My story

Name : in album 
Age : in album
Race: in album
Stats : 38D , 26 , 37
From a very young age i always was amazed by sex and like to see it done , 
My fetish was to be a prostitute and get fucked by manny man so after my studies at Murdoch university mass communication i decided to be a air hostess first but went i was in that line i did not find to have that much of fun . 
One day I had a flight to the US and I heard about a club that is called Adult Theatre and that amazed me i loved the job scope there and So i applied for a job there and got in .
I started working there and I was very popular I had pulled more man in and had full house as I was the only Asian girl, I was required to do a strip dance show starting from 7.30 pm then after do a lap dance for about 2 guys whom had booked it earlier. 
There are only 2 men that will get that service as after that it’s free to all till 3am . The guy has to sit on a chair on stage in front of all the other guys and I will strip him and seduce him then once he gets erected I would ride him till he cums and once that is done i start with the next guy as soon as he is done I lay down on stage naked and it would be free to all I get uncountable dicks in me in that night trust me . The club is always full house when I am working as the other 2 girl were a bit on the plump side and old also I was an Asian Indian that they loved and had no restrictions on doing anything.
I will work 1 day with 2 days of off to rest but if any of the girl is sick one of us has to come back as there is only 3 of us there . I had a good time working there and tasted a million different dicks . When my contract ended I went for something more dangerous and hardcore and ended up in Bangkok (pat pong ) I worked there for 18 months in a club from 6.30pm to 9.30pm then after I we will go into the brothel from 10.30 pm to 4am daily unless if sick . 
In the club we would seduce man and get them to go for a shot and after find our next target we will charge the guys at our price that we negotiated but we had to pay the club and that would be deducted from the brothel pay . 
As for the brothel pay it was around $50 for every fuck we did and the rest would gone to the brothel . I could easily make about $1700 to $1800 a night. 
I did like the job as it was like what I wanted to try doing but the only shitty part was the guys that took care of us would do us as and when they liked .
After that job I came back to Singapore as my s*s wanted to introduce her Boyfriend to me that she was with for 6 years and see if I would want to settle down with him and we did he is my husband now he is 28 yrs older to me but I loved his openness . 
We have a very open relationship as he would loves to see me entertain his friends and clients or sometimes do wired stuff.
He loves to see me getting banged and loves to see the cum dripping out from me when I would stand up after his group of friends finish doing me ,sometimes he brings me to a private party that is only full of men and will get me to perform and there are like 100 Plus hungry man there they will do me in all holes lick me and suck on my feet and boobs . 
My elder s*s is 4 yrs elder to me and she sometime will join me at my weekend get to gather sessions at home only if is not going to some gangbang party hahaha. 
At home my hubby will always invites his friends or clients over every weekends except on Sunday’s as I have work on Monday , I have started my media job as a administrator after we got married and only do this stuff as and when my husband wants . 
Now I strictly do not do outcalls and payed sex service.
I have gone through 5 abortion so far and am completely clean no k**s , not lol my s*s oops hahahahaha (donating machine) . 
I love my lifestyle being married to a guy that still takes care of me in all ways

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