Ms. Super Butt (Final Chapter)


Ash sat down, collected herself, and decided to try calling Mason again. For the past week and a half, Mason had hardly ever answered her, and when he did their talks were disheartening and brief. She took a deep breath as the phone began ringing. “Hello?” She asked when someone picked up.

(“Yeah?” Mason answered.)

“Mason? Where are you?!” She cried.

(“I’m at home, remember?”)

“Mason! Thanksgiving break ended three days ago! You’re missing classes! You have to come back!” Ash sobbed.


“Mason? Hello?”

Muffled voices came through the phone. (Knock! Knock! “Mom..! You promised we would watch the movie I rented at six o’clock! It’s six-thirty…! Come out of there!” “…” “Sorrry Masonn…! Mama’s got her hands full right now…! Ohf!”)

“Mason!” Ash shouted.

(What!? I’m busy!” Mason reacted.)

“You need to come back!” Ash cried, frustrated.

(“Ugh… I told you I can’t! I’m not leaving until he does!” Mason barked.)

“Until who does?!”

(“…” “Ohhf! Ohhgh…!” Knock! Knock! “Mom, get out of there! You promised me!” “Ohhfghaghhh…” “Mama! Mama!” “Okayy… I’m coming out, thenn…” “Mama! No, Mama! Stay in here! Nnng! Noo! You bitch! Sit still, you bitch!” “Ohh… Okayy, let’s watch your movie, Masonn…” “Momm! Put some clothes on first…! And get him off of you!” “Wahh! Mama! Quit moving around!” “Come on, sweetheart… Come with me… We’re going downstairs now… Mason has a movie for us to watch… We’re walking forwaard… Hold on tight back there…!” “Get off!” “Mama!” “Ohhgh! Mason! Do not bully him! He has my permission! If he wants to keep going during the movie, he can keep going! Ohghhh… No fighting… Okay?” “Ughh! I don’t want to watch the movie while you let him… Do that!”)

“Mason! I can’t hear you! What’s going on!”

(“Ughh…! Mom! Why are you doing this?!” “Masonn… Your penis is standing up! Stacey giggled. Did you see that, husband? He’s making a teepee! Mason! Are you not even ashamed that you got a boner from seeing me? Aren’t you supposed to be a man? Why are you getting hard from something as trivial as Mama getting her needs fulfilled? At least try to hide it! I’m looking right at it! Only a completely shameless boy wouldn’t try and hide a boner from his mother! Especially when it’s Mommy’s boobies that caused it! Aww… Poor little Mason… Seeing Mama’s boobies was too much for youu? Ah? Oh no! It’s twitching! Wait, move your hand! It is twitching! How embarrassing! It started twitching when I teased you! Don’t you have a cute girlfriend? Why is that thing twitching at me like that? Can’t you tell the difference between your mother’s body and your girlfriends? You’re so silly!” “Mama!” “Oohf… Yeah…! Hohh… Mama’s going down the stairs noww… I’m gonna go slow… So you don’t get separated… Alright…?” “Mama!” “Okayy…”)

“Mason! Talk to me!”

(“Gah! You’re still here?! What?!” Mason answered.)

“You won’t leave until who leaves?! What’s going on?!”

(“Nothing! Don’t worry about it! I’m taking care of it! It’ll be over soon!”)

“Ahh! Why can’t you just tell me what it is?! I won’t tell anyone, I swear!” Ash wept.

(“I told you it’s p-“ “Oh hohh! Ohhhhhh!” “Mom! What is it?! I’ll be right down!” “Gah! Haghh!” “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” “Ugh! Hughh! I’m not gonna make it…!” “What is it? You need the bucket?” “Hoohf! Yes! Get Mama’s bucket…! Hurry! I can’t hold it!” “Mama! Mama!” “Aghh! Would you stop! She’s trying not to!” “Mama!” “Masonn! Just hurry!” “…” “Here! It’s right here!” “Ohhhgh…! Thank youu… Sorry about teasing you before… I was just k**ding…” “Yeah, I know…” “Hunh! Hoohf! Hohhhhhf!” “Mama!”)

“Oh, Masonn! Who is that?! What are you doing?! Why won’t you talk to me?!” Ash begged.

(“Aghh! It’s personal!” Pshhhhhhht! ”Ohoohoh! Gohg!” “I told you it’s personal!” Pshhhhhht! Pshhhht! “I have to deal with this before I can leave! No matter what! So don’t call me again!”) Click!

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