My trip to the UAE

Recently I was travelling to the UAE for work.

I decided to try Tinder while there.
I started talking to a local girl, I introduced her to snapchat,
She enjoyed the idea of text, video and pictures dissapearing.

I think that made her comfortable chatting openly,
she told me she had never kissed a man, held hands with a man let alone been physical with a man.

We talked for a few days, exchanged snaps, she was inquisitive about sexual things which I happily tried to explain as well as I could. Few days before I had to leave we where texting and I invited her to come see me at my hotel. It was already very late that evening so nothing came of it, but she promised she would do what she could to come see me the next evening. She didn´t really want to meet anywhere else since its not exactly regular for arab girls to hang around with white guys in public there.

The next night she did come see me, I could tell she was extremely nervous, she sat far away in the hotel room while we chatted and got to know eachother a bit.

I asked if she wanted to touch hands, which would make me the first man ever to touch her. She was reluctant, but I made my way to the sofa she sat in and just sat next to her. we talked a bit more until I put my hand out for her to touch.
She put her hand on mine and we let them just rest together.

I put my other arm around her and brought her closer to me, I stroked her hands and she did get more relaxed, she was still very nervous.

I started letting my hands wander a bit more about her body, and she did the same, we moved to the bed where we just lay there for a few moments, while I stroked here arms and lower back, she cuddled up to me closer.

I let my hand slide down her back and on to her ass. I could feel this was getting her very excited so I kept going, slowly touching her and feeling what she liked.

as things heated up we started getting more and more naked as things went on. She was sitting on top of me in her dress while I was slowly undressing her and revealing her amazing tits. I slowly put my mouth on them and used my tongue as well.

We started kissing letting our tongues glide together. I slowly slid my hand into her panties feeling how wet she was. after alot of playing she took of the rest of my cloths and began touching my dick. we where full of lust and she put it in her mouth.

After a while I laid her on her back and began licking her, she was really enjoying it, I slid my finger in her ass while licking her clit. she moved on top of me rubbing her clit against my dick. she had told me not to try and penetrate her, we where in ecstasy together, she took my dick and placed it at her ass and tried to slide it in, only it was to dry so we stopped.

She sucked me even more and I ended by cumming all over here stomach. I didn´t quite get the hang of licking her so she missed out on an orgasm.

We then eventually fell asl**p.

The next day was going to be my last evening there. and this proved to be an even crazier meet up.

After her work she came back to see me at the hotel, we had been texting all day and she was telling me how much she enjoyed the new life experience. being treated well sexually on her first time with someone. I told her to bring some lube if she wanted to try some more butt stuff.

she did.

We started off by sitting together on the bed and talking, one thing let to another and we where kissing, touching and feeling eachother, now of course with one night of adventure behind us it was all easier and more relaxing.

As we got nacked she brought me the lube, she then dove straight in and started sucking me off. in the position I was in I lubed my fingers and slid one in her ass, she became even more excited and I was sliding my finger in her ass while she was sucking.

I got a call from my boss to come meet him which couldn´t have come at a worse time. but at this point we where not going to stop just yet.

we moved through an array of positions one of them being 69 where I was able to lick here while sliding my finger in here ass and she was sucking me off.

I turned her on her back and played with her clit and ass until she screamed out while the orgasm rode through her body

I wanted to fuck her now so I sat down on the bad with my feet on the floor as she positioned her self in my lap and then slowly slid my dick inside, it was incredibly good and I could see our reflection while we where doing this.

We then moved back to the bed where I fucked her in the
ass while playing with her clit. I came again all over her.

We then unfortunately had to say our goodbyes.

Since then we have been skyping and snapchatting and enjoying this joint experience

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