orgasm. Funny thing is, as my cock was almost out, my minded said to push back in. Erin was watching my cock ease out, seeing the cum that covered it. I was so close to pulling out, and yet I wanted to fuck her again. I said to Erin “Baby, I am still want to” and was stopped by Erin with her finger. She gave me a look with a smile. Jody was lost in the moment. I pushed my cock back in, feeling how much cum was in her. Two strokes in, I went to hard and then fucking hard. Erin moved back to Jody’s face and kissed her. Jody never said a word to me, but smiled at me. Erin lead Jody back to eating her pussy. In the throws of sex, Chris woke up, and started stroking his cock. Jody didn’t see Chris as he was stroking his cock faster and faster. I matched his strokes with my fuck…and he came before I did. Chris stroked the cum out of his cock, and coated his stick with his hand. I was getting ready to cum again, and looked at Erin. She noticed my head moment and moved to clean off Chris. Jody moaned loud again as she felt my cock ready to blow again. I grabbed her hips as I move to deep hard thrusts my cum in her pussy. I surged small but then I was big shot after another. As I was finishing off Jody again, I watched Erin suck Chris to another cum overflow. Once my cock slid out of Jody, I moved over to the couch to take a break. Jody moved close to Chris and Erin. She then took turns with Erin to clean off Chris. Soon Erin was on the couch with me. We cuddled as we watched Jody and Chris having sex. Then off to sl**p we fell. Then morning hit us all, leading to eating breakfasts…naked. Chris asked if it was a dream that he watched Jody got fucked twice by me, and Jody handled that one. Later on I went to the bedroom to get dressed. Erin followed me in, shaking her naked ass at me. I moved close to her, hugging her, and feeling my cock push between her legs. Erin moves to the bed, moving to show me her pussy. She is wet, and dripping from her handy work. I climbed on the bed and moved behind her. I pull her hips close to me as I move my cock in. “Oh baby, I love your cock” Erin said with a smile. We fuck for awhile. I worked her pussy doggie style then we move to her on top reverse style. As she was fucking me, she asked if the view was good. “baby your ass is fine, and yes, watching my cock and your pussy is amazing” I said. Erin kept on riding me, letting me see how creamy white my cock was getting from our cum. Erin as she moved up and down, lifted her feet on to me legs. The sight of her sexy toes was a tease for me and one that I fucked her hard for. The moment came again, and I held her down as I shove my cum in her pussy again. She and I climax at the same time. Took awhile for us to get up and dressed. By the time we did, Jody and Chris had left. They left behind a note with a video of all of us… would be awhile for did this again, with another couple. We carried the normal sex life as we worked and played. Some mornings, I wake up, turn and eat Erins pussy. Other times she suck me off before work. We went on to try each room, and each something new. Some of these stories are for the next chapter….stay tune.

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