Well it’s been several years since I have posted a new blog. This one will be about Mudan, who is the best girl I have ever had in China. She is a beauty. Short and very young. I met Mudan due to my job. She was assigned as my interpreter while working in china back around 2010. She spoke Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, & English due to her job. As I traveled around China visiting clients of facilities she accompanied me. Because she was an amazing woman I requested her for most of my trips as my interpreter. Little by little we got to know each other. I didn’t really take her out on dates, because in China almost every Business meeting requires lunches and dinner’s, it’s just how the Chinese do Business, evening’s out at restaurants and KTV’s is normal. Drinking and eating the entire time. So little by little I talked to her more and more on a personal level. As we got to know each other we could see that we were attracted to each other, but there was one problem, she had a Dutch boyfriend who she had met in China and he was apparently back home and didn’t know when he would return. So anyway I had to return to North America as I was re-stationed back to the Mexican market and I had to relocate to Texas and travel often into Mexico to visit our plants there. We kept in touch and occasional emails turned into frequent texts, then daily Yahoo instant messages, and finally almost daily phone calls. She eventually told me that she had broken up with her European boyfriend and that’s when we agreed that we would meet as soon as possible. We went like that for about six months until I finally managed to get one free week off work and I arranged to meet her in Shanghai. I went there just for her, no business trip or anything like that, strictly just to spend time with her. I connected through Tokyo into Shanghai and arrived in the early evening on a Saturday night. She flew in from Shenzhen. I arrived before her and as I stood there in the arrivals hall with my little travel bag I started getting a little worried because she didn’t show up on time and I couldn’t reach her on any phone. I started thinking that maybe she decided to not meet me for whatever reason. It was a tough few hours as I started thinking about the possibility that I traveled 25 hours and got stood up. Then suddenly in the distance I noticed her, wearing a little dress that was turning all of the men’s heads. I was so happy she had decided to meet me. We walked straight to the hotel that is on site inside Pudong International and checked in. We had never been together, never had sex, just social interactions in our work environment. Anyway we checked in and went straight to our room. As soon as I closed the door I placed our bags away and went to kiss her, which she received well. After traveling over 25 hours I wanted to shower so I did that. Once I showered she did the same. She came out with a beautiful pink lingerie, which you can see in my pictures section. I took her into the bed and started kissing her all over, making my way down to her pussy, which was freshly shaved. It was amazing, smooth, silky, sweet. I was a little surprised but then realized she had a European boyfriend before so I could see how she was probably asked to shave and just kept with it, which she confirmed later on when I asked her, she just assumed that all western men want it shaved. That first night was amazing, even though she was not a virgin I was amazed how she felt, very small, smooth, tight. She was amazing. Even though I was so tired from my two long flights I just couldn’t sl**p and made love to her several time into the morning, sl**ping only a few hours before we had to check out and catch our flight to Shenzhen. I spent and amazing week with her. We didn’t do much but have sex in our hotel room that first week together, only going out in the evenings to a few clubs and out to dinner. I returned to the US after one week, but promised her that I would return very soon. Luckily I was re-stationed back to China later that year. Unfortunately I was stationed in Guangzhou which is a few hours away from Shenzhen. So for a few months we took turns taking the bullet train back and forth between both cities to be together, often spending weekends together until we had to each return to our cities to work. The years went by like that and eventually she would travel with me anywhere I worked, leaving her Company for months at a time and working with me. We lasted about 4 years like that, as time went by she would mention how she wanted to settle down and have a f****y. But I don’t want to marry and have so many girls around the world that I need to spend time with so I just could not do it. Even though I was in love with her and was always told by friends and work colleagues that she was so beautiful and sexy I just couldn’t give up all my girls. So after about four years we went our separate ways. She went back to her home in Wuhan and have not spoken to her since. Since then I have met many more Chinese girls that are so beautiful but none seem to reach her elegance, her smarts, her drive to succeed. Sometimes I think I made a mistake, then I see the girl I am with and I forget about, lol, I am a dog, I know, but I just love women so much, if I can love each one to the fullest and give them all my care and attention, I will keep doing it as long as women want to love me back. Well there’s allot of storied about Mudan and I just can’t right them all here, so feel free to ask me anything about her. I’ll post more blogs as I have time, hope you enjoyed this story, thanks.

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