Saving our friends marriage!

Hi guys and gals

Just wanted to take a few minutes to share an experience from a few months back. We hope you’ll enjoy…..

We were traveling to New Jersey to see some old friends that we hadn’t seen in over a decade.
Their names are Rex and Rayna.
Rex is a fireman, and Rayna is a chef, both still looked great.

Rex and I were having a beer, and discussing plans for our stay. When he mentioned that he wanted to take us to the drive-in for a movie I thought he was joking, a drive-in in this day and age, come on man.
He assured me that he was serious, and immediately I was game.

The ladies were off in the kitchen, whipping up a fantastic meal, that was fit for a king.
About ten minutes later Roxy came into the man-cave where we were watching the game and shooting some pool, with a few more cold ones for us.
When I told her about the movie, she flipped. She couldn’t wait to go either.

Later that afternoon, Rex and I took his k**s carseats out of his van.
He confided in me that he and his wife were going through a rough patch sexually, she wanted to “explore” new things like having sex with another couple, or at least another woman.
But Rex was scared that if he opened up that Pandora’s box, it might ruin their relationship.
He said that to me, like I would be as uptight as he was, and would find that idea deplorable.

Boy was he in for a shock, I asked him if she’d ever talked about leaving him, if he didn’t shake things up a bit, he asked how I knew?
I told him that I believed as long as she wanted him to be a part of it, and if he didn’t act all jealous, it might just have a better result than what he was thinking.
He immediately asked me point blank if I have ever done anything like that? And I told him the truth.
That we were both bisexuals, and that by broadening our horizons, we were a much stronger couple for it.
By not having to suppress our feelings, we’d actually become a much better couple, because we could truly tell each other ANYTHING. From the mild to the wild, we were free to have as much fun as we wanted as long as we did it together or not at all.

His jaw dropped, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
He asked what it felt like to watch his wife with another woman, and asked what it was like for me to be with another man?
I told him to think about the wildest fantasies she’d ever shared with him, and offered to help him through his first time if he wanted, you know to show him how to really enjoy everything she wanted to try.
He said he wanted to think about it, and he’d get back to me at the drive-in. I just told him that there was no pressure whatsoever, and that if he wanted to keep it a surprise for Rayna we wouldn’t spoil it.

He went up to shower and get ready, and I did the same.
When Roxy came in to shower with me, she told me that Rayna was thinking of leaving Rex.
I told her that I already knew, and asked her what we should do?
She said that she thinks we should help them out, they were too good together, to let closed minds be the thing that tears them apart. It was settled then, we were going to save our friends marriage.

We all piled in to the van, and headed off to the movies.
Roxy sat in back with Rayna, and I sat up front with Rex.
As soon as we parked, Rex asked me to run to the snack bar with him, we got out and he said it’s a go.
He wasn’t sure about he and I messing around, but he wanted to see his wife with Roxy, but if he decided to try it later, to just go slow.
I laughed and assured him that I would not be the aggressor, but would be a willing participant.

As we came back with the snacks, he stopped dead in his tasks as he realized his wife was making out with mine in the back of the van.
I said well, it looks like they’ve started without us.

We got in and they tried to act like nothing was happening.
As the movie went on, Rex kept looking in his rear view checking out Roxy and Rayna flashing each other, I noticed that Rex was getting a hard on, which in turn gave me one.
A few minutes later, I heard the girls kissing, thank God for tinted windows.
I started rubbing my cock through my sweats, and Rex was doing the same thing too.
Our attention turned from the movie for good, the girls had moved into the third row, and Rex and I followed to the second row. By this point the girls had pulled each others tits out and we’re sucking and playing with them.
Rex and I just watched these two beautiful women licking and sucking, while playing with our still clothed cocks, man this was getting hot!
Until an attendant came by, tapped on the window and asked us to leave. SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!

We all laughed, and agreed to take this party back to their house where we could all enjoy the sights and sounds of fucking.
We made it back to the house, Rayna made us a few drinks while the rest of us headed to the HotTub. Rex, Roxy and I were already naked and in the tub when Rayna came back in.
Roxy was kissing Rex and I while Rayna stripped and joined us.
Rayna started kissing me, and I began playing with her nipple and kissing her on her neck behind her ears. She reach down and started playing with my cock underwater, slowly like she wanted it to last forever.

I glanced over and saw Rex leaned back on the deck and Roxy was sucking his hard cocktail for everything it was worth.
Rayna took that as a personal challenge and had me lye back on the deck and returned the favor.
Rex looked at me and said that this was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, and thanked us both.
I told him not to thank us yet, it gets so much better than this.

After a few more minutes neither one of us could hold back anymore and we came in each others wives mouths.
After they’d swallowed every drop, they started kissing again.
Rex and I sipped our whiskey while watching our sexy wives going at it. He told me that we saved his marriage, and that if he wanted us to fool around, he was game!
That was all the invitation I needed, I reach over and grabbed that big juicy fuckstick and teased his head a little with one hand, and pinched his nipple with the other hand.
He had to be 7 inches soft, but it didn’t stay soft for long.
He grabbed my cock and started slowly pumping up and down. He asked me if it was okay to kiss me, I’d known him my whole life, now we were locked in a passionate kiss for the first time. Our tongues were dancing slowly in each others mouths and our cocks were now rubbing together like a sensual swordfight! We only broke our kiss when he heard Roxy making his wife cum for the first time by another woman. It was beautiful, she was having the big O with mini convulsions and everything.

I told him to keep watching the girls, and I slowly licked my way down his body until I was eye to eye with that juicy piece of meat. And slowly took him into my mouth and down my throat, until his balls were on my chin, and I held him there, milking him with my throat muscles.
About that time Roxy sat on Rayna’s tongue.
It was too much for Rex to take and he shot load after load down my throat until he was empty.

He almost passed out, and I kept sucking that cock until he started getting hard again. Once I had him at full strength I knew that he could fuck my tight little pucker for at least a half an hour before I milked him again.
But Rex had another idea, he wanted me to teach him how to stuck a man’s cock.
I agreed, but told him that he had to go very slow, at least the first time.

He got into position, and I told him to start by licking the underside just where the head meets the shaft, and he did it very well, then I told him to lightly, slowly suck just the head into his mouth and hold it there and start licking just the head while it was in his mouth, Oh boy was he a natural?
He started sucking more into his mouth and gagged a bit, so I pulled out of his mouth and told him to relax his mouth and only take as much of my cock as he could until he thought he was going to gag then back off until the feeling passed, then try it again.
He started getting it and then he accidentally sc****d me with his teeth because he was so into it.
I helped him with that issue, and after that he gave me one of best blowjobs I’d ever received until I came, he wanted it on his face, not in his mouth because he wanted Rayna to come clean him off.

If you want to hear about his first time fucking me and his first time taking a cock in his pucker, leave some good comments.

Or should I have Roxy tell you about Rayna from her perspective?

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