My Wife’s introduction to other men

My wife was 49 years old and we had been married 14 years. She has always been slim and sexy, 5’4″ 130#, 36C-24-32, a natural exhibitionist she always showed her panties to other men under short mini skirts in public. I had been after her for years to suck and fuck other men in front of me. She finally agreed to meet a younger man I had ran into online, so I invited him over to the house one evening.

He was a younger Mexican guy maybe 15 years younger than my wife. She dressed in a thin, almost see through black teddy. She was nervous when he arrived and was in our bedroom. I invited him in and he sit on the loveseat and I sat on the couch across from him. He and I made small talk for a few minutes and then my wife emerged from the bedroom in her sexy black teddy and sat down beside me on the couch facing him. We made more small talk while she became comfortable with him as she was extremely nervous.

I urged her to go sit beside him on the loveseat, she walked across the room and sit down beside him, I was in heaven as here was my sexy, slender wife of 14 years dressed in a sexy black teddy sitting beside a young Mexican guy we had just met.

He made the first move, turning towards her and kissing her deeply, I was turned on watching him push his tongue into her mouth and pulling her closer to him as his brown hands began to explore her beautiful firm white tits. He then slid a hand down between her legs and started pushing her thighs apart and she allowed her legs to spread for him. I knew he was going to be finger fucking her tight white shaved pussy soon. I watched as he pushed her thin black panties to the side and slipped first one then two brown fingers and started finger fucking her, she was turned on and soaking wet and started rubbing his brown cock through his pants.

She pushed him back into a laying down position on the loveseat then leaned over his legs from a sitting position and started to undo his pants, it was evident she wanted that young brown cock at this point and I couldn’t be more pleased. She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them, then she slid them down to his ankles and removed his pants completely.

I watched intently as she then reached for his now exposed brown Mexican cock and wrapped her small white fingers around it slowly stroking his brown cock till he was rock hard, she then lowered her head onto his cock and I watched as she opened her mouth and started kissing, licking and sucking his brown cock, I was in total lust watching my sexy 49 year old wife sucking her first big brown Mexican cock, knowing that she gives a fantastic blow job and really enjoys sucking cock.

My wife had his cock totally wet with her hot little mouth and he was rock hard. She stopped sucking his cock and laid back on the loveseat and removed her thin black panties and spread her legs exposing her hot little tight white totally bald pussy to him. She was going to fuck him right on the loveseat and I was beyond myself knowing he was going to fuck her. She’s never liked condoms and this time was no exception and he started to sink that big Mexican cock deep into her tight white pussy. She was having an orgasm after the first 5 strokes from his big cock, he then moved up and held her long white legs wide open and started really pounding his big brown cock in and out of her hot white married pussy, she was cumming and cumming hard and I could see her hot pussy juice all over his big brown cock as his brown balls were slapping against her tiny little white ass cheeks, he started to cum and I didn’t stop him and neither did my wife as he emptied every drop of his hot young Mexican cum deep into my wife’s pussy

Both were very satisfied and so was I as I had finally gotten to see her suck and fuck another man.

There’s more stories to come as I started on a mission to find her larger cocks to suck and fuck.

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