Sissy’s Bathroom Break

As time went on I became more and more comfortable with the idea of being a girl. My friend Peter was now my man who I would obey. I found pleasure in being treated like an object for sexual pleasure. A fuck toy for the whim of the man who controlled me. Peter really enjoyed the power. He would make me wear womens clothing under my own at all times and I was more than willing to oblige. As we started getting used to each other’s bodies we started getting more adventurous with our sexuel experimentation. With both of us still living at home we couldn’t count on waiting for our families to be out of the house for us to release our pent up sexual desires, so we started taking things to public places.

We set a lunch break meet at the school toilets. They were in a closed off area of the school that was newly constructed but wouldn’t be in operation for another year. I got there early to prepare. I removed my stupid boys uniform and change into the girls one Peter had provided me from his s****r. I was always wearing bras and panties under my uniform throughout the day as by this point it just felt right. After a touch of make up I let my ever growing brown hair out of its school required bun and I my transformation was complete. I waited in the stall just in case the wrong person would come by. While waiting I got excited thinking about what he was going to do to me. I started rubbing my excited dick through my panties then slipped them down to my little socks with ruffles so I could play with my boi pussy. I had to prepare it for him anyway as we only had the lunch hour to get this done.

At the sound of his arrival I pulled my panties back up and pulled my skirt back down so I could be presentable for him. I wasn’t presentable for long as he grabbed me strongly, kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Oh how I loved the taste of his mouth as I would suckle on his tongue. As we kissed he ran his hands down my back and grabbed my ass pulling my cheeks apart and pinching me, I let out a squeal and started to giggle. He then moved me over to the sink bent me over and told me to face the mirror. He practically ripped my panties off and got down on his knees behind me. I was curious what he was up to until he said,
“I want to eat your pussy.”
He pulled my ass cheeks apart again and this time he stuck his tongue out and ran it up my welcoming hole. The sensation ran through my whole body and my legs started to shake as he continued to run his tongue up and down my ready boi pussy. I convulsed as I tried to hold my balance he could tell that he had me. My own cock was as big as it had ever been shooting a line of precum all the way down to the tiled floor. When he ceased I slowly collapsed to the ground in a mass of pleasure. He asked me if I liked it.
“God fucking yes I did.”

As I looked up to respond I could see his pants were already off and his wonderful cock was standing at the ready to recieve its much deserved attention. I made my way over a kneeled on the pile of boy clothes I had left there earlier. I welcomed his cock into my mouth by kissing the eye, backing up and licking from the base of his balls all the way up to the top before enveloping the whole thing in my mouth. I had gotten quite good at this by this time so was very confident in getting him off. I would storke his cock then lick his precum up, spit on his cock till it was soaking wet then suck it dry. All this caused him to groan and declare his love for his little slut girlfriend.

It was then back to my feet and facing the mirror. He stood behind me and hunched over my body as he eased his cock into my delighted back way. I was now accustomed to having his cock up there so with a small amount of lube there was little resisstance. It now felt like it belonged up there as he took big powerful thrusts blasting the hard cock into my body. Something about the curve of his cock hit me right where it needed to be because I would always cum without the need to stroke. I leaned into him as that sensation took over my body and I shot my spunk over the sink onto the mirror where this whole time I could see him fucking me. His cock then slipped out of me as he was ready to blow too. I hit the foor to meet him and ran his cock into my mouth the taste of our sex enraptured me. It took but a second for the first spurt of cum to hit me, coating the back of my throat in his manly seed. Four more spurts would hit me and I took them all, swirling them in my mouth for a second before swallowing every drop. He looked down at me and smiled, proud of his little sissy slut.

With that he put his pants back on, threw a few dabs off water on his face and left me to clean myself up before lunch ended. I gathered my things, wiped away my make up, put my hair back up and got back into my male disguise. The rest of the day I cherished the taste of him in the back of my throat, the first of many fuckings to take place in our private hideaway.

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