One Night Stand With Plump Mature Barmaid

I was away on a three day training course by myself, miles from home and had been put up in this swanky hotel by the company that had no life or sole to the place, not for a working type guy like me anyway.

On the second night after eating there, I decided to walk in to town seeing it was a nice summer’s night to find a more, my type of pub and sat at the bar after ordering a drink. The barmaid who served me looked like a throwback to the eighties the way she looked and dressed, she has to be twice my age, at least in her sixties but it was the dense blue eye shadow that drew you to her wrinkly face, but always with a smile on it and jet black hair that most likely came from a bottle.

You could best describe her as having had a hard life or a bit of rough, her fingers plastered in gold rings and gold chain around her neck that drew you eyes to a plunging neckline showing her ample cleavage.

Her tight semi translucent blouse did nothing to hide her black bra or was it a corset and as she moved along the bar, I could see a little black tight skirt to just above her knees stretching across her plumper tummy.

I’d only popped out for an hour but it was now closing time, the time just seemed to fly by with talking to her when she was free and maybes the drinks I was buying her kept her interested, I did see both of the barmaids talking and taking sneaky looks at me a few times.

The other barmaid can over and said to Brenda she would lock up if she wanted to get away, then Brenda turned to me and said
“You can walk me home; I’m on your way”
She grabbed her jacket and bag from the back and linked arms with me as soon as we were outside.

“It’s been really nice tonight,” Brenda said as she clomped up the street in her high heel shoes. “I feel a little tipsy now”
Her arm tightened; pulling us together more and she lent her head against me as we walk on.
“I know a shortcut” she said some minutes later and pulled me down this other road and in to an industrial estate by the look’s of it.

After going up the side of this building and around the back, she stopped and faced me
“I want to thank you” she said and kissed me, just quickly, but that was just a tester as our lips made contact once again. Her tongue was in my mouth, her hand around the back of my head as she kissed me hard.

I responded and hugged her while one hand slipped down over her arse. She was passionate, twisting her head from side to side then I felt her hand on my arse pulling us tight together.

I could feel a stiffy forming and let my hand wander over her arse and felt a strap through her skirt going down the back of her leg. Christ I thought, that’s a suspender and kissed her back as hard as she was kissing me. I followed it down and felt the clip on her stocking top.

Next, I knew Brenda was hoisting her tight skirt up for me and I felt her stocking top, working my fingers to the side and around the back, I followed her rear suspender upwards. My fingers were on her naked leg then the curve of her arse but I found no knickers when I came to the end of her suspender.

By now, Brenda had loosened my zip and her hand was inside feeling my cock through my boxers. Her other hand was now working on loosening my belt, then trouser button and let them fall to the ground once undone.

I felt the waistband be pulled out then Brenda’s hand slipped inside my boxers and gripped my raging hardon. She slid her hand up and down it and she seemed pleased as her kissing intensified.

I fetched my other hand on to her tit, feeling the big prominent mound through her jacket first before undoing the one button holding it together. Once inside I felt the bump of her nipple and started to rub it through her blouse and bra.

Brenda moaned and I quickly unfasten her blouse buttons, and with two hands cupped her bra-covered breasts. They were big and mighty and I wanted to see them, I broke contact between our mouths and kissed down her neck as Brenda lifted her head backwards.

I kissed down and on to the top of her chest as Brenda stuck out her breasts some more then kissed down the mighty valley of cleavage and on to her lacy black bra. I sucked her nipple through the lacy material then swapped on to the other one.

Brenda pushed me away with her hand as she scooped her tits out from the confines of her bra and I sucked greedily on her now naked hanging breast. Just like big mounds of jelly wobbling as I sucked and kissed on them.

Her hand found my cock again and she started to squeeze it, then ran her thumb thought my per cum, leaking plentiful now
“I want to see you,” Brenda moaned and I lifted from her tits
She hoisted her skirt up to around her waist and squatted down in front of my sticking out cock.

She took me in her hand and I could see her gold rings slipping back and forth along my shaft before she sucked me inside her mouth. Her head instantly bobbed back and forth and I could feel her tongue flicking my cock end.

Brenda pulled off me but still had a hold of my cock and she started to tongue my cock end for me to see. Her tongue worked behind the mushroom shaped cock end then licked up my piss slit and all the time still watching me.

I pushed myself forward and took hold behind her head as her mouth opened once more and took me inside. This time she was greedy for it, twisting and turning her head around my shaft and making wet sloppy sucking noises.

She just knew when to pull off and kissed my end before standing up, then kissed me on my lips. Brenda then stepped backwards to a pile of wood pallets, slightly sitting on the edge of them, then leant back on to her hands while parting her legs.

This was the first time I had seen Brenda in all her glory as I stood and took in the sight of her, starting at her feet with black high heel shoes and black stockings covering very shapely legs that got chubbier the higher up the leg you went.

Nice patented lacy stocking tops, all misshaped by the pull of her suspenders with bare-naked pale leg spilling over the tops of them. As my eyes worked upwards, her chubby legs came together and seemed to push and jut out one very big hairy fanny.

Just above that came the bottom of her open girdle which made her bush in to a perfect triangle. Her girdle then bulged outwards with her round tummy and her skirt rolled up messily cutting the view of her girdle in half. Above that was a small gap of bare skin before her bra started with her mega tits hanging out of and finally her open blouse and jacket.

My eyes ended locking with hers as I viewed her, she smiled then I watched as her hand went down on to her fanny, using her fingers to pull and tease her hair away from her lips like a comb.

I got down on to my knees, touching her stocking leg first while looking at her fanny. Christ I’ve heard of men saying her fanny was like a wellie top but her fanny really resembled a wellie top. Her lips, all wrinkly, hung long and slack and at the top was a clit like a small willy.

I moved my hand on to her fanny, still somewhat unbelieving what I was seeing but it was real enough and when I touched her clit there was still the hard button at the end of it. I so needed to suck on it but just could not get in the right place.

I stood up and noticed the smile drop from her face then I kissed her and got my hands under her arse and lifted her up and sat her down on top of the pallets.
“Lie back” I whispered
She lent back on her arms then I lifted each leg up and placed her foot on the pallet also.
“Pass me my bag” Brenda asked
I grabbed the bag from where she had dropped it and give it to her, she placed it on the pallet then lay fully back resting her head on the bag, then parted her legs so now her fanny was fully expose to me.

I ran me fingers over the dense triangle of hair, then across the top under her girdle, then down her legs when it had spread too, it was some size triangle bulging out. I noticed her lips had flopped down each side and it looked like some big pink butterfly had landed in her forest.

I knelt down then touched her lips, then her clit that proudly stood upright at the top of her slit, it just amazed me the size of it. Its skin was wrinkly and you could basically pull it down like a foreskin, exposing the round button end.

Brenda moaned, but when I sucked it in to my mouth, I heard a sharp intake of breath from her. She was sexed up and so was I as I started flicking the end before dropping down on to her fanny. Her lips were soft and warm and I tugged and pulled on them to make sure they were real.

Brenda gyrated her fanny about my face with little lifting movements then I found her love hole and poked my tongue inside. This livened Brenda up considerably and I felt her hands hold me down on to her, I tongue her fanny as much as I could, finding all the wrinkles and folds as she thrashed about on the pallets.

My head was f***efully pulled in between her legs as she raised herself upright with the started of her orgasm. She held me there while panting hard and I felt the liquid warmness of her fanny spread throughout.

Her grip relaxed and I lifted from between her legs, stood upright and kissed her hard.
I decide to make to most of this and kissed down on to her tits as Brenda lay back on to her hands once again, she was a big girl in all ways and I was fascinated by her charms.

Brenda lay down as I moved down over her black girdle and in to her dense forest, I could smell the warmth of her sex juice coating her lips but it was her clit I wanted this time. The slightest touch of tongue and she was away, moaning and groaning.

I fetched a finger up and played with her lips then pushed it inside, she was warm and wet and soon she was accommodating two. I could hear the sloppy wet noise I was making while licking her clit in my mouth. Two became three and she was having no more when I tried the forth, which I found peculiar seeing the big slack lips she had that resembled a well-used cunt.

I went back to two and titillated her clit with my tongue, as the moaning increased the fingering increased also. I lifted off her clit just enough so I could flick it with my tongue and this did it again, her hands once again on my head holding on as she bucked her fanny in to my face.

Brenda lay on the pallets as I rose to my feet, grabbed my cock and slipped it up and down her slit. I flicked her clit with it, which made her jump then dropped down to her waiting love hole. It was surprisingly a touch on the tight side, not what I had expected when I first seen her lips.

She grunted as I pushed and I knew she was well lubricated so that wasn’t the problem.
“It’s been some time,” Brenda, moaned
This surprised me a lot and made me want to fuck her even more
“I’ll take my time,” I said

I looked down at her fanny, semi encasing my cock and started with little thrusts, just going back and forth ever so slowly. I retched forward and gathered her tits from her sides and squashed them together on top, god they were big as I wobbled then about.

Brenda smiled as I thumbed her nipples in to little hills, circling them one way then the other. Then I felt a break through and all of a sudden, my cock started to slip in, Brenda let out a long moan but I now had my cock firmly imbedded inside her fanny.

I could see her breathing heavy, shifting a little on the pallets to accommodate my cock more comfortably. I didn’t dare thrust to much and just pulled out a couple of inches with each stroke and very gently at that. Brenda smiled and it looked like she was pleased with my consideration towards her.

I still had a hold of her tits and let them gently fall back down her sides as I moved my hands on to her girdle covered waist. By now, I was using a good length of cock on her and she was happily taking it, even if it still was at a slow pace.

I looked down watching my cock slipping back and forth in to this monstrous hairy fanny and her stocking clad chubby legs parted wide with me in-between. I just wished I could be between her legs all night but I was there to get my balls emptied.

I started to fuck her with meaningful thrusts, as our eyes locked together then I felt the heel of her high heel shoe rub across of my arse. I just smile at her and give a little extra push at the end of my stroke.

The grip tightened around her hips as I pulled our body’s tight together with each thrust with my body touching her large clit each time
“ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Yessssssssssssss” Brenda moaned
“Fuck Yes” I cried out
Brenda was happily taking all my cock now and I could hear the heavy breathing she was making building ever closer to an orgasm.
“Shit Brenda I’m nearly there” I said, wanting guidance
“Just squirted it in me,” Brenda moaned

Two or three more strokes and on the last one, I push as deep as I could as I felt my cock let go. Brenda’s heel dug into my arse as her leg tightened around me and she let out a big long grunt of pleasure.

Our eyes still lock together; I could feel our sex parts working madly down there, the twitching and bucking of my cock inside her fanny and her muscles pulsing and nipping my shaft, drawing my seed in to her sex cave.

I just kept it pushed in all that I could, holding our body’s tight together and panting hard as the peak of my orgasm slowed. Minutes passed still joined together before our breathing righted itself and Brenda moved her foot. I slipped my limp cock out slowly and saw her might fanny lips and clit, that was some sight and I could not help but kiss her clit, going down there and smelling the warm sweet smell of sex as well.

I pulled Brenda up and lifted her off the pallets, we hugged tight while still in a state of undress and it was like she didn’t want to let go.
“You alright” I asked
“I am now, it’s just been such a long time, I never thought I would do it again”
We stood for a couple of more minutes then she came out with
“My husband can’t manage; he had an accident eleven years ago”
“I’m sorry”
“I then had a one night stand five years ago and he was rough, said awful thing about the size of me, and I said I would never do that again, until tonight”
Brenda hugged in tight and it looked like she just wanted a nice long hug
I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.
“Why me?” I asked
“Jemma the other barmaid thought you looked the kind and gentle type”

Five minutes past before she broke free
“I can feel it running,” Brenda said as she made a grab for her bag and got some tissues out and I watched as she wiped our love juice from her stocking top and up to her fanny. She looked up and give a dirty grin.

“I suppose I better put these back on,” Brenda said as she pulled out a pair of big black cotton knickers from her bag.
“Not the most sexists” she said with a laugh.
I pulled up my boxers and trousers and was sorted while I watched Brenda pull her skirt back down and put her tits back in to her bra. She was a big girl and I loved watching every minute of her getting dressed.

We linked arms again as we walked back out on to the road and continued our way back, eventually walking back along the road I had came along early in the evening to a road going in to a housing estate
“This is where I leave you, I’m up here”
“What about one last kiss” I asked
“I would, bit it is a bit in the open”
“We could go in to the bus shelter over there, I haven’t see any busses tonight”
“I shouldn’t, but alright then, just a kiss”

The bus shelter was well and sturdily built, stonewalls on three sides and half height along the front with glass windows above and an opening at the end. Inside there was seating along the back wall I noticed, before we hugged then kissed.
“I want to fuck in here,” I whispered in her ear before kissing her again.
I let one hand work over her arse and slipped my tongue inside her mouth while I felt her tit with my other hand.

Brenda put up no resistance as she kissed back and I worked my hand up under her skirt and on to her stocking leg. She had her hand playing with my cock through my trousers making me hard again.
“We’ll have to be quick” Brenda said, “Where do you want me”
“Bend over and put your hands on the bench

Brenda did as I asked and bent over,
“You’ll need to pull my skirt up so I can part my legs”
Brenda’s request was soon done as I pulled her skirt over her big arse and I got to see her black stockings and suspender again. I ran my hand off her arse and down the back of her leg feeling the naked soft skin spilling out over her stocking tops.

I undid myself and let my trousers fall to my feet and let my cock pushed up the crack of her arse over her knickers. I slipped my fingers in to the leg of her knickers, right on the wet crotch and pushed them to one side. I then bent down slightly and pushed my cock against the bulge of her hanging saggy fanny lips.

Brenda pushed back and I was soon parting her lips once more, feeling my cock slipping in to her warm wet hole. I held on to her hips and thrusted gently until she got used to me and using the full length of my cock on her as she moaned.

I retched forward on to her tit, and then felt her hand undoing her jacket button; I was now massaging her tit through her bra and blouse and could feel the hardening of her nipple. Brenda then managed to undo her blouse with one hand then scooped her tits from inside her bra.

They fell free, hanging down like cows bags as I rubbed her nipple through my fingers. With my other hand, I pushed it under her tummy and made my way to her fanny; I pushed her knickers away from her clit and started to play with her button end.

Brenda started to breathe faster and bucked back on to me as my fingers rubbed her erotic zones; arousing her sexually feelings even more. The more she moaned the more I rubbed her clit until she came on me. Inside her fanny was fill with a warm feeling surrounding my cock and as I took hold of her hips, again we started to make a wet squelching sound as my cock went in and out.

Brenda was taking all I had, asking for more as my cock pounded her fanny long and hard. I pulled myself on to her hard, making my balls slap against her big slack fanny lips.
“Yessssssssssssssss” she cried out as her fanny burped wind from all the thrusting we were doing. My little white arse was going twenty to the dozen back and forth
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes Brenda” I cried out as my second load of the night rose out of my balls and along my shaft.

Brenda give one last grunt and she was coming just seconds before that first squirt invaded her insides, highly pressured and charged I felt my cock swell just before the realise. It throbbed and bucked in her big warm wet fanny as I held us tight together push as deep as I could.

Her tight fanny pulsated around my cock like a milking machine, drawing cum along my shaft before I sprayed her insides. Brenda stood motionless, pushed tight against me and panting hard and loud.

I tried every last muscle in my body to push the last drops of cum along my shaft and kept pushing in when I felt a squirt about to happen. I stood there holding her girdle clad hips long after the deed was done but not wanting to leave her warm fanny hole.

As my cock soften, there was the squelching burping sound as the tight seal was broke between cock and fanny and she started to leak out. I slowly withdrew with more sloppy burping noises and Brenda pulled her knickers across her hole and stood up straight.

There was joy on her face as she turned and her arms embarrassed me tight as she squashed her naked tits in to my chest. She kissed with passion as we held each other for a good five minutes before eventually getting dressed.

I watched on as she capped her tits in to the cups of her black lacy bra, jiggling them about to settle them in. Then pulled her tight skirt down her stocking clad legs and buttoned her blouse and jacket up before one last kiss and we went our separate ways never to see each other again..

The End

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