Rebecca and Marilyn (A Lesbian Tale)

Rebecca and Marilyn (A Lesbian Tale)

From the 27th floor window of her office, Rebecca looked out over the city. She could even see the airport and the bridge. She was having a slack day. Her rushes were seasonal. Fashion was like that, at least her part of fashion. It was nearly lunch time and she was hungry. As Regional Director, she was top dog in the branch. She could come and go as she pleased. She was mid-forties, an attractive brunette and single, which in that industry meant lesbian.
She slipped her light spring coat over her dark green business suit.
“I’ll be awhile”, she simply informed her secretary
Rebecca looked at her watch. She was on time. She crossed the busy street and headed to Tiffany’s. There was a line up as usual. A well-dressed woman was standing at the end of the line and was looking around, probably waiting for a lunch date that was late. The woman was about her age, mid-forties, and a very attractive blonde. Rebecca asked her if she was in line.
“No. Well not really. I’m waiting for someone”, answered the cute blonde.
“No problem. Get in line in front of me and your friend can join you when he or she arrives”, politely answered Rebecca.
“That is so sweet of you. Thank you”, answered the woman,”I’m Marilyn by the way”.
“Hi. I’m Rebecca”, answered the fashion expert.
The two women smiled at each other and were silent for some minutes.
“Oh, the heck with her. She’s always late. Do you have to have lunch here ?”, asked Marilyn
“No. Of course not. Lead the way if you have a favorite place which is less crowded”, beamed Rebecca who found herself lusting after the stranger.
The two women walked arm in arm along the main street, then turned north on a small street full of boutiques and restaurants. Finally they entered one which Marilyn often went to.
“I work for the Telegraph”, said Marilyn as they sat down, “and I’m off this afternoon. My three columns are written”.
“Nice. I’m with Freestyle, the fashion shop”, answered Rebecca, “and I can do what I please”, she added laughing.
The two women ordered and continued chatting for the next hour. The tables were small and Rebecca made a point of pushing her foot, then her left leg forward so that her knee was in contact with Marilyn’s. The blonde didn’t pull back and simply smiled at her new friend.
They talked about where each wanted to go for her next trip and if they were happy with their present apartment. Marilyn was doing a piece on the city’s older buildings and their architecture.
“Do you know the Paramount Hotel, just a few blocks from here ?”, asked Rebecca
“I know the name and it’s on my list of places to see”, answered Marilyn
“Let me show you. I know the lady who runs it”, answered the brunette
“Oh that would be great. But I don’t want to waste your time with my stuff”, answered Marilyn trying not to blush.
“Sshhhhhhhhhh”, answered the brunette lesbian, “Let me”. Their hands touched briefly on the table as Rebecca picked up the check. Marilyn pushed her knee along the inside of Rebecca’s leg and it would have touched her thong if she had been closer.
The two women were breaking into a slight sweat as they looked at each other. Both thongs were getting moist.
As they walked towards the Paramount, it was Marilyn who grabbed Rebecca’s arm and held it close to her side. One could hear the tapping of their heels on the pavement as the two attractive women walked and men turned around to have a glimpse at their ass, slightly swinging buttocks tightly held by their skirt.
The women came into the Paramount lobby and admired the neo-classical decor of the large room. While Marilyn took notes in her ever present notebook, Rebecca slipped away to the desk to speak with a grey-haired woman slipped her a card key. The brunette took her date by the arm and walked her to the elevator. The wide-eyed blonde and her guide got off on the 15th floor and made their way down the hallway until they reached room 1515. Rebecca opened it with her key as a surprised Marilyn watched.
“You have a key ?”, inquired the journalist
“Of course I do”, answered the fashion lesbian, “if you want to follow me”.

Marilyn stuffed her notebook in her purse and, a few feet from the huge bed, turned around to face the brunette. Rebecca kicked her shoes off, took off her spring coat then her silk jacket and put them on a chair, unbuttoned her blouse and flipped it on the same chair. Marilyn was shy and when Rebecca made a move towards her, she backed off a few feet, taking off her shoes with her hand, and putting her jacket on a chair, while always staring at her friend who had by that time taken off her bra and let her medium-sized tits hang out. Marilyn fumbled with the buttons of her blouse and turned her bra around so that she could unsnap it easily. Marilyn didn’t back away when Rebecca moved towards her again. The mature brunette took the middle-age blonde in her arms and the two women rubbed their tits together while giving each other a passionate tongue-kiss. They each put a hand under the other’s skirt, then searched for the zipper which they pulled down, bringing the garment to crumble around their nylon-covered feet. Rebecca sat on the bed and pulled her nylons off while Marilyn did it on the other side of the bed. Rebecca walked to the huge pink bathroom and pulled down her thong, curling her finger at her friend, inviting her to the sparkling bath and shower for the beginning of their encounter.
The two naked women stood in the bath on the dry mat and embraced. They were about the same height but the brunette was slimmer with long narrow buttocks while the blonde was a bit pudgier with round asscheeks. Their tits were about the same size with Rebecca’s slightly drooping, her large purple nipples making up for it. Rebecca started initiated the pee play and Marilyn felt the warm liquid over her tummy and down her thighs and a trickle through her sparse pubic hair. Marilyn sprayed back and Rebecca moaned as she delighted at the feel of her lover’s warm pee spreading over her lower body. Rebecca set up the shower, took out the shower caps and the women continued to fondle and feel as they took a complete shower, giving special attention to those places women love to explore with their tongue.
There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who was the lead in this dance. Rebecca carried a dry Marilyn out of the shower and laid her on the bed in such a fashion as she could at the same time slide her hips between the blonde’s thighs. Marilyn did not protest in any way and it seemed natural to her that what most lesbians keep for the end, they would use as their starter. Marilyn clasped her legs around her lover’s waist and offered herself completely to Rebecca who was already sliding back and forth on her lover’s midsection. Only a view from the rear of the action would have revealed two cunts, one shaved and one blonde rubbing slowly against one another, cunt lips pressing together, flattening through a puddle which was already flowing from Marilyn’s cunt down to the bed. Clits were remaining invisible but that what was causing all the emotion as both lesbians moaned and groaned every time their small nipple of flesh rubbed against the other woman’s love bump. Rebecca slid up a bit over her lover and the two lesbians kissed passionately as they felt their orgasm build up. Rebecca initiated the cries of “fuck” which were quickly echoed by the blonde dyke. The two women came hard in the middle of cries of “fuck”, “fuck”, fuck”…….
There was a lull in the action as the two lesbians were lying on top of each other, their breathing getting back to normal slowly.
Rebecca got up, stayed a few minutes in the shower , then walked by the bed and slipped on her skirt.
“Are we finished already ?”, cried Marilyn from the bed, leaning on her elbow.
“No…we’re continuing…if you’re interested”, said Rebecca, “Quick shower and put on your skirt”.
Marilyn ran to the shower, her bouncing tits and buttocks raising the temperature of Rebecca’s lust. She came back and pulled up her dark blue skirt over her naked buttocks. Both had been wearing the usual business suit apparel: tight skirt just above the knee, white blouse and jacket matching the skirt.
Marilyn finally figured out what her lover had in mind. She zipped up her skirt and walked sexily over to Rebecca. She turned her back to the brunette and began to lift her skirt from the rear, inch by inch. It didn’t take long for Rebecca to drop to her knees behind the blonde and lifting the skirt nearly to the waist. Rebecca was face to face with Marilyn’s gorgeous white ass. She didn’t hesitate a minute and buried her face in the blonde’s tight asscrack. She was going crazy. Marilyn lost her balance and fell to her knees then sprawled on the room’s carpet as Rebecca’s face pushed against her ass, her hands opening the asscrack further, and her tongue plunging in Marilyn’s discreet asshole. The blonde cried out as she was getting one of the most intimate and erotic licking available. Rebecca slid her hand between the blonde’s thighs and, while she was licking her ass, rubbed her cunt with her hand. Marilyn came a few minutes later, sending drops of pleasure juice all over the inside of her skirt.
Rebecca then took a position familiar to asslicking lesbians. She kneeled with her ass in the air and her face and hand on the carpet. Marilyn had no trouble pegging the brunette’s asshole with her tongue, rubbing her cunt lips, piss slit and clit with her fingers. Rebecca, who was particularly fond of assplay, enjoyed every minute of Marilyn’s expert licking.
The two lesbians got naked again and lay down next to each other on the bed.
“How did you get the room ?”, asked Marilyn, “I hope it wasn’t expensive”.
“It was free. Remember the grey-haired lady at the desk ?”, asked Rebecca
“Yes…she’s the manager…right ?”, answered Marilyn, “……you ….didn’t…”, cried Marilyn
Rebecca didn’t answer. She just opened her legs wide and flicked her tongue in her mouth.
“You sucked her ?”, asked the blonde
“No…she sucked me”, answered Rebecca
“You’re such a slut”, whispered Marilyn smiling
“I’m a lesbian alley cat”, said Rebecca
“And I am such a proper woman who was seduced by a lunch partner into a life of lesbian perversion”, said Marilyn laughing
“You’re right”, said Rebecca
“How long has it been, sweetheart?”, asked the blonde
“It’s going to be three years next month that we’re lovers ”, answered Rebecca
“It’s fun to re-enact the first time we met”, said Marilyn with a sigh
“Yes it is…it was such a special day”, answered Rebecca, suddenly rolling on top of Marilyn
“You said…..we would….walk by the…..”, muttered Marilyn as Rebecca began to fuck her again.


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