Never Bet your Wife! Blacken

My name is Judy. I’m 24 and have been married to my husband Sam who is a couple years older for two years. Anyway, this is an account of what happened to us. Since the beginning of our marriage Sam has had a weekly poker game at our place. I’m not really into card games and I usually go out for a movie or something during the game.

Because we’re not well off I’d thought these were “nickel-dime” card games. However, one night I was home in the den reading while my husband played with his friends in the kitchen when my husband suddenly entered the room. His face was ashen and I knew immediately that something was wrong. I asked him “what was going on.” He told me, “he’d lost our entire life savings and more.” I asked him, “how much more?” I was blown away when he replied he owed John, a large Black man, almost $11,000. Before I could catch my breath he told me that he was now playing a hand for double or nothing but he didn’t have anything to support his hand. I asked him what he meant and I was stunned when he replied that John had told him that he would accept the bet if he put me up for collateral.


“John will accept the bet if you agree to do anything he asks for one hour. If I win we owe nothing. If John wins we’ll owe $22,000 and he gets to do anything he wants to you.”

I couldn’t believe that my husband was even telling me this. “Do you want me to?” I asked.

“If you want to,” answered my husband. He showed me his hand.

“Is this good?” I asked.

“Yes,” answered my husband, “I don’t think he’ll be able to beat it.”

I knew that we couldn’t afford a $22,000 debt, but I also knew that we already couldn’t afford $11,000 so I whispered “yes.”

“Sorry,” whispered my husband as I followed him into the kitchen. When we got into the kitchen I could see John leaning back on a chair with a big shit eating grin across his face. I was glad to see that the other guys had already left.

“Is she agreeable?” asked John.

“Yes,” answered my husband. The Black man looked at me and I merely nodded. The hand was played. My husband lost. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did we now owe him $22,000, but I had to do anything he wanted for one hour. My husband cried into his hands as the Black man stood and together we went to my bedroom.

“You just wait here, Sam,” laughed the Black man. “I’ll have her back safe and sound in 1 hour.”

In the room I was told to strip and lie on the bed. I watched as this Black man stripped. Shortly he was naked and I could see an enormous Black cock that must have been ten inches long bobbing before him. I asked him to put on a condom but he just told me that this was his hour and he could use me as he pleased during it. He told me that he never wore condoms. I was scared, now, as condoms are our only method of birth control. I wasn’t sure at that point just exactly when my next period was due.

“We only have one hour,” he said. “No time for foreplay.” Then he moved between my legs and rubbed his enormous Black knob up and down my slit for lubrication. Slowly he began to feed that cock into my cunt. By the time he bottomed out I felt as deliciously stuffed as I’ve ever experienced and was beginning to respond to his thrusts, grinding my pubic bone hard against his. He fucked me like an a****l. He grunted and groaned telling me that my cunt was tight until he finally stabbed me fully – cumming deep within my womb. I swear I could feel his cock pulse as he shot spurt after spurt of his Black seed into my depths before pulling out. With our combined orgasms his cock a mess and moved to my head instructing me to clean him, I did. Then I heard a knock on the door. It was my husband announcing that an hour was up. I didn’t believe that an hour could go so fast. The door opened slowly and I saw my husband’s apprehensively look in. He could see my widely splayed legs with the Black’s come dripping from it.

“You let him fuck you without a condom?” he asked scared.

“No, she didn’t, man,” answered the Black man laughing. “You did when you lost the bet. I never wear a condom, man,” he laughed. Although I didn’t get pregnant that day, the Black told us that he enjoyed fucking me so much that he agreed to fuck me for interest on the $22,000 until it was paid off. We really didn’t have a choice, we don’t have that kind of money, so every week I have to fuck John for the interest to keep the loan afloat. That was two years ago. We now have one Black c***d fathered by John and I’m eight months pregnant with another. John gave us $500 off our debt as a baby present since it was a Black c***d. We still owe $17,000. I have a feeling this will go on for a long-long time.

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