My Ex Wife and My step dad the preacher

I will leave this up to you to imagine if this was real or just made up.

I was married to a beautiful Hispanic woman. I have always had a major thing for Latina woman. She was the love of my life. The sex was amazing and I was always trying to make her comfortable during sex in order to open up to me. One night I started to share a story from my teens. I kind of knew once I shared this with her it would open a door. I was telling her I had peeked at my step dad who was a southern Baptist preacher. I was in shock when I saw that he had a huge cock. It was the biggest I had ever saw. It had to have been 10 inches and I also told her that he was a bigger pervert than I was. It was very interesting because every time we had sex she wanted me to share that story. One night she asked me and I told her that I know he would fuck her. She said Yeah, right I don’t think so. I told her I know he would and I know how we could make it happen. I explained if she would wear her short whit skirt and no panties. I also wanted her to leave a bunch of things all over the front room floor in front of the tv. Now so you understand my dad lived about 40 minutes from us. He would come by to visit on his way to see is s****r who lived 4 hours away from us. Also, he wouldn’t know I would be watching or aware of this. In our home the AC ducks are up high and you can see right through. The one I would be watching from in our bedroom looks right into the living room. So, the day had come and he was going to visit. He showed up in shorts and a t-shirt that day. He had taken a seat on the couch and it was time for me to run out and pick up some things for dinner. Our front door was right across from the bedroom. I let the door shut and I was already in the bedroom standing on a step ladder looking in on them. She had already been in costume getting dad a drink of juice. They talked for a bit and then she stood up saying how sorry she was that the room was a mess. She made her way to the tv and bent over and began to pick up things bending over enough that her butt checks and a view of her thick hairy pussy lips peeked out at him. My dad was looking right at her ass and would be grabbing his crouch. Right when she was in front of him I knew he would reach up and grab her by the hips and pull her onto his lap. He did that very thing and my wife yelped and said DAD!!!!! What are you doing, stop!!!! He had this evil laugh! In a few minutes, they both stopped. I couldn’t hear what my step dad was saying but she told me later that he said to her” I know what you are doing and now I want to show you what it did to me.” She stood up and before she turned around he pulled out his big thick hard cock. I mean it was so big I could see it standing above the arm of the couch. She turned around and had a look like a deer looking into the headlights. She was in shock and he reached out grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. He began to have her stoking it. Then asked if she wanted to try and suck it. She bent down on her knees and began to try and suck his cock. Couple of minutes into her sucking him he stands her up turns her around and bends her over the couch. Lifts her skirt and wets his hand lubes his cock and begins to push it into her pussy. Now, my wife’s boyfriend before me had a 9” cock so I knew she could take most of him. He had it three quarters of the way in and I heard her moan and scream like I had never heard her do before. It was all pleasure and her head buried into the couch, I couldn’t believe it but she took it all. In about 25 minute he came in her. She told me later she had orgasmed several times. He sat on the floor and she turned around. They talked a few minutes. Now the entire time I had been jerking off and it didn’t take me long and I shot a big load myself. I cleaned up and made my way back up and he was hard again and grabbed her legs and pulled her butt to the edge of the couch slid his hard cock in and began to pond her again. Several minutes pasted and he shot again. He made his way to his bathroom and she came in our room. She said to me, “OMG!” I said back to her,” I told you he was big.” She said, “No! I was saying OMG, I have never ever had a guy shoot that much into me. At first I thought he was peeing in me it was like a faucet on full. He just kept coming and coming!” She turned around and was walking to the bathroom and I k** you not I looked down at her legs and there was a thick flow of cum flowing down her leg. I was so turned on I followed her and when she was at the bathroom sink I placed my arm across her shoulder and held her while I slipped my hard cock in her and ponder her.

Now, there is more that happened so if you want me to continue let me know.

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