My Stepsis Thong Fantasy

I walked into my step dad’s house shaking, and closed the door, quickly looking down at the lack of shoes and realizing no one was home. Without skipping a beat, I removed my shoes and rushed through the living room, up the creaking stairs, heading down the hall to my stepsis’s bedroom (let’s refer to her as Rachel).
As I entered the room and shut the door behind me, I glanced quickly towards the closet, to see the mountain of clean thongs and panties laying on the top of her shelf, along with a laundry basket on the floor. Swiftly examining the laundry basket, a black, lacy, dirty g-string from LaSenza caught my eye, lying wrapped in a pair of leggings. Upon finding this g-string, I picked it up, shaking, and inhaled the sweet smell of Rachel’s dirty teen pussy and ass. Upon finding this, I immediately knew what I was going to do.
I picked up another clean thong from the shelf in the closet and removed my pants and underwear, clothing myself in the clean thong, while placing the dirty g-string over my head. I positioned it so the sweet smell of her taint on the string was wedged up my nose just like it was wedged deep up her smelly ass. Desiring more, I opened up one of her clothing drawers and found a pair of stockings.
Removing these from the clothing drawer and placing them on the bed, I began to furiously masturbate with the taint scented g-string still pressed against my nose.
It didn’t take long with the fantasies of spying on her naked, before I needed to unload and release. I placed my penis back inside the thong, making it stretch, and furiously wanking my penis with my head pressed against her thong. After no more than thirty seconds of inhaling Rachel’s sweaty pussy, I immediately knew I needed to shoor a huge load right through her clean thong, and I began yelling, “Oh yeah, Rachel! Your dirty ass string smells so fucking good! You’re such a slut leaving your dirty ass floss all over the floor for boys to smell..Hoh YEAH! RACHEL!” As my hand began wanking faster and faster, preparing for me to drench her things with man juice, I heard a drawn out creak, followed by a voice at the door.
“What. The. Fuck. Is going on in here?” I turned around to see her staring at my thong clad ass in the heat of fantasy, embarrassed and hoping she did not hear what I just said. After what felt like an eternity of me waiting for her to say something, she eventually did. “I should’ve known this is what you were up to, always rushing upstairs every time you first get here or I come downstairs. I’m guessing you might know something about my red and black striped LaSenza thong that went missing when I visited your house, too” Her eyes glanced to her desk drawer.
“Lay down” she demanded, “I’m not going to just let you get away with this; I’m going to have some fun first” She riffled through her desk drawer, pulling out a Hitachi magic wand vibrator. Upon plugging it into the wall, she turned it on and told me to remove my pants fully. “You think this shit is funny?” She asked as she placed the head of the wand on my frenulum. “You think I’m such a slut? I’ll show you what a slut is!”, placing her mouth over the head of my cock, and swirling her piercing-clad tounge around it. “EUUGH!” I exclaimed, “I THINK I’M GONNA CUM” and just as I said that, she shut the vibrator off.
“I’m not letting you off that easily” she said as she pulled down her jeans. “You like cumming on my underwear? I want you to shoot on this pair”, pointing to the glorious green lace whaletail protruding from her pants as she slowly removed them. I stood up, panties still on face, and walked over to her ass, frantically masturbating like a depraved sex addict, and let out a groan of male dominance, followed by a stream of warm white fluid splashing the ass part of Rachel’s green lace thong, drenching her ass and dripping down her legs. She turns around and says “Wow, you really are pathetic, needing my panties so badly to cum. Now that you’ve seen my ass, you don’t need to do this anymore, so I don’t want to see you up here again.”
I pulled up my pants and left her bedroom with my balls empty, feeling shocked. Needless to say, I continue to masturbate with her dirty thongs whenever I get the chance. Despite what she said to me about never wanting me in her room anymore, when I have the chance to explore, there is always a fresh, stinky, slutty thong waiting for my thick load.

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