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She remained his whore for ten more years. During that time he used her in many ways. He pimped her out and she became a high paid whore. He would watch the men fuck his mom and then he would fuck her. One night three men were with her and they each had a cock in her holes. One in her mouth and one in her ass and the last in her cunt. They fucked her hard and filled her full of cum. then they sucked her tits and soon as they could fucked her two more times.

Jake found he was turning away men so he found two more women to make whores. He moved to a bigger house so they all had a private room and as the men fucked the whores he was able to watch. Then he could fuck which ever one he wanted. He liked to spank their ass and then fuck their ass. His whores were sexy big tits and no morals at all. They were naked and ready to fuck any one he brought to them. He scheduled men morning noon and night.

By the time he was twenty eight he had a house with fifteen whores and all where the best. Big tits, thick ass and fucked liked street whores. He had retired his mom to his bed. And he fucked her many times every night and during the day too.

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