My husbands overseas part 4

I got up Monday morning and as usual I got my daughter ready for crèche, dropped her off and headed to gym. While walking into gym, I received a msg from Nick asking me what time I would be home.
I replied saying, in 90 mins and asking why?
He replied he’s been horny and has been think of me the whole weekend and would like to see me.
I replied asking him, what exactly is on his mind?
He replied saying he would like to have my soft naked body against his.
I told him I’ll msg him when i’m on my way home.

While gyming all I could now think about was Nick and I felt rather horny. Soon I left for home and I texted nick once I was near home. I parked in the garage and after closing the garage door and walked into the house the doorbell rang. I opened for Nick and asked if he was going to join me in the shower. He answered saying, that sounds wonderful.
We headed upstairs to the bathroom we both stripped. I switched the water on and told Nick I needed to pee, and asked if minds giving me a min alone.
He replied why don’t I pee in front of him.
I told him I’m a bit shy to do that and he said bull, and unlucky I’m not going to leave.
Not having much of a choice, I sat down on the toilet and peed, while Nick watched. Once I finished Nick said that was really sexy for him and a turn on.
Standing up we were soon in the shower, his cock was rock hard and standing behind me in the shower I could feel it against my bum.

He washed all the sweat of me, soon turning me around, he placed 1 hand on my bum pulling me into his body the other on my cheek as our lips met and we started kissing. Our lips aparted and I pushed him against the wall of the shower, I kneeled down and started sucking his cock. I deepthroated him a little before standing up. Nick told me to bend and lean against the wall, he entered his cock into from behind, the water splashing onto my back as he started fucking me.
It wasn’t to long till he mentioned he was near to cumming, I told him to pull out and delay his orgasm, which he did. I moved to stand behind him and jerked his cock off. He soon shot his cum on to the shower floor as he moaned. Once he was finished cumming, we got out the shower and dried off before heading to the bed. His cock went soft from cumming and it still was a little cold so we got under the duvet.

He laid on his back and I kneeled over his face. I spread my pussy lips while he was in full sight and slipped my middle finger into my pussy and fingered myself. He placed his hands on my ass, and soon pulled me down to his face so he was able to lick my pussy. He muffed me, licking my pussy while I was kneeling over his face, my legs soon started becoming weak and tense as I started nearing an orgasm. I eventually moved and got on top of Nick and entered his now hard cock into my pussy, I moved to lay on him in reverse missionary position and he slap his hand down onto my ass and started moving me back and forth, my body tensed up and I started to orgasm. After cumming I sat up again and started riding Nick’s cock hard back and forth, he soon stopped me and told me to lay down on my belly. He asked if I wanted it hard. Which I did. He kneeled over my legs and slowly entered his hard cock into my wet pussy again. He fucked me hard thrusting in and out of my pussy, making me moan from pleasure.
He stop and pulled out and pulled me up to kneel on all 4s. He entered me again and fucked me hard for a while before pulling out. He started jerking his cock and soon started moaning, he shot his hot cum onto my bum as he moaned from pleasure. His cum ran down my bum over my bum hole and to my pussy.

Nick laid down out of breath and I asked what made him think to cum there. He thought he would try something new and hoped I didn’t mind. Which I was ok with. I went to clean up and on return I laid on top of Nick and kissed him. I told him my husband will be back tomorrow and we wouldn’t be able to see each other for a while. He said it sucks but least when he does see me again he would be real horny for me. Which I agreed to.
We got dress and soon we went downstairs. We had a quick cup of coffee while chatting in the lounge. After finishing my cup, I went and sat on Nick’s lap, our lips met for a kiss, while he gripped my ass. Our tounges exchanging saliva before aparting. The last time our lips touch for a number of weeks

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