She opens her legs and the sin begins

She opens her legs and sins
So my young wife ‘sinned’ for the first time about two years ago and I must confess I stilll get a hard-on thinking about it, every time! She is 20 years younger so I suppose it was inevitable, but it was still a huge surprise when it happened.. and I’ll admit feelings of jealousy and a little anger before my primal instincts took over.
I would never have known but for seeing a message on What’s App from a former work colleague and it was obvious to me what happened. Eventually she owned up and over a period of time told me everything, on the grounds that only then could I forgive her. But my intentions were not quite so honourable! I just wanted to know.
She had met up with former work colleagues in St Albans and one of them, a very fit and darkly attractive young Asian man who wasn’t drinking, offered her a lift home. She accepted, not thinking anything would happen. She had worked with him a couple of years earlier, though she was very much his superior as far as the workplace was concerned, and in the car he admitted he had always fancied her but was too shy to tell her as she was older and married.
Having consumed a few drinks she was quite flattered by that but just took it as a compliment, until he pulled into a secluded lane not far from our north London home. He turned to her and said, could I just kiss you and she thought there would be no harm in that.
So she let him, but admits that when she felt his strong young body close to her, smelt his aftershave and the softness of his lips and tongue, that she became quite aroused. Before she knew it he had one hand on her breast and they were French kissing very passionately, though she never intended it to go any further. In fact at one stage she said ‘I think we should go now’ but he paid little attention to that.
The crucial moment I suppose was when he slipped his hand down to her knee, under her dress, and instead of objecting she opened her legs a little, which he took as an invitation to explore further. Who wouldn’t? He was moaning as his hand went further and touched her bare thighs, just short of her pussy. When he cupped his hand there, her wetness would have given her excitement away.
She told me that despite the alcohol, she did think that she was doing wrong but realiised he was very excited and thought she was to blame for agreeing to the kissing and that she should give him at least a hand job to calm things down and finish the scenario. But just as she was fishing for his cock, he pulled her knickers to the side and started lightly touching her clit. At this stage she admits she lost control, and found his cock hard and stiff in his trousers.
He said ‘we should go in the back of the car’ and without saying anything she clambered into the back seat and he lay on her, still kissing and reaching again for her married pussy and inserting two fingers while using his thumb to caress her clit… she told me this was the point of no return and she knew that she would open her legs for him, whatever he wanted to do.
What happened next was very frantic, a ‘quick fuck’ she said at first but when I pressed her, she told me more about how he slid his rigid eight inches in to her with her knickers still on and that she came within a dozen or so thrusts, He was telling her how beautiful she was, how he had always wanted to be with her, and how amazing it felt for him to be riding her. For the past three years she had only had my six inches and the thought of a younger man desiring her so much was a turn-on.
He was far from finished, and she came again to his slow, sensuous thrusts before he became more frenzied and really pumped her hard before shooting his warm hot Asian seed into her. All the way home she felt a warm glow of satisfaction, mixed with guilt.
She admits that she had a really pleasurable time and had intended to see him one more time before their messages were discovered.
It took me the best part of a month to get the full story from her, at first saying it was just a ‘quick fuck’ and would never have happened if she had been sober, but after a while she realised that I was turned on by the details and told me more and more. She has even acted out that event for me, using her vibrator to show me how she responded to his lovemaking and it is mindblowingly arousing for me.
Later I told her that if she was going to behave like that she had better go on the pill, and she did.. the rest is history!!! Since then my lovely wife has enjoyed many adventures, but I don’t think either of us will ever forget her first transgression!

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