Muslim woman’s cabin holiday with a black man

Hafsah could not stop thinking about her sexual experience with Patrick. Hafsah felt completely dominated by her new master and she craved for another encounter with his big black cock. Hafsah and Patrick had begun messaging each other. Hafsah sent a picture to Patrick of her rubbing her pussy. Whereas Patrick sent a picture of his penis and a caption saying ‘It is getting hungry.’

‘How about we go out for the weekend?’ Asked Patrick. ‘Where to?’ Hafsah responded. ‘We can stay in a cabin near a forest and get closer to nature. You did say that you missed romance.’ Hafsah was delighted at the proposition and said ‘Yes.’

‘I will pick you up at 10 AM on Saturday’ said Patrick. ‘It sounds great’ replied Hafsah. Hafsah was now preparing for her cabin holiday with Patrick. She had made sure that she was completely hair free on her body. This meant waxing both any leg hair but also her pubic hair. She had also decided to take a bath just before going to bed so that she could be clean for Patrick tomorrow.

Hafsah woke up nice and early so that she could be really ready and prepare for when her black lover arrived. She had went for a quick shower and she had made sure that she had also flossed. Hafsah was now looking in the mirror and deciding what she should wear for the trip. But Hafsah realised that if she wore her abayah or shalwar kameez put with Patrick it may cause some negative attention, as it is uncommon to see a black non-Muslim man with a traditional Pakistani Muslim woman.

So Hafsah instead opted for more Western clothes. She wore some casual jeans with a leather jacket and a hat on. Hafsah had also used an enema kit to make sure that her asshole was clean for Patrick to use. Hafsah looked at her phone and realised it was almost time for Patrick to arrive. So she quickly looked in the mirror and got the final details of her make up ready. ‘Ding dong’ rang the bell. Hafsah knew it was Patrick and opened the door in joy.

‘Are you ready Hafsah?’ Asked Patrick. However Hafsah was in a fiery moody and leaned in and kissed Patrick. ‘I have missed you Patrick and I can’t wait to get to that cabin’ said Hafsah. Patrick had his arms around Hafsah and was feeling her voluptous ass whilst kissing Hafsah on the neck. Hafsah was happy that a man finely appreciated her body, especially a handsome muscley man like Patrick.

‘Why don’t I lock up, whilst you get the car ready?’ Stated Hafsah to whick Patrick responded with a nod. As Hafsah turned around to shut the door, Patrick had playfully spanked Hafsah’s ass. Hafsah soon locked up the house and left in Patrick’s car.

The journey to the cabin took about an hour and a half. Patrick looked to the beautiful Pakistani Muslim housewife sitting next to him and he had a smirk on his face. Hafsah had noticed and she was blushing.

Soon they had arrived at the checking in desk. At the desk was a young blonde lady who smiled at Patrick as she gave them the cabin key. This drove a bit of envy in Hafsah’s heart and she wanted to keep Patrick for herself. Patrick noticed a slight change in Hafsah’s facial expressions. ‘So lets go’ said Patrick to which Hafsah happily nodded. Patrick’s ego was slightly raised by how Hafsah had got jealous of the smile that the blonde receptionist had given him.

Hafsah and Patrick had a mile to walk through a forest. They were happily holding each other’s hands. There was a large pond ahead and Patrick said ‘How about we get in it?’ Hafsah was a bit apprehensive she was not sure about getting naked outdoors as she was normally used to leaving the house in an abayah that covered her neck down to her ankles.

But Patrick had already begun to strip and she could see his big biceps and sculpted abs. Patrick then said ‘Hey I am sure Amanda from the reception wouldn’t mind joining me’ as he pulled off his boxers to reveal his big black snake. Hafsah was annoyed at the mention of a potential competitor for Patrick’s attention and she soon obliged.

She stripped of all her clothes to Patrick’s delight and Patrick said ‘That is more like it’ as he clapped his hands. Hafsah then held on to Patrick’s cock and said ‘This cock is mine that white bitch Amanda is not having any of it.’

Patrick smiled and kissed Hafsah as she had an iron grip on his snake. Patrick cupped her tits and started rubbing her pussy. ‘Then show me how a good Muslim housewife sucks this big black cock’ said Patrick. ‘Certainly’ said Hafsah with a mischeivous grin on her face. Hafsah then went down on her knees and started to jerk Patrick’s snake before she then started to suck on it.

The thought of Amanda had made Hafsah extremely jealous and Hafsah wanted to show Patrick what she could do. Hafsah’s mouth was coming in and out of Patrick’s cock. She was kissing Patrick’s foreskin and making Patrick feel new levels of pleasure. ‘Before you I had never slept with a man with foreskin’ stated Hafsah as Muslim men are normally circumcised at a young age. ‘To be fair before you Hafsah I had never slept with a Pakistani woman. So we have both been having new experiences’ stated Patrick.

Patrick then grabbed Hafsah by the back of the her silky brown hair and he started to vigorously face fuck Hafsah with his big black cock. Hafsah’s small mouth was struggling to accomadate it all. Patrick could feel Hafsah gagging a bit so he decided to go little easier on her. Patrick then pulled up his cock and said ‘Suck my balls like you did last time!’ Hafsah was extremely obedient and she lowered herself and began to suck Patrick’s ball. Hafsah felt delighted that she could pleasure this large black man. Patrick was delighted and rolled his head back in pleasure.

‘Let me fuck you tits Hafsah’ demanded Patrick. Hafsah squeezed her large white breasts around Patrick’s cock. Hafsah began to move her breasts up and down on Patrick’s cock. Hafsah looked into Patrick’s eyes and it was entirely visible he was in joy from using her. Patrick’s cock began to shudder a bit and he was now about to cum. Patrick then pulled out his cock and placed it inside Hafsah’s mouth. Patrick’s cock erupted with cum and the Muslim housewife greedily swallowed up every drop of cum.

Soon it began to rain and is they had not yet arrived at the cabin they were soaked to the bone. On top of this they were laying naked in a forest so they had also gotten very muddy. Hafsah and Patrick then ran to the cabin after they grabbed their clothes, which were completely wet and muddy after being placed on the forest floor for so long.

They reached the cabin and Patrick opened up the door and they both were relieved to be away from the cold wet weather outside. Patrick decided to go and have a shower. He turned on the hot shower and began to drench himself clean. Hafsah watched through the glass door. Patrick then got soap bar and called out ‘Hafsah why don’t you come and help me?’ Hafsah smiled and gladly joined in the shower cubicle with Patrick. She used the soap on Patrick’s solid black abs and biceps, Hafsah enjoyed Patrick’s entire package. She even soaped up Patrick shiny bald head. Finally Hafsah moved down to Patrick’s cock and she spent extra time making sure that her lover’s manhood was properly cleaned. She finally bent and started soaping up Patrick’s chiseled ass.

‘Let me help clean you up as well’ said Patrick and Hafsah happily obliged. She gave Patrick the soap bar and and he started to rub soap all over Hafsah’s light skinned large tits and Hafsah grinded her ass against Patrick’s cock. Patrick then placed soap all over Hafsah’s hips. Patrick then his soapy hands over Hafsah’s generous Pakistani ass and he gave it a good slap to which it made a wet thudder. Patrick then started to clean up Hafsah’s pussy, rubbing Hafsah’s clit and causing Hafsah to pant and coo. Patrick then used his finger to probe Hafsah’s asshole.

Patrick was getting his cock ready to plunge into Hafsah’s backdoor and Hafsah was pleasently delighted. Patrick’s snake was still slack but it was still longer and thicker than her husband’s- Osman. ‘You want me?’ Whispered Patrick into Hafsah’s ear and Hafsah quietedly nodded. ‘Ya Allah!’ panted Hafsah as she felt the tip of Patrick’s black enter her asshole. Patrick was also in joy at the tight 30 year old Pakistani housewife’s asshole that his prick was probing. Patrick began by gently pumping in and out of Hafsah’s backdoor. However Patrick’s pumping now started to steadily increase and the f***e was tearing Hafsah’s asshole, the Muslim housewife was in both a state of joy and pain. Patrick continued his assault on Hafsah’s anal and he was squeezing Hafsah’s tits with a snake like grip. Patrick was soon ready to cum and he said ‘It is time for you to suck my big cock again.’ As he quickly pulled hus giant prick out of Hafsah’s backdoor. Hafsah got down on her knees and began to munch on her favourite sausage. Patrick’s cock soon burst like and overloaded dam inside Hafsah’s mouth, to which she instictively knew to swallow up as much of Patrick’s juices as possible. Hafsah’s lipstick had left a red ring all over Patrick’s cock. Hafsah was completely drenched inside the shower with her silky brown hair being completely drenched.

Patrick asked Hafsah ‘Why don’t you clean up this mess or if you want I can get Amanda from the reception to do it?’ Hafsah looked up with a bitter jealousy in her eyes and she began to soap up Patrick’s cock and remove the lipstick stains. Hafsah then said ‘Wasting water is a sin in Islam. We should probably have some dinner now.’ Patrick responded to Hafsah by saying ‘You know you are right we should probably eat something.’

Hafsah and Patrick then dried each other’s hot, wet bodies with the same towel. Hafsah then said ‘I think we should stay naked for the rest of this trip.’ Patrick liking the sight of this Pakistani Muslim housewife’s body. He loved every inch of Hafsah’s body from her silky brown haired head to her beautiful symmetrical face. He also enjoyed her fair white skin and her voluptous tits and Hafsah’s hourglass figure and her generous Pakistani ass. Hafsah also had a sweet innocent voice with a Pakistani accent. But on top of this he liked Hafsah’s personality she was completely obedient and dedicated to Patrick and she would go to the very limits to please him, this helped to raise Patrick’s ego. However this love for each other’s bodies was also held by Hafsah towards Patrick’s body. She loved Patrick’s dark black skin his strong abs and biceps along with Patrick’s deep voice. Hafsah was also completely addicted to Patrick’s big black snake and she would go to great lengths to secure it selfishly and entirely to herself. Patrick’s big black cock made Hafsah feel extremely horny.

Hafsah asked Patrick ‘What food did you bring?’ Patrick responded by taking some eggs out of his bag. Patrick had also brought along with him some bacon. Hafsah said ‘I’ll cook the eggs you can cook the bacon.’ Patrick responded by saying ‘That sounds like a pretty fair deal to me. Are you sure you don’t want any?’ Hafsah said ‘I am absolutely positive.’ Patrick responded with ‘More for me then’ with his devious grin.

The eggs were ready and Hafsah placed some of the scrambled egg in a plate for herself and for Patrick. Patrick reached into his bag and pulled out some wine, he then said ‘You can at least try some of this. If not I am sure that Amanda would like some.’ Hafsah looked visibly annoyed at the mention of her female rival and she reluctantly said ‘Alright Patrick I will try some.’ Patrick poured some wine into a glass and gave the glass to Hafsah, who was apprehensive at first but she then gave it a sip. Hafsah actually did enjoy it and Patrick smuggly said ‘I knew you would like it.’

Hafsah curiously asked ‘Do you have a wife or girlfriend?’ Patrick responded by saying ‘I was married but things just did not really work out.’ Hafsah responded by saying ‘I am sorry about that.’ But Patrick responded by saying ‘If I was still with my ex-wife I would never be in a relationship with you’ as he leaned out his hand and held Hafsah’s hand. Hafsah began to blush. Patrick then asked ‘So how long have you and Osman been together?’ Hafsah replied by saying ‘We were married 5 years ago. He came over to Pakistan and my parents and his parents came to an agreement, we are married a few weeks later.’

‘Oh damn, so do you love Osman?’ Asked Patrick. ‘We have kind of all ways been distant. There is no romance in our marriage and it is more like a cultural contract between two families than a relationship of love’ said Hafsah. Patrick then asked ‘Do you love me Hafsah?’ Hafsah was a bit frigthened but she finally confessed and said ‘Yes I do love you.’ The verbal confirmation made Patrick become even more attatchef to Hafsah.

Hafsah and Patrick had finished their meals and Hafsah was washing up the dishes. But Patrick stood behind her and was massaging Hafsah’s round tits, whilst kissing Hafsah on the neck. Patrick felt he owed it to Hafsah to make sure that he loved her to. So after Hafsah was finished cleaning the dishes he lifted Hafsah up and held her over his shoulder. Hafsah was laughing away and loved the strength of her lover.

Patrick then laid Hafsah down on the bed and said ‘I am going to treat you’, Hafsah anticipated with delight. Patrick began to rub Hafsah’s clit and Hafsah was panting and cooing. Patrick then got closer and plunged his tongue into Hafsah’s pussy. ‘Eat me out Patrick’ commanded Hafsah, who had her head rolled back in joy. ‘We are probably going Hell Patrick. But you are just too good!’ Exclaimed Hafsah to Patrick’s delight. Patrick continued the onslaught with his swirling tongue licking out Hafsah who was feeling immense pleasure. ‘I am almost there keep going my black lover’ said Hafsah and soon enough Hafsah began to squirt all over Patrick’s bald head and face. Patrick put a finger inside Hafsah’s cunt and he placed it inside Hafsah’s mouth.

‘Now suck my cock you Pakistani whore’ commamded Patrick. Hafsah was suprises by the tone, but she obeyed regardless. Hafsah placed her petite white hands on Patrick’s long but slack cock. The Muslim woman then began to tug against Patrick’s long snake. Hafsah then placed her head down and began to suck up Patrick’s shiny balls. ‘You’re a good girl’ stated Patrick, but Hafsah’s stuffed mouth stopped her from smiling. Hafsah continued to jerk Patrick’s snake and simultaneously hoover up Patrick’s balls. Hafsah’s small hazelnut eyes looked up at Patrick’s face and she was delighted of the pleasure she was giving to her large black lover. Patrick’s cock had now stiffened and she moved to put the long snake in her mouth. Hafsah used her tongue to first tickle Patrick’s foreskin while she continued to jerk it. ‘Astagfirullah (May god forgive me)’ whispered Hafsah as she continued with the extramarital blowjob. Patrick then held the back of Hafsah’s head and he rapidly started to facefuck Hafsah, who was struggling to accomodate his large penis in her small mouth. Patrick’s cock was shuddering and Hafsah was all too familiar with what that meant. The cum soon jetted out of Patrick’s penis and Hafsah gubbled up all she could. Hafsah then said ‘To me your cum is as holy as zamzam water.’ Patrick smiled and told the Muslim housewife to proclaim ‘Black cock is the greatest and that I am a slave to Patrick’s black cock.’ Hafsah was a bit apprehensive but she soon testified and said ‘Black cock is the greatest and I am a slave to Patrick’s black cock.’ Hafsah then moved down and continued to suck Patrick’s balls.

Hafsah then pushed Patrick down and she rose to place her pussy on Patrick’s vertical penis. Hafsah then said ‘I am going to feel just how great your black cock is.’ Patrick smiled and warmly felt the tight Muslim housewife’s pussy stretch around his giant cock. Hafsah then started to squat up and down on Patrick’s cock. Her giant Pakistani ass was smashing into Patrick’s knees, although her ass avoided her from feeling pain. Hafsah was cooing and panting at being impaled by Patrick’s big cock, whilst he was mauling and squeezing her firm natural Pakistani tits and he was pinching her erected nipples. Hafsah was feeling immeasurable joy amd she voluntarily said ‘Black cock is the greatest and I am a slut to big black cock!.’ Hafsah then soon cumed all over Patrick’s cock. Patrick pulled out his snake and proclaimed ‘Give it a good clean up before I stick it up your ass.’ Hafsah smiled and obediently complied with licking off all her own pussy juices off Patrick’s cock.

Hafsah then turned around to present her blessed ass to Patrick, who immediately gave it a spanking which caused Hafsah’s ass cheeks to reden. Hafsah then proclaimed ‘Please take it a little bit easier on me Patrick your cock is simply too big.’ Patrick said ‘I will have a think about.’ Patrick then shoved his finger inside Hafsah’s mouth which she happily lubricated. He then moved on to finger Hafsah’s backdoor. Patrick then shoved the tip of his penis gently into Hafsah’s asshole. ‘Ah’ gently panted Hafsah who was beginning to feel the pain. Patrick then placed his cock in and out of Hafsah’s asshole. Patrick then began to pump into Hafsah’s asshole. ‘You are a real slut aren’t you Hafsah?’ Asked Patrick, whilst he continued to relentlessly fuck Hafsah’s asshole. Patrick then decided to give Hafsah another spank and he then went onto maul Hafsah’s tits. Patrick was on the verge of cuming and he was in a state of delight. Whilst Hafsah was feeling a mixture of pain and joy. But Hafsah was obedient to her new lover and she would do whatever it took to please Patrick.

Patrick then pulled out his cock and he commanded ‘Suck my cock!’ Hafsah again fell to her knees with her mouth sucking on Patrick’s giant black cock. She was pushing Patrick to the edge and soon he cumed inside Hafsah’s mouth. Hafsah however had no problems with swallowing Patrick’s cum and she sucked every last drop.

Hafsah then said ‘I think it is time go to sl**p.’ Patrick responded to Hafsah by saying ‘Yeah you are right.’ Patrick and Hafsah then kissed and then they laid down in the bed. Hafsah had her arms on Patrick’s strong abs. Whereas Patrick’s hands were placed on Hafsah’s ass. Who knew what tomorrow would bring them.

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