Sl**ping on the job

sl**ping on the job

By williacj

© 2016

“Is everybody gone?” I asked

“yep” she replied as she locked the side door

we went into the office

“well it’s just you and me here alone” she said walking up to me

“what are we gonna do?” I asked

”c’mon” she said putting her hands on her big hips”what AREN’T we gonna do?”

“you’re such a tease” i said

And with that, Kim unloosened her dress and let it fall to the floor

“you’re k**ding” I said”but people can see….

“i put boxes in front of the side door and pulled all the shades down in the restaurant” she said”no one’s gonna see me butt ass naked”

Man, I always wanted to fuck Kim’s big white ass, but I never imagined it would happen at work.

I went into the loading dock and grabbed four separate wooden pallets and stacked them into twos in the prep area.

Kim came back into the prep area holding four thick black couch cushions.

”it’s past our bedtime” she said laughing.

I grabbed a comforter out of my backpack in the men’s room and lay it down over the cushions

“let’s finish what we were talkin about doin last night” she said fingering her shaved pussy
I lay on my back and Kim got on top of me and guided my into her soft pink pussy

“yes..omigod”Kim gasped throwing her head back”give me that long pole of yours”

Kim has a ridiculous sized bottom, I could barely hold on to her big ass booty as she rode my hard dick

“give me that STP” she says

“STP?” I asked

“you know what I’m talkin about” she said”strong thrusting polish”

“STP is a motor oil” I said

“motor oil, your dick, they both serve the same purpose” she said”lubricate my engine parts”

Kim bounced that fat ass of hers on my dick butt cheeks slappin loudly against my legs

“i am so gonna get fired for this if we get caught” I said.

Kim smiled”my favorite position is doggy style” she says licking her lips

She got off of me and I rolled over and she got down on all fours in front of me

“holy shit” I said to myself”I always checked out your ass when you walked by but I never thought it was this big..shit”

Kim looked back at me and wiggled her ass

”I get a lot of guys lookin at my ass” she says”but you get a chance to touch it”

I rubbed some ID glide on my cock tip and pressed it against her pussy lips and it slid in.

“there must be a god” I said”I’ve got Kim on all fours in a restaurant”

Kim started pushing her big white ass back against my cock

“kimmie” I gasped”that’s ass…you can’t be serious”

Kim just put her head down and kept pushing herself against me

You should have seen this chick’s booty how her ass cheeks ripple when her ass hits my legs

“damn it, Kim caboose” I said”you sure know how to get a guy’s dick hard with that ass”

“oh Chris” she said chuckling”kimmie caboose, I like it”

She looked back at me

”c’mon hon.” she demanded”don’t make me do all the work”

I grabbed her waist tightly and I began pumpin slowly into Kim’s warm sticky pussy

“ohh yeah” she said”that’s what I’m talkin about, now we’re gettin’ somewhere”

I didn’t want to get there too soon, I was gonna fuck kim’s brains out. I just started thrusting faster into her pussy

“uhhhhh!” she gasped”oh god, oh my god..that’s..incredible..oh shit we have a winner”

I just looked down at that lovely white derriere and laid pipe in that plump pussy

She put her head down and let me work on her schedule

I was clearing my calendar in her pussy the sounds her ass made when it smacked against my legs.

I had Kim’s big bottom jigglin loudly she held on to the comforter

“uhhh yes fuck me” she pleaded”harder..don’t pull out..please”

I did what she ordered smacked her on that fat ass of hers and just worked my dick in and out of that warm moist crack.

“turn over kimmie” I said

She turned over and lay on her back I got on top of her grabbed her legs and parked myself deep in her pussy.

“oh wow” she exclaimed”you’re all up in my inbox”

I put her legs up and started rammin home in her cunt

“umpff!” she gasped”shit..holy…right there hon…

I put my head between her cleavage and started deep divin in her sticky twat,her toes curled up she wrapped her long legs around my waist and ran her fingers several times across my bald head.

“ummpff” she gasped”ohhhh…omigod..umpfff

Then I heard a knock on the door

“someone’s coming” I said

she looked up at me

“fuck them” she said pressing her soft pink lips against mine

I just kept on nailing her

“oh kimmie” I gasped”oh my goodness I’m comin home.straight to you”

“come on home” she gasped”give it to me”

I thrusted several more times and gripped Kim tightly I looked behind me and looked at her pretty polished toes and I erupted deep inside her pussy

“kim…godddd..urghhhh” I grunted sucking on her nipples

I lay there breathing hard, I looked at Kim, she was laying there breathing as hard as I was

“whew” I exclaimed”that was…intense”

“i haven’t been fucked like that in awhile” she said

I got up and started putting on my underwear

“when are they going to be back?” I asked

“they’re done for the day” she said as she slipped her panties back on”it’s just us here”

“we picked a perfect day to fool around” I said

“working here sucks sometimes” she said but this makes up for it”

“thank you” I said”we might never get a chance to do this again”

“you never know” she replied”I could always stop at your place after work or when you’re on vacation, if I ever need to be nailed senseless you’ll get a text”

Work is my other favorite four letter word

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