My Cum Donation

One evening, I was browsing the woman seeking men ads on a popular website, and I stumbled upon an ad from a single woman that was seeking a sperm donor that was clean, DDF free, healthy, and college educated. I was curious (and it kind of seemed arousing to me at the time), so I responded to the ad.

The next day, I received a response from the woman. She asked some more questions, but nothing identifying on either my part, or her part. Basically, she explained that she wanted a no-strings-attached sperm donor to try and get pregnant. I asked how would she like to arrange this. She explained that she didn’t want any intercourse, but instead she would prefer to meet at a public type restroom, I am to go into the restroom while she waits outside, and I am suppose to ejaculate into a small plastic cup, then hand her the cup of my sperm (conspicuously of course) as I exit the restroom, and go on my way as she goes into the restroom, where she will use a small plastic non-needle type syringe to transfer my cum from the cup to inside her pussy. It really sounded hot to me at the time. She asked if I would be willing to do this, and I told her I would. She told me that she will be ovulating in a week, and that it will be best to meet then. We exchanged a few messages until the day arrived.

The day of the meeting came. She messaged to see if I would still go through with this. I responded that I will meet her where it was easiest for her. She mentioned the time and the location of the public restroom, and she told me what she would be wearing so I would know who to look for. I told her I will be there. I decided to take the city bus rather than drive my car, not knowing if I would be followed, or if my personal information may be traced through the car license plate, who knows, but I wanted to make sure it was really a no strings arrangement, so I took the extra precautions.

When I got to the meeting area, I saw a woman wearing what she described. She was a petite, plain looking lady, about 30 years old, sort of cute in a bookworm kind of way. I remembered in college that the easiest girls to get into bed were these kind of girls, rather than the really hot ones (which was always fine by me anyway). What made her seem hot was what we were about to do (her trying to get intentionally pregnant with my fertile cum while she’s ovulating). There was some small talk as we met. She asked again if I still want to go through with it, as if she was expecting me to back out, but I said yes. She asked if there was anything I may need to make it easier. I thought it may seem bold, but I figured that this is a one time thing, so I told her it would be easier if I could borrow her panties while I’m in the restroom. She said sure fairly readily, which surprised me that she didn’t think it was weird. She went into the restroom, and a few minutes later she handed me her waded up panties, and a small plastic cup similar to what you put ketchup in a fast food restaurant. I put her panties and the cup into my jacket pocket, and went into the restroom.

I found a secluded stall at the end of the restroom, I unzipped my pants, pulled the front of my underwear down, and my already hard cock sprang out fully erect with the arousal of what was about to happen. I set the plastic cup on top of the toilet paper enclosure, handy and ready to grab it fast when my cock cums. I took out the lady’s panties, found the crotch area where her fertile pussy odor will be, and I put the crotch of her panties up to my nose and breathed in deeply. The organic, urine, fishy, pungent odor of her pussy made my cock extra rock hard, exposing every vein, and good amount of precum was starting to ooze out too. I gripped my cock, and started to stroke it firmly. My mind raced with thoughts of her fertile pussy, and how my fertile cum will be getting a complete stranger pregnant. I breathed her fertile feminine scent in deeper and deeper until I reached orgasm. I quickly grabbed the cup, and in the nick of time my cock erupted a large flow of cum into the cup. The orgasmic flow of cum from my cock was powerful enough that my knees nearly buckled from the euphoria. I leaned on the wall to support myself for a moment until the orgasm faded, and to catch my breath. I looked at the cup with my fertile cum in it, and thought to myself that within a few minutes this cum will be inside her pussyfooting, and it will very likely impregnate her…..the pussy I was just breathing the strong scent of. I pulled my underwear and pants back up, and walked out of the restroom. I discreetly handed her the cup of my cum and her panties, she sincerely thanked me, then I saw her go into the restroom to introduce my cum to her pussy, and I went on my way. That was the last I ever saw or heard from her. Maybe my cum got her pregnant, or maybe not, but it seemed hot to me that somewhere in the area was a woman that has my fertile cum inside her ovulating, fertile pussy with my seeds on their way to fertilize her egg.

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