Pins and Needles

You follow your master on your hands and knees along the cold hard floor
of the dimly lit corridor. Your knees ache dully as you struggle over the
hard surface. You sigh with discomfort as the thought enters your mind that
you are in for far worse. The leash tugs against your collar as you Master
striding slowly beside you urges you on with a sharp pull as you all behind
a little. You reach the door at the end of the corridor, a hidden passage
form the bottom of the wine cellar of the house. The door is tall and
menacing, all the more so because you know what lies behind it, Master’s

Your master eases the key to the door from his pocket with deliberately
slow precision like he does with everything else in life, though in this
case it is only to tease out your anxiety, especially as what awaits you is
unknown to you, Master’s latest surprise for you. He likes giving

You hear the unmistakable heavy click of the lock being released, that
sound haunts you after having been left on the other side alone in the
dark, naked and bound on too many occasions. Your Master eases the door
open, and bids you enter before him. You comply, crawling uncomfortably on
the unforgiving floor.

Your Master follows in behind you and shuts the door. He releases the leash
and you immediately kneel at his feet before him as you were trained to do.
He motions to the large bondage table in the middle of the room. Its sheer
size and presence is intimidating enough, The thick leather and well worn
straps hang lazily on the corners, you shudder slightly at the sight of
them, knowing how inescapable they are. A breeze gently passes through the
room form the vents leading to the street above, it caresses your naked
skin, giving you shivers. You crawl to the table, stand and clamber onto
it. “On your back” Your Master instructs calmly and firmly before the
question comes to your mind.

He approaches the table as you settle into the spread-eagled position
master loves so much. He slowly moves round the table binding your wrists
and ankles firmly in the soft yet sturdy leather straps. He places a hand
gently above your foot as he finishes the last of the restraints at your
ankle. He gently and slowly runs his large and soft hand up the inside of
you leg, right up to you crotch, he runs a finger teasingly over you
moistened clit. You moan in pleasure at Master’s touch, his face impassive.

He draws away from you, finding cover in the shade around the edge of the
large room where the dim light cannot penetrate. The table lining the walls
and the many hooks on the walls themselves are laden with the innumerable
tools of Master’s trade. He returns to you with a strip of dark silk, he
binds your eyes with it and you are without sight. You hear nothing.
Minutes draw out and still nothing.

A prick! You cry out more for the shock of it than the pain, but he pain
slowly sets in. Another then another!, they are relentless and move over
you tender skin. Picking you over your belly unceasingly. You moan in pain,
“please!” You whimper, uncontrollably, unsure as to how to react to this
new sensation. There is no word from your master. Instead you feel his
fingers dance lightly over your clit and labia drawing out that soft
feeling of ecstacy from within you. The pricks are not more slow and
deliberate, wandering more painfully towards between your legs. You gasp at
the thought of what is happening, your breath shortens. “Please no!! You
f***e out “Not there!” you say but the sound barely escapes your lips. The
pricks though now more intense pass your crotch and appear over the inside
of your thigh. You breath relief as they wander agonisingly slow down the
inside of you leg. The reach the ankle strap, the disappear.

Arrghhh! You cry out in shock! The prick on your nipples is shocking!
“Please!” you cry, tears well up form you, you struggle against your bonds,
breathing hard, beads of sweat form on your tormented skin, your Master’s
fingers tease labia, the orgasm growing ever stronger inside you, building
uncontrollably! The sensation ends.

“Nooo!, Mercy Please!!! you scream as Master’s fingers are joined by the
pricks! They dance cruelly over your now tender clit. Master pushes a
finger into your wet pussy, not too deep, making you ache for it to go all
the way, fuck you and end the tease. “No more!!!! Please!!!” You are
screaming, tears forming as the sensation becomes more intense as your
Master increases his pressure on that horrible instrument of torture,
driving the cruel points into your swollen clit.

The pricks suddenly disappear and before you can sigh relief, master
plunges his fingers deep into your soaking pussy. They search out your g
spot and massage it fiercely! You can hold back no more “Master Please!!!!”
You cry out! “Cum for me darling” He replies calmly, you explode with
pleasure as you finally release!!!!!!! He reaches down and kisses you
deeply as he mercilessly massages your g spot, forcing wave after wave of
unbridled pleasure.

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