Second chance.

It was 6 months later I was staying in yet another hotel. Still working away.
I got back to my room after another hard day. But it was Friday and I had a day off tomorrow.
So I had a quick shower. I started thinking about the chance meeting I had 6 months earlier with Davy and my cock started to grow.
No I thought I am not going to have a wank…… Just in case. I have not had any other sort of sex with another man since.
After the shower I dried off and got out my tights and panties. Which I have started wearing since my meeting with Davy.
I love the feeling of them on my legs and cock. My cock started to grow again and I noticed a blob of precum, I flicked my thumb over t and licked it off my thumb.
I do love tasting my precum.
I finished dressing and went down to the restaurant and had a meal. I was sitting back thinking that was good when I looked through the restaurant into the bar and could not believe my eyes. It was Davy. Fuck me I thought. I quickly paid my food bill.
Then went through to the bar Davy had ordered a pint of lager. I came behind him and said I will have the same and I will pay for that.
Davy spun round and said holy shit I don’t believe it, I said believe it mate.
We got a table and started chatting about what we had been doing for the past 6 months. (Nothing much).
After a few more drinks I got the courage to say guess what I have been wearing since our last meeting when I am out.
Davy shook his head. I said it feels good against my legs and cock.
This time it was Davys turn to spray his drink as he said no fucking way. I said yes fucking way.
If you want to come to my room I will show you.
Davy was speechless and nodded.
We got a few drinks to take to my room.
Once in there Davy says let’s see if we match. I dropped my trousers and showed a black pair of tights with red panties and a rock hard cock.
Davy dropped his trousers to show a black pair of tights and blue panties. He too had a rock hard cock.
We walked towards each other till we met our cocks rubbing against each other through our tights and panties.
Davy dropped to his knees grabbed my arse and rubbed his face over my cock it was starting to get wet with the amount of precum that was oozing from my cock.
I let out a moan as it was bring to a climax I stopped Davy and said that I was about to cum he stopped and said oh no not yet please.
He stood up his lips moist with my precum. You taste nice he said.
I slid my hands into Davys tights and panties squeezing his ass.
I then lowered Davys tights and panties to his ankles his cock flicking my face as I pulled them down a line of precum stretched from his cock to my forehead on the way back up I licked a bit from his cock Davy let out a moan.
Do you know what Frotting is Davy said yes I do I said.
With that Davy lowered my tights and panties then took hold of his cock and mine slowly wanking them together
I said this might be better on the bed. With that we took the rest of our clothes off I lay on the bed and Davy got his body round so our cocks were back to back.
Davy then started to slowly wank our cocks precum making it difficult to hold them as they were getting slippery
Then I started to feel myself cum I looked at Davy and nodded he then started to work our cocks faster then my cock let out a stream of cum hitting my chest.
Davy said oh yes and directed his cum to where I cum. Our two cums mingling together Davy fell forward so he was resting on my chest.
I said I have got to have a taste of that cocktail and started to lick it off his chest. Davy said you like I said oh yesssss.
So he started to lick it off my chest.
Shower I said. Yes let’s said Davy.
So we went into the shower While in the shower I asked if he had ever had a golden shower Davy shook his head and asked if had I too shook my head.
I asked Davy to lie back in the bath then let out a stream of gold pi*s hitting Davy in the face and his chest mouth tight shut. I let the stream hit over his cock I could see his cock getting aroused as my stream died he said that was fucking huge turn on. I said yes I could see. And gave him a wink as we exchanged places
Davy let his stream hit me in the face first taken back by the f***e some got in my mouth which I thought would taste very salty and awful but didn’t it tasted more of salty beer. Mmmm I thought not to bad so I let a bit more in letting it fill my mouth and overflow. Then he changed his direction to my chest then my cock I could see why Davy was getting turned on as the f***e made my cock hard again. After our golden shower we showered again lathering our cocks.
Then after the shower we sat on the bed in our bathrobes. Having the drinks we brought from the bar.
I suggested we exchange Emails and mobile numbers so when we are in the same area again we hook up.
After about half an hour I said how did you like the golden shower. Davy said it was good.
I said I loved it. With that I saw his bathrobe starting to move so I pushed it aside and saw his cock was ready again mmmmm I said I think you liked it a bit more than you said. So I started to suck his hard cock feeling it grow inside my mouth I could taste the freshness of a newly soaped cock.
Davy said 69 please so I turned not wanting to let his cock out of my mouth he clamped his Mouth onto mine we seemed to be sucking for hours then Davy slapped my arse in a gesture that he was about to cum. I felt his cum hit the back of my mouth making me gag but I controlled myself and savour each spurt of cum.
It wasn’t long before I came too Davy too savouring my cum.
It wasn’t long before we fell asl**p.
The next day Davy left but we now have each other’s addresses.

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