My Posh Landlady

I was asked to work away from home a few years back. Two weeks turned into 7 months, and the company expense account was starting to take a hammering. So my quick thinking PA found me a room to rent over a garage of a nice country house.
Things at home were pretty shitty. My wife was having an affair with my best friend, I was convinced of this, and proved right later. I worked like a dog all day, then wanked myself silly to get to sl**p. That basically was my life. I had got addicted to Phentermine diet pills, and gi. So my food bills were negligible, but one of the side effects was I was constantly needing to cum. My flat was covered in porn dvds and magazines, and I had a dildo, that I had bought to fuck the wife with, if she ever came up.
Anyway scene set, I pull up from work, walk into my flat, and my landlady is standing there, with a dildo in her hand and a DVD in the other. We look at each other for what seems like forever, when she erupts at me. “We don’t tollorate filth like this in my house” she barks. You can pack your things and leave in the morning. Something to me is not right. Her indignation seems over the top, I take a step towards the tv, and flick it on, and the DVD continues to play. I reach out, take the dildo from her hand, and suck it hard, and I can taste her fresh juice on it. The posh bitch has been watching my stash and fucking herself. I reach out to her and pull her close, she’s busted, and knows it. I pull our bodies close until we can feel each others breathe, and I slowly run my hand across her stomach. I feel her body shiver, and I feel hear breathe shake. I lower my hand towards her pussy, feeling her through her dress. Slowly I undo the buttons, starting at the bottom, and working up, I reveal her mumsie bra and knickers concealing a remarkable well kept mid 50’s body. I pull the dres off, and throw it over my sofa, and move onto her underwear. Now she is standing naked next to me vulnerable and naked. I gently reach out, cupping her head and kiss her lips. The tension is palpable, and she is shaking like a leaf. Still with barely a word spoken I lead her by the hand to my bed. I quickly undress and climb in next to her. We kiss passionately for what feels like forever, my cock is soaking with pre cum. I move down the bed and viciously suck on her nipple, until it causes offence. Then I move down to nestle my head between her thighs. I kiss the inside of her legs, to tease her, and she hold my head to guide me in. I place a hand under each thigh, right at the top by her arse, so I can lift and lick. I start to lap at her clit, bit broad runs of my tongue. She moans slowly, and pulls my head closer, ever so offpten, I slip my tongue into her wet pussy, right to the hilt, and she moans some more. I ring her arse with my index finger, and she strains against it, so I push it in. I push it all the way to the knuckle. The I slide my thumb into her now soaking pussy, and push them together. I can feel the wall of her pussy and arse between my finger and thumb, and I slowly pull them in time with my licks. I build them up, and up, until she is wildly fucking my face. Then she cums with an uncontrollable scream and convulsion, then calm. She lies back breathing heavily, and looking flushed. My cock at this point looks like it might cum from the top side and base, and my balls are going mad. Then she gets up to leave. “Where the fuck do you think your going” I said to her. “I have to get back” she says, “my husband will be home any minute.
Now I’m not a pussy, but this situation could have turned out awesome or awful, so I let her go.
I wanked my cock 3 times, and the erection would not go. I had cold showers, nothing stopped it, so I tried to get some sl**p. 5:30 the next morning, I heard my landlords car leave for work, minutes later I heard my front door click, and in sneaks my landlady. My cock springs to life, back to defcon 3, ready to attack. She is still wearing her nightie, and she slips under my covers, then takes it off. I feel her cold body next to mine and I shiver. I put a hard down and feel her cunt, is swollen and moist. I turn her to spoon, and open her legs. I rub her pussy for an minute, then slip into her. Never has my cock thanked me more, it should have been in there 12 hours before. I thrust slowly, removeing my drowsiness, and building her up towards putty in hands time. II pull out then and start rubbing my wet cock all around, aiming to get her arse ready for some fun. It’s all soaking so ring the bell with my head, and she gasps, slightly in pain. I push just a bit more, then concentrate on her clit. I work it, and ease off, building her. Eventually, she starts to grind back onto me, begging to cum. I won’t let her. I change our position, so she is ontop, riding me, I reach over and grab the dildo. I slide it up her cunt, and she crouches on her feet with my cock in her arse and the dildo in her pussy. For me the view is fantastic, I hold the dildo in her as she rides up and down my cock. I don’t last long, I cum like a train, balls deep inside her. She sits down onto me, as I’m going limp in her arse, and starts to work the dildo hard. With no notice she pulls off and sits on my face, trying to fuck my face hard, the she cums. My cum is oozing out of her arse hole, and juices are pouring out of her pussy, all over my face. We cuddle down and kiss for a minute. Then she breaks it to me. Her husband had just cum up there before she walked into me. Cheers!

We shared a shower, and fucked a little more. But that didn’t last. Work changed, I moved, and I never saw her again

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