My husbands overseas part 3

Jenna returns

I fetched my daughter from crèche and headed home. I bathed my daughter and soon started making dinner, when the doorbell rang. It was Jenna she returned to hear the rest of the story from earlier. Not being able to chat yet about my affair with Nick as my daughter was still awake, we chatted regarding work etc. Jen kept giving me this naughty dirty smirk. We soon ate dinner and afterwards put a movie on for my daughter to watch in the lounge while jen and I chatted in the kitchen. I told her the story and she call me a naughty bitch. She asked a number of questions about my affair with Nick, wanting to know about how hot is his body, the size of his cock, is he good in the bedroom and have I been enjoying it.
We were both leaning against the kitchen counter while I was answering all of her questions when I saw her putting her hand down her pants. I asked, what she was doing and she replied, I’m rubbing my pussy as she had become horny from listening to the story of myself and my lover. I laughed at her and then pulled her towards me. Her back leaning against my chest, we moved out of sight of the lounge where my daughter was, I put my hand down her pants and her pussy sure was rather wet.
I kissed her neck and ear lobes while I rubbed up and down her wet pussy, stimulating her clit and soon I had to place my other hand over her mouth as she started moaning while I made her reach her climax. Her body tensed up and legs started turn weak as she started orgasmning.

After she’d finished and caught her breath she turn around and kissed me. I was holding her ass when she moved to whisper in my ear that I’m a lucky bitch and she wishes she could fuck me right now. She ran her hand down under my pants and started rubbing my wet pussy, but Unfortunately my daughter was still awake and we both heard that the movie we put on was at its end. She removed her hand out my pants and then poured us another glass of wine. My daughter came to the kitchen as soon as jen started pouring our drinks and I asked her if she was ready for bed. She replied that she’s not tired yet, and still wanted to play. Jen finished her glass of wine while we chatted and soon she said best she goes to meet her bf at party. She said bye to my daughter who was playing in the lounge. I let her out the front door, closing it behind me as I walked her to her car. She turn and kissed me and whispered into my ear” I’ll see you soon, you naughty bitch” before saying goodbye. I laughed and said I’ll be looking forward to it.

I went back in and sat in the lounge and played with my daughter while watching tv. My daughter after a while got tired and I put her to bed. I headed to my room soon afterwards feeling a little horny from explaining to Jen about my affair, fingering her and having her play with me for a short while.
I hopped into bed and my hand was soon under my pants. I rubbed my wet pussy, up and down stimulating my clit. I soon inserted my finger into my pussy and started rubbing my g spot soon making myself orgasm, moanimg from pleasure as i came. I removed my finger from my soaking wet pussy and laid thinking about how the day turned out.
I fell asl**p soon afterwards and the rest of the weekend went by well with my daughter. I took her to the mall on saturday, and sunday we just relaxed at home. And before i knew it, it was Monday morning again…

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