One night

My daughter and husband were both already sl**ping upstairs in the rooms. I was still watching tv downstairs when my I received a msg from Nick, asking how I am?
I replied, I’m ok thanks and you, just a little cold? as we had entered winter and the temps had most definitely dropped. He replied that he is good and that he was also feeling the cold. And said that he’s missing me.
We hadn’t seen each other in more than a month and I replied that it has been long and I miss him too.
He replied with a picture of his cock and ask when can we see each other again. As he is horny to fuck me again.
Looking at the picture of his hard cock, I put my one hand under my pants and started rubbing my pussy. While I replied with the other, telling Nick that my husbands next business trip is only in a few weeks time.
Nick replied saying that it all cool and I must let him know when he can come over.
I said, I sure will do so.
And that was our last msg we exchanged that night.

I became rather horny from the thoughts of the amount of times I slept with Nick and the picture of his cock. That I continued to rub my pussy till making myself cum.
I deleted all the msgs and then went upstairs to bed, falling asl**p soon after my head touched the pillows. The next morning once waking up and getting our daughter ready for crèche, my hubby told me that he decided he was going to work from home the day. I took our daughter and dropped her off at creche and went to gym afterwards as usual. Once home, I greeted my husband with a kiss, he was sitting at the kitchen table doing a report.

I stripped down butt naked in the kitchen and noticed he had stopped working and looked up at me. I had a nipple stand and goose bumps as it was pretty cold. I told him I’m going to shower, and gave him a passionate kiss as I walked passed him. I was busy washing my legs when my husband opened the shower door deciding to join me. His cock was semi hard as he entered. He went down onto his knees and lifted my right leg over his shoulder. He started muffing me, licking and sucking my pussy. I pulled him up by his hair, and our lips met, our tounges exchanging saliva while he placed his hands on my ass. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as his cock slowly entered into my pussy. He fucked me a while, while standing before putting me down. I want to be fucked hard as I was now thinking about my chat with Nick last night and the rough sex I’ve had with him in the past. I grabbed my husbands cock and opened the shower, leading us out. I kneeled down on the bathroom floor, and my husband entered his cock into me from behind. He drove his cock hard and deep into my pussy while holding my hips. I was moaning from pleasure each time his cock hit my inner walls and he soon started moaning as well and shot his cum into my pussy fucking me hard till he had finished.

We hopped back in the shower for a few mins before getting out and drying off. My hubby got dressed and went back downstairs to continue working. I told him I was going to be a while as I needed to blow dry my hair. As he walked down the stairs I sat down at my dressing table. I was still a little bit horny and decided to finger myself. I spread my legs and entered a finger into my wet pussy. I rubbed up and down on my G spot, soon giving myself an orgasm and bringing myself to satisfaction, for a few days.   

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