Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 2

The second account of voyeur results when my dad remarried and a hot stepmother and 2 steps****rs arrived in the house.

The older s****r was far more fun than the straightlaced little s****r , regularly getting pissed and having a string of one night stands and flings. Luckily for me she was incapable of pacing herself when it came to alcohol.

My first encounter was before our parents got married. We were at a one of their friends birthday party sneaking alcohol and generally avoiding boring conversations. Like the adults we were both d***k when I realised she was notably absent having gone to the bathroom a while ago.

I found her slumped in an armchair and shook her shoulder to wake her up. No response at all. Nervous that we would be busted for stealing alcohol I tried harder, still no response. My brain engaged as I realised the potential opportunity.

I assessed the situation concluding that I was relatively safe this being the part of the house where the f****y lived. Drinks party guests were unlikely to snoop around. The house was old with creaky floorboards that would alert me to anyones presence in time to escape.

I lay down on the sofa with my head towards her so I could pretend to be asl**p. Gently touching her thigh I began working upwards with increasing confidence. Reaching the material of her shorts I paused a sense of guilt and fear creeping into the overwhelming excitement. Listening out for potential danger I established that it was safe to proceed.

Pulling the material of her shorts to one side revealed most of an ass cheek and plain knickers. I was focused on keeping my hands close enough to the edge of her clothes so that I could get clear in case of emergency. The situation was overwhelming as I realised i was shaking with excitement/ fear/ anticipation.

My fingers fumbled in an effort to get beneath the material barring the way to one of my ultimate fantasies. I was highly inexperienced this being my second opportunity to get close to female anatomy and couldn’t find my way into her pussy. I have thought about it since and I think because if her legs position I was feeling around where the leg stops, what a fool! Frustrated and confused I risked moving her leg, after a brief pause my confidence returned slipping my hand into the leg of the blue shorts.

I rearranged the material giving me a perfect view of the panty clad crotch.  I stroked gently feeling the hairs beneath. One final check in the direction of the stairs and then shaking with excitement my index finger began pushing under the side of her panties.

Watching her face for any sign of movement my finger crept underneath feeling hair.  I lifted the panties up slightly and looked at her full bush for the first time.  Continuing the material was pushed to one side until my finger found her folds.  I was right at the top end, feeling moisture as I cautiously moved downwards along the edge of the nearest labia.  

I had either been told of read somewhere that the clitoris was unbelievably sensitive so I thought it best to avoid in case it awoke the target of my affections.   Exploring down, moisture levels were rising to a surprising level.  The only snatch I had fingered before was significantly  dryer.

My finger met increasingly less resistance before slipping inside.  At first I paused with just the tip of my finger inside.  Terrified that I would get busted I gathered myself and pressed forward until my finger was at full depth. What a sensation!! I remained still, soaking in the enormity of the situation. Gently I eased the finger out using my other hand to keep her panties raised and licked, relishing the taste of my second pussy. After checking the coast was clear and my beauty remained unaware. I inserted the finger again slowly moving in and out before leaning in to clamp some pubes in my mouth.  I was too afraid to pull the knickers all the way over so only the edge of one lip was visible. My tongue extended tasting that distinctive flavour.

My finger entered again slowly moving in and out before leaning in to clamp some pubes in my mouth.  I was too afraid to pull the knickers all the way over so only the edge of one lip was visible. My tongue extended tasting that distinctive flavour.

Gently replacing both shorts and underwear my attention turned upwards. I traced each tit holding my breath before squeezing.  They were small and firm.  Slowly I raised the bottom of her t shirt, it seemed like ages before a white bra emerged.   I started lifting its bottom edge and one by one they popped out

Dark soft nipples appeared which I lightly felt between thumb and forefinger.  They had hardened before my tongue licked then softly sucked each now erect nipple.  I grew bolder and had a full squeeze of the small firm breasts.  My hand snaked into the front of my trousers and started moving. 

Returning my finger inside her knickers i neared climax. Drawing my finger along her lips and slightly into her mouth so she tasted both my cock and herself in turn. I squeezed the most accessible ass cheek, but was sadly too inexperienced to have developed my obsession with all things anal so left the ring alone.  Much to my later regret.

I was now frantic, pulling my erection free and rubbing it on her hand, face and lips. I tried to remain silent but a sigh escaped as I exploded on her exposed thigh. I was new to masturbation and as such the sensation was intense and the volume of cum delivered was huge.  I was instantly terrified! Pulling my trousers back in place and smoothing her clothes.  With my finger I removed the cum and after wiping some on her lips discarded the remainder.  

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