Sophie and Lynn the Stoner Duo

Names: Sophie/Lynn
Ages: 20/25 (2016)
Sizes: 10/6.5
Height: 5’9″/5’3″
Weight: 165?/165?
Race: White/White Brunette/Brunette
Body: Taller than average, her laziness does show around the waistline, not much of a rack, ass is acceptable, cute legs/ kind of a BBW, has more curves, ass is okay, bigger rack

Met these to crazy stoner chicks from Craigslist. I put an ad up telling how you can make money using your feet. Sophie was brave and stepped up. Eventually exchanged numbers. She asked many questions and I got into detail. She showed me a pic of her feet and they looked jacked, but that’s because she hasn’t had a pedi in like 4 months. So then, she tells me, “Is it okay to have another join? Mu friend is interested.” So she showed her feet as well. Both has some very nice feet for stoner chicks. I told them to come through so we can get some work done. I didn’t think they’d show, but they did. Both aren’t much lookers. Sophie just doesn’t give a fuck. She’s the type that would look trememdous in a night club but when you wake up next to her in the AM you’re like, WTF man.
Lynn has a cute face. Just needs to lay off the smoke (they both do weed and cigs).

I gave them both foot rubs–you know I gotta keep their minds thinking like; damn he gives great rubs. I haven’t had a double footjob since having my first ever threesome with a bi BBW and her lesbian ex. This day I knew I was in for a treat. I explained to them everything about making money. Then I took many pics and we all just chilled and laughed. Then I asked if they were ready to give a footjob. Lynn said yes, Sophie just didn’t give a fuck. But first they got high. I don’t have pics yet of the footjobs but I’ll get them up later. The first footjob I was on the ground giving them a dominant position. Their feet were dangling off the bed. They gave a footjob while playing Pokemon GO on their phones. Lynn said that she gave a footjob before. Sophie never did. Women who have big feet who are footjob virgins, they are unorthodox and very mechanical and often heavy-footed.

So I let Lynn keep one foot on the balls and work the cock with the other. Sophie was using both soles to just pump however she could. I shot under 5mins I think. I just couldn’t hang on. After I came Lynn just squeezed the balls more and more. I let out a moan and they giggled.
So then, I couldn’t let that go. I rubbed their feet again and made sure I got their soles in the mix too. They were on their stomachs and I was at their soles. I decided to let Lynn work the balls with her little feet and Sophie to drain me with her slender size 10s. But Sophie was too clumsy and too distracted a bit. So I let them switch. Sophie works the balls and Lynn shows me what she’s got. And boy…Lynn is a damn natual. She loved doing what she was doing and you could tell. Her soles and feet rotated all around my cock and she stroked it to the rhythm she wanted to. I shot another ropey stream of cum. They were just chillin playing Pokemon GO.

I thought to myself, this is a match made in Heaven. Two stoner chicks who just go with the flow wanting to make money in the foot biz and I’m being the stunt cock. But it all shattered. Because Sophie has a BF. And her BF doesn’t approve of the idea and he’s willing to get a 2nd job to support her. So she was out. Lynn and Sophie are best friends, like s****rs. So wherever she went, Lynn came. Lynn wanted to keep going, but skeptical. It wouldn’t be as fun without her girl. Plus they both had another girl friend who is a fine blonde with size 11 feet who’s 5’10”. So 3 chicks potentially. But it took one guy to shut that off so far. I could tell Lynn likes me. She’s the one that wanted to reach out more. And I’d do it because she gives one hell of a footjob.

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